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Sweet, I like this :).

Tested on Nexus 7, works ok :D.

Thank you! That’s good news :)

Is there a timer feature where it won’t show any images until a specified amount of time?

For example, the example presented shows some leaves upon the load of the page but I want it to display leaves until after say a minute has gone by. This is more to surprise the user and comes in handy if you have certain type of content where the user would be looking at your page for a while.

Hi a2010,

There is no time, BUT, this is a jQuery plugin, you can run the plugin Anytime from anywhere.

For example… if you want to run the plugin when the user clicks something:


When you call ”$.AutumnLeafStart();” the leaves will start appearing according your settings.

With jQuery you can fire anytime.

Really amazing. I will definitely buy one.

Thank you Laymaninnus :)

I have just purchased. Good luck with sales klerith!

I hope you enjoy it. ;)

If you have any question or suggestion, I’m here

Hello klerith,

It is a very nice script, congratulations.


Thank you!

I hope you find useful this script

Thank you :)

Is the template of the demo included? How can I use this on a Wordpress Site?

Thanks, Bernhard

Hi Hiegl,

The demosite is included, but is not a big deal, just one page.

I’m not WP expert at all, that is something you need to do, but its pretty simple… just import the Autumn Leaf css, js and run the initialization.

But As I tell you, I do not create plugins for WP yet

Hello, is it possible to make the leafs / flakes / items responsive? If watched on a mobile display the items are much too large. But very cool script!!

Hi pimpdroid

Yes, you can. You just need to add the media query for the x1, x2, x3 and x4 to the sizes that you want to display on mobile devices

In the CSS file

I am not sure if I will need the extended license yet, I might have to buy the single license first. But if I need the extended, is the fee from the single license deducted to the cost?

I think this is a general question too for all scripts here.

Hi Rodsky,

As an author, I recommend you to read the whole thing, but the most of my customers bought the regular license per project and I can’t complain about that.

But buy the regular and if it works as you spect and you will use it in a lot of proyects that will be over internet, please keep supporting us.

compatible with wordpress? have something like confeti ? bithday ? regards

Hola Klerith

los archivos CSS y JS van dentro de mi tema? o copio el codido y pegro dentro de mi style.css ?


Puede ir donde sea. Lo más sencillo es que agregues la referencia únicamente. Pero si se te complica. Puedes copiar todo el css y pegarlo dentro de tu estilo. Pero recuerda que también requiere la referencia al JavaScript

Disculpa que esto no este diseñado directamente para wordpress.

Yo subí la documentación también

Bravo! Very good job!