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Looks very useful, will be picking this up later! :)

Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much! :)

Add Cloud App support & I’ll buy. Also, any chance of creating a Wordpress plugin?

What is Cloud App exactly? And about the wordpress, I think i’ll actually make one.

Cloud App | Link

Developing with Cloud App | Developer

There is also a PHP wrapper if that helps you implement Cloud App shortening into your script | PHP Wrapper

nice one

Thank you very much!, Enjoy (:

Nice simple to use files, will be sure to come in handy at some point. :)


Good price, good product! Please, you forgot to add this katt.it and I am sure to buy it.

Thank you Gofree!,

I will sure add katt.it, Make sure to check out for updates in the following days (:

Thanks for positive reply.

Can you add some more screens as you are not giving live preview how the form looks?

Oh, one more request, please add an option to customize the output to make this more unique.


User input 3 or more links to the field, and press to shorten. So there should be checkboxes to output the format for shorten urls:

1. Forum link [link]...[/link] or sth which is normal used in forum 2. Anchor link (clickable link) 3. Part link (if 3links put in, then that will be part.1 | part.2 | part.3 which are clickable) 4. Folder link (bundle all links in one link which you can see in bit.ly)

I am sure this will be a boom sell!!!

PS: You can make those options only available for admin to assign.

First of all, I’m really sorry for my late reply. I had a lot of stuff going on and I forgot about it.

I want to add Katt.it, Though there’s a problem, For some reason I can’t access their API page (Your user group cannot access this functionality!)

So if you could send me their API page i’ll add it.

And about the screens, I don’t have anything to show because it’s just a PHP Class you’re buying, It’s not a form.

Yes, here it is

If you need short URL service integration with your site – this service provides API which works with GET and POST methods.

Simpliest method is GET : all you need is to send query string with URL encoded like


or http://katt.it/?module=ShortURL&file=Add&mode=API&url=http://link-to-short.com/here/

As answer you’ll have plain text string/s with shorten URL – something like http://katt.it/3f84cb

GET variables allowed: go – either “twitter” or “pownce” – redirects user to post forms on Twitter.com or Pownce.com with new short link filled in forms automatically.

Also you can use POST method with link http://katt.it/?module=ShortURL&file=Add&mode=API

POST variables: url – single URL submission tag – custom tag to use with URL /s (note: if tag is taken – you’ll have error message instead of new address) pass – password (numbers and english letters allowed – but no special symbols) validTill – link expiration date – format is 2008-12-05 (YYYY-MM-DD = year-month-day) bulk – bulk URLs (start each from new line)

Waiting to your great product.

I uploaded the new file, Now we just need to wait for it to be accepted. If you do not wish to wait you can buy it now, And i’ll send you the new file by email.

Great! As it’s a PHP class, is it easy for me to integrate in WP or Blogger?

Item updated (: And yes you can easily integrate it with wordpress & blogger.

Any chance you could add www.iamfly.in as a short url ? as I use this and bit.ly simutaneous for twitter, and iamfly.in has excerlent stats

Item updated, Just need to wait for it to be validated by CC.

Great Can’t wait

Item updated & Confirmed (:

Can I use this with my own domain/URL included?

What do you mean by “my own domain/URL included”?

please add droid.ws , thanks

Thank you for your request, But currently i’m taking requests only from users who bought the script.

I am not happy at all with this script….spend all day trying to get it working, when I finally did, only 4 url shrinkers workd out of the list f about 11 or so. The ones that did work, i surfed to the short url and with bit.ly I got a big warning message, and with goo.gl the link had been disabled…...the has to be something better then this script….!!!!! can i get a refund?

Hello Goodman, I’ll be more then happy to help you with anything, I’m about updating all the services. Keep in mind that they are changing almost each week. And I try to keep in track but not all the time can.

And if you have problems about setting the script up you can always send me a mail and i will answer right away.

Sorry for any inconveniences, And I hope i could help and get the maximum of this script.

I just checked and ALL of the URLs works except “MeeLa” & “Jmp”, You probably forgot to insert your API information in the config file.

I sent a new version with MeeLa & Jmp fix.

Hello, here is the download area the latest version of the script for download? Would like to buy the script but I do not know if I have the latest version then you can also download here. Last Update: 31 December 12? In the previous post in the comment feature is 7 months ago?

Hello, The script is still active and working. The last approved update i recall was in September 2013. In any case of not-working or bugs in the script the the item will be updated(:


How can I shrink with all the services on the same page?

I put a link (ex: http://google.com) and I get the output of all the shrinkers?


Hey ekaram! Thanks for purchasing my script.

I’m sorry for the late comment, but a great and easy solution would be to make an array of all the current shrinkers and for each value (=shrinker name) shrink your link.

If you need more help you can always contact mia via email, Thanks

Hi ! I need quickly a php class for goo.gl and I buy your script but not work ! Please send me a good code

??? Please answer me !!!

I sent the item to be updated, Please wait a couple of days for it to be updated.

The script has been updated. You can download the working script now.

Thanks for the update!

Could you add the option to use LinkPay.io (https://linkpay.io) links? They tend to pay higher than Adf.ly for most traffic.