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Good luck with sales. I’m going to test my site

Thank you!

How do you add hashtags to posts? is it possible?

We are developing new version with hashtags. Thank you!

Yes that is good idea. Please send me a message when it is ready.

Ok. Thank you!

does instagram auto post images from inside the wordpress post or only the feature image?

Only the feature image, but we will include this feature in the next version. Thank you!

When will tbe new hashtag version be ready?

In the next year. Thank you!


Pre-sale issue :

I checked your demo url to send Video to Instagram, but i could not. That’s unable to do it.


Did you use your Instagram account or demo-account for posting the video? Thank you!

Can it send embedded YouTube videos, or does it have to be via the Wordpress media? I would like to post from other embedded sources. Let me know if this is possible or something you will add.

We will review the request. Thank you!

Having a issue conflict with your plug-in for some reason i can not create/duplicate a woocommerce product when your plug-in is activated.

Please, send the request to Thank you!


I sent Video to my instagram account and your demo-account. But it’s broken.

This is an urgent issue, Could you please help me.


Please, send the request to and check it.


poetikz Purchased

hey man… whats up with the excerpt feature that you promised for the next version? It is holding me up

Sorry for the delay, we will add ASAP. Thank you!


poetikz Purchased

hello… ? its not professional to make promises to customers and have them wait for a year

We seek to finish ASAP. Thank you!

The plugin isn’t posting when I set it for page or post. Please help.

Please. send the request to Thank you!

In the demo, i don’t see the price being posted?

Edit: actually it looks like , right before the price it has test65823 instead of the $ symbol or price etc?

This is what i would like: (and can it show the word sale or somehow indicate that it is the sale price if the product is on sale?)

$10 or On Sale $10 Product Name Product URL hashtags

Also does it remember what products have already been posted to prevent duplicates? Will anything happen if a product is updated etc?


Please, send the URL to image. Thank you!

Lol like I said it’s on YOUR demo. Actually don’t worry about it. I’ll look for another plugin.

Many images are on the demo. You specified the name of the image, but such image doesn’t exist, so we asked you to clarify the URL to check the size of the image. Ok. Thank you!


poetikz Purchased

bro.. you STILL HAVENT did what you said that you would do. This is incredibly irresponsible of you. If you cant do it then just say that you cant. Do NOT say that you will have it done and then have me waiting forever. This is not how you treat people who pay for your products.

Please be patient and trust us to do our jobs. Thank you!

I would definitely be interested if the plugin pulled a custom field into the Instagram description. :D

Thank you for feedback. We will take it into account when developing the next versions.


joudev Purchased

Hi i try some time working some time not working Please help me

Please, send the request for support: Thank you!


joudev Purchased

Okay :(

Also, please, describe in more detail your issue. Thank you!