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Is there an option for “Slide” transition – I mean literally slide from left to right. Also I experienced a problem with duplicating the slider controls – now I’m always getting two div’s of controls

Hi, I am planning to buy this slideshow… but I would like to double check if I can link the images to a html

if that’s going to work???

CAn i use with image that 829×302 px.


I have sent you an email on your support website but have not yet had a response, I am unable to login to obtain support. Can you assist?


Hello, i’ve setup Aviaslider on our client webpage but alt=”” content not displaying over slide banners, everything looking correct but we couldn’t find the problem, can you give us some advices? :) thanks in advance

I have some problem with a lot kind of slider.

I use Getresponse html code(Autoresponse email system) on slider that alway can’t show up.

Is this Slider can be support getresponse html code,please let know,thx.

this is my info below?

my text web site first page(normal page)?

my getresponse html code?

add getresponse html code backstage preview?

add getresponse html code reception(problem page)?

i want to show up like those page that opt-in box on slider? site1?



Can the AviaSlider cope with images of different sizes ?

Hi, is it possible to place the description text outside the image? Alternately, is there any way to put two instances of the slide but also synchronise the two of them?

Not sure what Im doing wrong but its not working

Also how do I adjust the width and height to my image sizes? thans


Our one of slide is Google calendar page. Can we insert Google calendar in the slideshow? Can we set the preview slide image on bottom of the page?



Is this the same slider that is in the enfold theme, where i can choose between image or video, add a header and sub header ? Can it be set up to go fullscreen? Also is it responsive?


Hey! I am sorry but no. Enfold uses a completely different slideshow…

its there a non wordpress version of this slider?

I am afraid there is non, sorry. We use the slider only in wordpress and only in enfold at the moment :/


Can I use this for the partner logo element found in Enfold?

the Best man!!

hello nice slider can i added video to this slider along with the images