Automatic NodeJS API Generator + Postman API Doc Generator : MacOS Version

Automatic NodeJS API Generator + Postman API Doc Generator : MacOS Version

Automatic NodeJS API Generator from MySQL Database – MacOS Version

Also Generate POSTMAN Json Automatically

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Automatic NodeJS API Generator

Are you wasting your resources to do the repetitive work of writing the same query and same function 100 times?

If you closely look into the NodeJS REST API using Express framework, you will notice you have to write all most the same function multiple time for different tables. Like if you have table user, posts, comments then you will be writing API function for add user, select user, select user by id, update user and delete user. Now again you will write API function for add post, select post, select post by id, update post and delete post. And same for comments.. do you notice? just reading the same above line 2 times is only tedious how to writing the same code 100 times for 100 tables. So here is a small automation which will give you a generated API file which you just have to deploy according to your configuration. Let me know in comment what you think about it…

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CURD Operation Supported

  1. Create a record
  2. Update a record
  3. Select all record
  4. Select by Id
  5. Delete a record by id

Automatic NodeJS API Generator With Postman Docs

Support a lot more

  1. Generate Any number of APIs
  2. Generate Any number of tables
  3. Generate NodeJS API with JWT Token Authentication
  4. Generate NodeJS API with SSL support
  5. Generate NodeJS API with User Permission Management
  6. Generate NodeJS API in one click
  7. Customize your generator file with template support.
Happy coding!
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