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love the plugin. but having a small issue when I try to add text to the post all the content is pushed together and when I add a space between words it dosent work.

Please, send the request for support http:://, we will check it. Thank you!

Hello, useful plugin but a question, I’m using WooZone, Amazon Auto Import product plugin, WooZone Import many products about in 1 min, AutoPosting to Instagram plugin work with WooZone? also it’s possible to post previous products to Instagram?

Hello! The plugin works with WooCommerce plugin. Thank you!

I am very disappointed right now. I have sent a ticket requesting help. THis plugin is not working at all!

I have yet to receive any status this is turning out to be a complete waste of money. This product is a load of crap and false advertisement. I will contact envato and begin seeking a refund. Customer service(which I paid for) is terrible they have yet to assist.

Hello! We are solving your issue. Response time can be up to 2 business day: Please, be patient. Thank you!

Hello! We can’t solve your issue because you changed access. Please, check your ticket.


sms09 Purchased

Hello, this plugin import only product images, not text or anything, there is no bulk action option to re-post if any post miss, also no tags option for Instagram, please any solution???

Hello! Yes, the plugin works with WooCommerce, if you have any issue with the plugin, please, send the request for support, we will check it. Thank you!


sms09 Purchased

Hello! plugin damaged not working for me, Post data and Category tabs not opening please any solution, Thanks

Hello! Please, send the request for support to, we will check it. Thank you!

Hi, have you fixed the text issue yet, i see somebody had this issue 2 months ago and is still not fixed. Also Could you include {product description} in your code as this should be standard. Very disappointed, been using it for a week or so now…

Hello! In more cases the description can have many symbols, Instagram has limit symbols and doesn’t post. We can’t implement for all users. If you want it, we can do it individually for you. Thank you!

I found another plugin that does what this one is supposed to and the developer doesn’t ask for more money to do a basic function it is supposed to. I want a refund.

Hello! Please, send the request to Thank you!


sms09 Purchased

Hello, plugin not working, I submit issue but problem still remains, No answer, No solution, I am waiting for many days

Hello! You have individually issue with your server. We need full access to FTP, but you can’t give access, so we can’t solve your issue. Thank you!

Can you please provide changelog? Thank you

Hello! Fixed minor bugs. The version of the plugin is same.


efromdc Purchased

Changelog please? And if only bug fixes, what bugs were fixed? Thank you

Hello! Fixed minor bug. Thank you!


efromdc Purchased

What was the bug please?

Hello! Fixed images URL for some hosting providers Thank you!

I have set this up correctly but don’t see it posting anything? please advise…

Hello! Please, send the request for support to, we will check it. Thank you!

Thanks, sent

Before purchasing this plugin I have a question: Will this work on old, existing posts (woocommerce products, created before this plugin)? Please advise

Hello! Yes, the plugin works with existing posts. Thank you!

Hi, do the plugin support multiple images per post

Hello! Only one image per post. Thank you!

Is the link clickable on Instagram? {urlpost} – URL of wordpress post

Hello! Instagram doesn’t allow to post clickable links in the comments area. Thank you!


micefx Purchased

This plugin does not work and is very limited in functionality. It does not even keep any logs. I do not know which accounts work or not.

I want a FULL refund now.

The plugin works fine and has logs.If you have any issue, please, send the request for support to Thank you!

can work with multisite wordpress?

Hello! No, thanks.

please support any wordpress post type

Hello! The plugin supports default wordpress post types. If you want that the plugin support for custom wordpress types, we should review custom types, it implements only individually. Thank you!

HI Guys, im thinking about buying this but i haven’t seen any updates on this, is this still being updated? also, can you use YouTube embedded videos for this? i see you can do wordpress media but idk if it can work with YouTube.


Hello! The current version of the plugin is supported. The plugin doesn’t allow embed video to Instagram from Youtube, only from Wordpress.Thank you!

How to post video to instagram ?

I cant post to instagram.When it posts to instagram ?I published a post and I wait a few minutes,but the post isnt posted to instagram.What to do for me is only instagram account setting of plugin?

Hello! Please, send the request for support to, we will check it. Thank you!