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I have been searching for a plugin that does ad space on my blog home. I think this does exactly that. Does it support multiple ads?

Ok that Great ; yes you have the right to add what you want in the post ; you can add many banner in many size in this post ; if you have any suggests or notes you can email me ; Good Luck :)

Thanks for the respond. I think my question is if I have 4-5 different ad, does the plugin allows me to show different ad at different post? So ad-1 is after 3 posts then ad-2 after another 3 posts, etc. Also, is there anyway to disable the ad-post name and meta data? Thanks in advance.

actually you can create just one type of ad-post (may it will available in the next version) ; if you mean by the name of ad-post the title , you can modify it ; thank you


How would this work on the homepage of the Rocket Board theme?

Theme: http://themeforest.net/item/rocket-board-metro-wordpress-theme/4029455

Demo: http://themes.goodlayers.com/?theme=rocketboard

If it can work by showing 3 ads on the homepage in certain places on this theme, then I’m sold! Purchase pending!!

Hi , by seeing this template i think that the ads can be showing in the homepage of blog not metrostyle that is certain , but i am not sure for homepage with metrostyle because that this display just images with title ; thank you !

Thanks for your reply.

The only way to find out is by purchasing and testing it. however the problem if it doesn’t work, you can’t get a refund.

Could you test it to see if it works? I can set you up an admin account on my dev site to test?

I’m only looking to use a image to display as an ad with a link – nothing more. I will be using the Featured Image function to show the ad. If you have a look at my site now, you’ll see I’ve added a Featured Image post to the metro board. I could use a post type order plugin, but I’ll have to re-order posts every time I add a new post. If your plugin works – then that means I don’t have to do that :)


if it is just image i think that will work but the problem is in Featured Image function , Ok for testing ; so email me !

is there anyway to make this so it strips the post footer and shows just the ad?

since your plugin uses the “post” feature to place the add it shows EVERYTHING thats in a new post. This includes the “post” footer icons and links as in text, category -tags – comments – . anyway for that not to show and just show the banner?

The idea of this plugin is to use posts to show your ads without edit your code of template ; but i will try to hide this footer … ; Thank you very much !

yea thats great and all but ad spots dont look right as a post, thanks anyway

my adcode worked for a a few times and now it doesnt work anymore

it is not normal ; email me to see what is the problem ; thank you

I got that part working thanks

can we add buy&sell ads codes?javascript codes accepted?

Yes , Sure !

can we add buy&sell ads codes?javascript codes accepted?

Yes , Sure !

Hello. I have 618 posts on the site. How to insert into the old posts?

Hi , this plugin create new posts with ads automatically , that depend with the new posts, for the old posts that couldn’t be automatically because there is no place to put new ads posts! sorry , but i will try to think in that ; Thank you

Good plugin, but we need to finalize. 1) Enable the old posts 2) Exclude shows in categories (category 1 – show, ?ategory 2 – no, ...)

Put 5 stars!


i really like this ad system and considering buying it... but i am a little confused. where does the advertiser select the amount of impressions and how do i set the prices? is this a full ad plugin or just ad post position?



Welcome , this plugin is not a full ad plugin , but it offer for you a new place to post your ads ; you can see this video for more info http://youtu.be/mec-VFL3nUs ; thank you

Doesn’t add the posts to old post pages?

No ; that is impossible , generally that need modify the theme ; think you

Hello, congratulations for the plugin, I think it’s a great tool but does not work on my blog, could you please help me? http://belicelatino.com


Hello , Thank you and Welcome :) with pleasure ; just config it from admin panel and add your new posts and that work automatically ! for more help send me email ; and Thank you!

Hello, you pluggin looks promising, but I have some questions, if you can respond it will be great. 1) Can this pluggin be used with feedly? 2) Can I use the robot for images? 3) Can I use it with specific channels of youtube? 4) Can I use it with vines? 5) Is there an option to just use the multimedia and remove the content text? 6) Can I use it for specific categories or tags inside a website?

Thank you so much

Hello you must know something; this plugin work with the new posts that posted manually not with a robot ; you can edit your content with wordpress wysiwyg text editor normally whatever the content will be ; yes the plugin support categories (add the post to a specific category) Welcome !

Hi, im interested in buying this plugin.

However, is it possible to create different ads?

it was asked before but the answer was not clear to me.

I want to have add #1 after 3 posts and add #2 after 6 posts for example

Meanwhile i’ve purchased this item. it does not work. I selected avtivated and for every 5 posts but nothing shows

I purchased, istalled, then in plugin settings activated, pasted my ad code and nothing happened… Can you please check my site at http://www.androidtip.cz ?

possible do you update this plugin to work with transation img ???

Do you have any example sites where the plugin is being used?

Is this plug in capable of placing my ads into Craigslist?