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Thanks! More stuff coming soon.

Hi, I’ve just purchased your product but don’t know how to create a database to import the contents “words_db.sql”

So please can you help me create a database, I’am using wordpress if this helps.

Thanks Shane

Unfortunately, I can’t help you create a database since it is different for every server provider. Please contact your server provider for information on how to create a database. Or, if you tell me the name of your server provider I can try to find you some instructions.

Thank you I’ve contacted my server provider and they have put it on the server . Thanks this is perfect


Awesome! If you have any problems, let me know.

I get this error after I click the button to find a synonym for the input sentence:

Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in ../rewriter.php on line 36

I am sorry to hear about your difficulties. I believe this happens when the “ignore words” list in the config.php has been deleted or left empty.

I have made a minor edit to the script to suppress this error. If you can’t wait until that gets uploaded and reviewed, you can try re-installing the script, or if you have made changes to the config.php file, just leave at least 1 word in the ignore words list.

Either way, I have updated the script and am waiting for review. Hopefully it will be up within a day.

Sorry again for your troubles! Thank you for purchasing! If you have any other problems please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks. I didn’t look for the stop list in install.php so when I added it into my code that fixed the error and I can now get the script to work within my application.

Glad to hear it! Let me know if you have any problems.

Nice idea, but it looks like far far from the ideal…

Example: Even though Oracle released the hotfix for the latest exploit, it took Apple eight weeks to do the

Rewritten text: Even though Soothsayer open the hotfix for the new to the job mistreatment, it took Apple eight weeks to do the

You can actually turn off the “random value” function to return all synonyms to give you or your users the choice of which synonym they pick.


The dropdown choices can get rid of undesired synonyms. Since some words have multiple meanings, it is impossible to determine which meaning the user intends.

Hi, is is possible to have more than 90 characters

Thank you

Yes, the 90 character limit is only in the live demo to conserve resources on my server. It is just an example of something you can do. The script that is built in to the installer has no limit and picks from a list of random synonyms.

Thank you for your interest!

Thank you For The Quick Reply Purchased

Thanks! Let me know if you have any problems.

Bought it and set it up here. Does not seem to do anything to the text I enter.

Did you run install.php yet? Did you setup the database using words_db.sql?

I ran install.php and imported words_db.sql using SQL Buddy with Zymic free hosting. Maybe it is my hosting. Is there a certain program I need to see a sql file?

Strange. I can’t seem to replicate your problem either. It’s definitely a problem with the database though. Like it didn’t import properly or something.

If I had to make a guess, I’d say your host doesn’t allow databases of that size and it either didn’t import at all, or didn’t import entirely. You are connecting to the database, just not bringing back any results.

If you are comfortable with it, you can email ( me your login info and I can try to see what the problem is. If not, I’d suggest taking a peek on the database on the server to see if the entire sql file uploaded. If so, you can try deleting everything and running the installer again. If that still doesn’t work, it could be the host. “localhost” on the installer might need to be changed to whatever IP your server uses.

Hi- bought the script but can’t figure how to do the drop-down synonym selection for the result text like the live demo. Am I missing something?

The live demo was created using the advanced functions mentioned in the readme. If you email me at, I can give you a modified version of the “rewritten.php” that will look like that.

Really love the concept but has some flaws… like when using the example…

“Isn’t ShakesBot the coolest robot in town?”

Rewrite to… (by default)

“Isn’t ShakesBot the coolest machine in public?”

“in public”, “in town” etc. are fine but it doesnt work with say “in city” (should be “in the city”) – then you get ones like “local”... which dont work full stop.

Just to further understand this… can the php function turn an input string into an output string (i.e. modified) without any dropdowns etc.?

Good work, keep it up :)

With synonyms, a machine can’t understand your intent with the context, so the words will sometimes not work with your sentence. This is why there’s a dropdown for the user to choose their words from the synonym list.

And yes, the standard PHP function can “synonymize” any string. There is an option you can turn on so that the words will be chosen at random within the synonyms.


I have a few questions before purchasing.

1-) What about the “non-english letters” like ä in german or like ?, ö, ç,in turkish? Can we also use this letters?

2-) In that database that we will receive with the scrirpts, can we also add news words in to it? and rather changing only 1 word, can we also change mor than 1 word at the same time. this is what i mean:

“road” changes to “way” this is ok. but can we add like “I would like to” and change to “i prefer” ?

thanks for your answer!!

1. You can use non-english characters in your words, yes. 2. There is no native way to modify the database, but it isn’t that hard to do if you know just a little SQL or just with a text editor.


do we have any admin section?

No, everything is front end. Thanks!

Hi, I like this idea. What if I don’t want to use it for synonyms and just want to re-wright words to different words? For example: I love cats. IT changes the word ‘love’ and ‘cats’ to: I sell dogs. Is this possible? Thanks

That’s possible if you know PHP , otherwise it is beyond the scope of this script. Thanks!

Hello , I urgently needed you help ,

I am getting the below error in both Localhost and in the domain “Warning: mysql_result() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/hotat/ on line 39 ” .

Please help me to install and to use the script . Waiting for reply.

It sounds to me like the database was not installed correctly. Make sure you are connecting to the correct database that contains the synonyms.

is this supoorts phrase spin i mean

is this convert “there are so many” into “there are such a large amount of” and “there are such a lot of”

One way, yes. It card turn a word into a phrase but not a phrase into a word.

hi there.

how about different languages? can this e.g. handle spanish or german? are there any databases for that languages to import?


At the moment, it only does English. Theoretically if you had a database of synonyms in another language it would work though.

Is it possible to display all the synonyms in brackets?

Can i rewrite to similar words? Is that possible?