Discussion on MySQL to Dot Net Core Automatic REST API Generator + JWT Auth + Swagger + Postman

Discussion on MySQL to Dot Net Core Automatic REST API Generator + JWT Auth + Swagger + Postman

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This not best practice solution for MicroService with alot of the bugs: Please fix “return reader.GetInt32(“TotalRecord”);” by change this on “return reader.GetInt32(“TotalCount”);” , the postman_import_file.json need update to V2 …

Thanks for ur feedback 1. There is template solution added which cna be modified to make best practices according to u. But u can also suggest me what is the best practices according to u nd i can look into it (skype: gyanverma2) 2. Postman file is v2 version.. let me chk it again if its having any issues 3. TotalRecord – let me check this why u r having problem on this.

Any suggestion nd bugs are always welcome thats they way we can improve the tool nd make it useful. Update u with my findings or update very soon via ur email

hi, is the application source code included? i would like to modify the app.. (the application code not the generated code)

i want to generate Kendo-Ui and Syncfusion codes, but probably you wont do it.. is source code still not included in the extended license?

But this tool is for rest api generation not UI. Not the source code is not included in any possible way.

thats sad news

Is it possible to get Entity Framework, so instead of Quires it use Entity Framework?

No for now, Entity framework has alot of issues.. and with new version of .net u need to rewrite alot of stuff.. but u can add ur own DB Context in the same generated project.

inviled active

Can we quickly connect and check on skype: gyanverma2

very good tool. This tool saves me a lot of time. :)

Thanks for your feedback.. this way we can make the tool more useful.

Hi there, would like to know if source code include? Or do you have project that create VB solution? Thanks.

Yes the Generated solution source code you will get. No VB solution is not there.

Thanks for reply, I mean the source code of this application is included? if no VB version then I need to modify the source code for generate VB results.

No source code is not included in that way.. but you can try modifying the template to use in VB project. There is a solution template with variables if u can modify that it will be cool. Add me on skype gyanverma2 I will send you just the template

it’s possible to do with MS SQL server?

No, this one is with MySQL

So, It’s allow to modify the code by our-self to get with MS SQL?

It will generate the code with MySQ db then u can try to change the connection to MS SQL manually. (May be little code also u hv to change)

Hi, source code for tools not included?

I acquired today, when generating the first system, I had some problems, the primary key in the interface always generates as “int”, even if the table is long or string, (in the model it generates right), I have a table with primary key composed of two fields , did not recognize and stated that the primary key does not exist, the expectation was to recognize the two fields and in the delete and update use these two fields.

I continued testing the tool, I have one more correction to ask you.

When creating the route on the controllers, the parameters must be enclosed in braces or else the route does not work

for example: [Route(APIEndpoint.DefaultRoute + “Param1/Param1”)]

correct for: [Route(APIEndpoint.DefaultRoute + ”/{Param1}/{Param1}”)]

and I also have a question, in our projects we usually generate the main route path in the class and in the methods only the rest of the route, in the case of the previous example “APIEndpoint.DefaultRoute” would be for the class and the rest in each method, it is possible configure this in this tool?

one more problem, we use unsigned number in C # it would be uint, ulong, these types are being generated as int, long, compile normally, but in rumtime it generates conversion exception

Oo. If possible could u drop me sample database to test. It will help me to finalize it quickly.

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)


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