Avoid the Dots – One Hour Reskin, IOS 10, Swift 3 Ready

Avoid the Dots – One Hour Reskin, IOS 10, Swift 3 Ready

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IMPORTANT: Removed Nextpeer because they are discontinuing their service on October 1, 2016.

Already updated to iOS10! Supports iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and iPad Pro! You want to get your hands on the best Avoid the Circles clone out there. You have come to the right place. Now take a look what Avoid the Dots has to offer you. Watch video here: Avoid the Dots is Rebeloper’s newest A+ source code. It is packed with all the awesome features that you love in our source codes and even more:

  • Multiplayer (Nextpeer)
  • Newsfeed (powered by Chartboost) – this is amazing (read more here) (Chartboost has discontinued Newsfeed! So it is no longer available from v.2.0.2)
  • In-App Purchases: No Ads; More Lifes (10, 50, 150, 500, 1000) – or set them as you wish
  • All the major Ad Networks to choose from: Fyber, Vungle, Chartboost, RevMob, AdMob, AppLovin
  • Kamcord (record video gameplays) - removed as of v2.1.0
  • Game Center Leaderboard
  • iRate
  • More Games page (powered by Chartboost)
  • Local Notifications
  • 3 different heroes to play with
  • Animated images for the hero
  • Images for the dots, road and background (colors are not enough, right?)
  • Control speed of hero and dots
  • Music and sounds
  • Flurry Analytics (23 events)
  • Only 25 images to change !

As we studied the market and the needs of people, just like you, we have discovered that you want to reskin an app ASAP. You want it done yesterday We listened to your needs and made Avoid the Dots a super easy reskin. We have already done the hard work for you so you may focus on what you love and do best. All you have to change is 25 images, 2 sounds, 1 background music. The next – and final – step is to setup your project in the ConfigureMe.h file (Yes! in only one file). You will be ready in under 2 hours. Download the documentation and see for yourself: Download images and documentation from here!


So what is it that separates Avoid the Dots from this and that code? There are so many things I don’t know where to begin. What does it take to get your hands on an A+ source code? You either need to be a whiz with code, or you need to find and hire a programer that just so happens to cost you a lot of bucks. Not very likely. Until now because we at Rebeloper have decided to release A+ and only A+ source codes at a reasonable price. Don’t settle for less, get the best. Avoid the Dots takes your app business to the next level. It includes the latest gadgets like Fyber Ads, Chartboost Newsfeed and Vungel rich media video ads for highly viral, shareable video recordings of the gameplay. We bring you this game with the power of the latest Cocos2D v.3 and SpriteBulider. Avoid the Dots is always the same beautiful game on every possible device. The art looks flawlessly on retina displays, just the way it should! You won’t see any blurry, ugly images ruining your games awesome look & feel. No more! Multiplayer games are supported by Nextpeer. Race your friends to the las man standing. Share on Facebook. The fun never stops when playing with your friends. You have asked for it, we delivered it. We are thrilled to release Avoid the Dots with 3 hero types. Needless to say they are animated for a more engaged game experience. This is a no-brainer to us. Colored sprites are just not enough! You need images and animations. We have included 25 pixel perfect retina images that will leave your competition behind. We understand that a big part from your revenue comes from ads. FyberVungle, AdMobChartboost blend in seamlessly into the games flow.Of course you have total control over the ads with a simple YES or NO. Adding ads into your game was never easier! Keep your users in the loop. Remind them how awesome your game is with a simple notification. They are super effective and now available by default in Avoid the Dots.   We have included a Leaderboard to make your users more competitive. How many points can you gather? Avoid the Dots follows Apples principles of discoverability. We believe that users should get access to rating your game as seamlessly and friendly as possible. Customize every aspect of rating your app with the power of iRate. You have 5 Life Packs that you can customize as you like in the ConfigureMe.h file. Also the “No Ads” in-app purchase comes as default in all of our source codes. Some of your users will want to enjoy your game without those “pesky” ads. We know that adding in-app purchases can be a pain in the neck, so we made it super easy to set up. You will have to add only one line of code: your in-app purchase ID. That’s it, really! Power by Chartboost the “More Games” screen may hold as many apps you wish to advertise. Edit them at your will online anytime, the changes will take effect immediately. Note: According to the new Apple Guidelines section 2.25 you should put ONLY your own games in the More apps page. Here’s what Chartboost says: “If your app is already accepted and published on the app store, there is no issue with continuing to use MoreApps as you have. If you plan to submit a new app soon, you should set MoreApps to only cross promote your own games, as promoting 3rd party games has been causing developers to face rejection notices from Apple.” Today, Flurry Analytics is the industry standard in mobile, and provides more than 125,000 developers the business data they need to understand their audience, usage and performance. We have added 23 Events so you may exactly know what your users are doing in your game. Setting up the code couldn’t be much easier. All is to be found in one file, only one! All of the art will be handled by SpriteBuilderSpriteBuilder is the first game development suite for rapidly building native iOS and Android games with Objective-C and Xcode. This is as simple as it gets as far as creating your designs. I dare you to move around a few buttons, Publish, Build & Run your project in Xcode and feel the power that has fallen into your hands. Whether youâ??re an expert developer or just getting started, SpriteBuilder will help you build top-quality games in a fraction of the time. And it’s a lot of fun! Just take a look at all the resources you need for this reskin here. We are proud to make the best source codes on the market. By creating highly documented, A+ source codes we respect your time and save you money. We are here to provide you source codes of the highest standards. Don’t settle for less! Rebelopers premium-class customer support is here to help you with problems at any step using Avoid the Dots.

Change Log

3.4.3 – (20.10.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed “Going to Settings” not working in iOS10 (Files changed: Info.plist – removed ‘prefs’ URL Type; RootViewControllerInterface.h; RootViewControllerInterface.m; MainMenu.m)
  • Updated to Xcode Suggested Settings

3.4.2 – (20.09.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed iCloud issue: user was forced to Sign in into iCloud to use the app. Now the user may choose to sign in into iCloud. (Files changed: RootViewVontrollerInterface.m -> lines 128 – 164)
  • Added two new element to Info.plist: Privacy – Bluetooth Peripheral Usage Description, Privacy – Calendars Usage Description

3.4.1 – (20.07.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed Close button overlapping Buy Button in shop (file changed: Source/Resources/Published-iOS/Shop.ccbi)

4.0.0 – (21.09.2016)

• Updated to iOS 10

3.4.0 – (08.06.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Updated iCloud functions from ‘fetchRecordWithID:’ to not use the recordID and use ‘performQuery’ instead (file changed: RootViewControllerInterface.m)
  • Added support for user to sign in later to iCloud (files changed: MainMenu.ccb,MainMenu.m, AppDelegate.m, RootViewControllerInterface.m, Info.plist) IMPORTANT: MAJOR CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE !!! YOU WILL HAVE TO START YOUR UPDATE WITH THIS NEW VERSION !!!

3.3.0 – (14.05.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Added iCloud support to ensure restoring of the user process and to avoid rejection from the Apple Review Team because of Guideline 10.6: Your app uses intermediary currency to purchase items that function as non-consumable products but does not include a restore mechanism. Users restore transactions to maintain access to content that they’ve already purchased. SEE THE “How to Set Up iCloud” PDF TO SET UP YOUR CODE – (files changed: AppDelegate.m, GameOver.m, Shop.m, RootViewControllerInterface.h/m; added files: AvoidTheDots.entitlements, CloudKit.framework)

3.2.0 – (20.04.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Removed Nextpeer because it will be discontinued on October 1, 2016

3.1.0 – (14.12.2015) – OPTIONAL

  • Added Fyber (files changed: Info.plist, ConfigureMe.m, AppDelegate.m ; added files: fyber-sdk-lib, FyberCocos2dHelper.h/.m, CoreLocation.framework and CoreTelephony.framework)

3.0.0 – (16.09.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Updated to iOS9

2.1.0 – (07.08.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Removed Kamcord as it will not support gameplay recordings as of 26th August
  • Fixed display of elements on iPhone 6+

2.0.2 – (11.05.2015) – OPTIONAL

  • Removed Chartboost Newsfeed functionality because Chartboost has discontinued the service

2.0.1 – (06.05.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed randomly occurring bug of touch not working

2.0.0 – (17.04.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Updated Cocos2d to v.3.4.9
  • Fixed errors due to new Validations (No Common Blocks set to YES)


  • updated to SpriteBuilder 1.3.5
  • removed Applovin
  • removed Revmob
  • added Shop Scene
  • updated Progress Hud


  • updated to Cocos2d 3.2.1
  • updated README
  • changed iOS Deployment Target to 6.0
  • updated Media.xcassets file for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ support (icons and launch images)
  • IMPORTANT FIX: fixed AdMob banners place on iPhone6 and iPhone6+ devices
  • fixed road on iPhone6 and 6+
  • fixed location of gameplay / options elements for iPhone6 and 6+

1.4. UPDATED: SpriteBuilder v.1.2 and Cocos2d v.3.2 (please, delete your app from your device, clean your project and than build and run) UPDATED: Chartboost, Vungle, RevMob, AdMob, AppLovin and Flurry SDKs to meet iOS8 requirements. Updated code for newest Chartboost SDK. Removed Test Revmob directive (needs to be set on the site from now on) Reconfigured AppDelegate.m for cleaner and faster launch * 1.3. – IMPORTANT BUG FIX: fixed insane memory usage because of using CCLabelTTF on scoreLabel (in gameplay); now using CCLabelBMFont; added BMFont folder and font; changed Gameplay.m file 1.2. – fixed Close button position on iPad in file Options.m lines 76-77 1.1. – fixed typo in AvoidTheDotsStoreAssets.m line 48 * 1.0. – Initial release.


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