Discussion on Automatic PHP REST API Generator + Postman Docs from MySQL Database With JWT Token Authentication

Discussion on Automatic PHP REST API Generator + Postman Docs from MySQL Database With JWT Token Authentication

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A question before buying, can this program create an api for my website and use it to create a filter application? Is this correct? But in the comments I find problems related to how to create the api

Yes the tool will create api for any database automatically. You can check the video demo for more details. If any problem i willl be available over skype call to fix and help. Thanks

Hello! I am about to buy this product for a project that I have. But I need to know how it does the authentication? How do you perform or how do you know which encryption is configured for the login of the application’s clients? and If it is not generated with the correct encryption, can you help me configure it?

U can set ur user table to generate code and it generate md5 in code which can be changed manually. Sure i can help you over skype.

Hello there i just bought the software, i used the purchased code on codecanyon and my email, it’s saying “invalid license”. This is very inconveniencing and an called for, please resolve this as soon as possible as this is affecting my development process.

I m on it.. sorry for inconvenience. If possible please ping me also in skype or discord so that if i need more info i can ping u

“Nishant Kumar Verma” is this your handle on skype, just to be sure

Skype: gyanverma2


seolio Purchased

Is it possible to create an API that doesn’t require a token, for open use? How simple is it if possible? I found that the token expires after 24h, which is not helpful.

Yes it is possible u can change the template to comment out validate token line and generate the code.. ping me on skype: gyanverma2 and i can help you

I just purchased the script. But But when I try to resgister it it says invalid licence. I just use the purchase code and my email. Let me know the reason why.

Hi sorry for inconvenience.. can u please ping me on skype: gyanverma2 or discord community and we can solve it quickly.

what php version ?

It will work after 7 any version.

Hello, I am working on flutter app and need a logout endpoint, how to use the generated security endpoint to sign out?

Sir, I tried to use update patch for multiple objects and there is an error, it says (“message”: “Unable to update order_details. Data is incomplete.”) but if I update one object its working without problem.

Can u please share screenshots on skype: gyanverma2

According to error it looks like some fields are required. You can debug the code on updat_patch

I sent you a message on Skype

can this tool generate api docs for a wallet and payment gateway systems as well with correct fields?

Hi the tool will generate api based on ur database. Database schema can be for any application. But It does not have any payment gateway integration.

I have a php sql website. Can I use this to generate api and use it on an app created in react native or any other ?

Yes definitely.. u can even create react admin panel and use it for management of data. Or change some logic to make it web app

Please check the demo or if u need any help i am on skype: gyanverma2

Pre sales question, is there no non Windows version? Something that just works in php directly?

Would like to avoid the steps of running windows etc, cause the db is in a live server

U should never run anything on production database. But tool is safe from that prospective as it not try to modify or read ur data. But take a backup of ur db .. setup it locally and then use the tool (any tool)

Can I use this to generate APIs for my laravel project?

Yes it does not matter from ur existing project.. u can use it for any database even wordpress or any other system. U just need to take care of same password encryption which is used in that system..

Hi. I just purchased the software. But not able to run it. It says Download .Net. I downloaded and installed .Net but still it says same error when I try to open the application.

Ignore, it’s running now.

Hi sorry for ur experience.. can u please check the demo video how to use. Also please let me know u r trying in macOS or windows?

If windows u don’t hv to install anything If macOs u hv a help documentation in the downloaded folder.

Also u can add me on skype: gyanverma2

Is it possible to generate API from wordpress mysql DB? for examples WooCommerce tables in MySQL DB ??

Where u need to write code? U can generate api for ur wordpress site automatically 100% without even touching code.

Great! Thank you very much for your prompt reply, I will purchase :)

Sure, i am available on skype : gyanverma2 if u need any help or any bug fixes.

Is the generated PHP code compatible with PHP versions 8.0 and 8.1?

yes 100%

if any bug u can add me on skype: gyanverma2

Great, thank you.

Hello, Can you add a simple feature? For example, there is a Partner table in the database. Partner: If it says 1, only 1st user can edit. Is it possible for me to do such a thing?

U can do that easily by adding permission to jwt token and validating that. Making it generic and automated is difficult as not everyone uses the user role as same. U can add me on skype : gyanverma2 and i will help u to do it easily

You mentioned multi tenant. How is your tool multi tenant?

You can generate api which can support multi tenant architect .. The generated rest api will be multi-tenant support

Without code changes based on user u can switch database and retrieve data

Hi, I have couple of questions: 1. Will it only work with mysql database? 2. Will it only work with PHP? 3. What is multi-tenant here? Can my users signup on this platform and start using it? Thanks

Also, regarding license, do I need to buy license again and again every year? Isn’t this 1-time payment?

1. This tool is for mysql & php. U can check my profile for other database and language 2. Multi tenant is concept for SaaS application. might like to google it for more details 3. This tool will generate the REST API and u can use that to interact with mobile app or anything like that 4. Licences is valid for 6 months for unlimited generation of code (renew for very less from my platform) U might want to check the video to understand more

Hi, i have a problem with the tool, because show a message: Licence expired! You have use the tool for more than purchased days. Please buy a new licence! Renew Licence at, can you help us please, thanks

Thank you so much for all help, now we are using the tool, great tool, thank you :)

Why don’t you provide demo file created by your system for demo?

If u notice i am just automating the process to make life easy and fast. U will hv alot of demo project over internet. But if u still want to see u can add me on skype: gyanverma2 and ask me to show over video call. + video demo + user review can help u to take the decision to buy or not

Hi, I need to use it for building APIs witha MSSQL SQL Server database. Inside which files do I have to change the connections details? Are there other files that I have to change for differences between MySQL and SQL Server query / models? Thenk you!

I am not sure that possible so easy, you can try looking on the documentation or u can use my other tool

Thank you. I know it is possible using php_sqlsrv driver, I am alredy using it successfully with other projects! What I would like to know, using your beautiful tool, where is the php file fro API where I can change the connection string and connect using my php_sqlsrv code? I just need PHP apis to use with SQL Server..

U can check config folder + objects folder.


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