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Hi How can I add a new color scheme to the dropdown? How can I remove an existing color scheme from the dropdown? I dont want to give our client 100 Options, so its better I offer him 4 schemes in his corporate design colors. Regards Martin

I’m sorry, but we do not have a default setting for it. That would be a new feature.

this would be really good, if you can put this in the option.. specially fontsize 50 is an awfull value..

Not sure why it says font size 50 as default! Could you please submit a ticket at http://support.righthere.com. There is no default settings.

Is there any way to disable automatic tooltips for a certain page?

Is there any way to disable automatic tooltips for a certain word on a page?

(the reason is that sometimes a word that is a tooltip needs to be a link to a page for us)

Thanks :)

if you have a specific selector for the one that is going to be a link then it is possible.

How would I “apply” that selector to a word?

I will have to talk to our CSS specialist and see if we can make a sample. We will need to test this in the site. As I mentioned it was never created with this in mind. It is supposed to work with “words” and “phrases” and the selector was supposed to be for other elements that already has a css selector. If you look at this screenshot http://cloud.righthere.com/image/0K1J2U1E2x0n – you can see I use the developer tool in Chrome – and in the right side you can see the #access selector.

Hi, would this work on custom post options? I’m just wanting a tooltip to show when someone hovers over the icons in the left hand column of the likes of this page: http://sidefest.co.uk/community-spotlight-gingerlink/ and I’m not sure that it will work with your plugin. Many thanks Vicky

Automatic CSS Tooltip mainly uses words or phrases as triggers for the tooltip. However it is possible to use a CSS selector. This means each of the icons must have its own CSS selector.

If you look at http://plugins.righthere.com and move the cursor over the main menu you can see that it triggers a tooltip. This is triggered by a CSS selector.

I’m having a problem with qtip on my site and want to eliminate them. If I implement this plugin will there be any conflicts?

Any suggestions on how to completely eliminate qtips? They’re everywhere on my site and sometimes two or three show up at the same time…

It’s very frustrating!

We can’t say that it will work without you trying! :) If you run into problems we will be happy to assist you. Why doesn’t the qTip work? Is It a conflict with another plugin or you theme?

hi, I got a question does this tooltip works on images I mean I trying to add tooltip to specific image through its alt tag or name tag, is this possible? Could you give me some directions? Thanks!

Thank you for buying the plugin. It was originally created to only trigger tooltips by using words or phrases – but we did add support for triggering tooltip using jQuery selector. If you look at this there is a field in the tooltip properties where you can enter the selector However you need to know how to find this (it is considered an advanced feature). Using this will allow you to assign a tooltip to any element that has a selector. However if multiple elements share the same selector the tooltip will show multiple places.

Hello! How to use this plugin? Not working. http://teatrpaninoy.ru/movies/intsident/?l=L2 Tnx.

Thank you for buying the plugin. Please take a look at the screenshots http://codecanyon.net/theme_previews/180671-automatic-css-tooltip-for-wordpress?url_name=automatic-css-tooltip-for-wordpress

There is a javascript error on the page

You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors. main.js:56io

Please submit a ticket at http://support.righthere.com and then provide wp-admin access. You can add the login credentials to the ticket.

Hi, is there an easy way to make it works also with postmeta fields? Thanks.

Thank you for buying the plugin.

Originally this was created so that a word or phrase was the trigger of the tooltip. Then we added support for adding a jQuery selector. If your postmeta field has a unique selector i guess you can use this.

If you move your cursor over the menu on http://plugins.righthere.com you will see a tooktip appear – http://cloud.righthere.com/image/2q1P3F3M1w1o – this is triggered with a selector.

Hello, I like to know if this plugin support Tooltip display on WP Datatables with MySQL file at server side processing (content is fetched after the page is loaded). I am using CM Tooltip plugin which is not able to show Tooltips. I would like to buy your plugin if it will work in this case.

Each tooltip is a WordPress Custom Post Type. You create the tooltip and select a “trigger” = word, phrase or css selector – and this will trigger the tooltip.

Hi, i would like to have my Tooltip links underlined by dots so they dont look like normal Links, how can i do this?

Also how can i reduce transparency for the tooltip background?

Regards, Yves

Thank you for buying the plugin. We do not support setting the opacity in the Automatic CSS Tooltip plugin. And if you want dotted lines we will need to add custom CSS to your site.

If you submit a ticket at our Help Center I can get our CSS Specialist to look at this. She is not in the office before Tuesday though.

Hello, can I load post content automatically in the tooltip? For example, I want to have a front page that will load all the featured image of the last X posts, and on hover I’d like to load the post content corresponding to that image. Is it possible?


You can’t load content automatically. Each tooltip is a custom post type where you add the word or phrase that you want to be the trigger. And then you can add any content you want HTML, Video etc.

hello pre sale question i want to show tooltip on the feature image of custom post type, when i rollover on the feature image of the cistom post type, that located on the widgets , to show the tooltip, that contain title and some details ! can it be done with your plugin ?

Thank you for looking at the plugin. The trigger for the Automatic CSS Tooltip is a word or phrase. Though you are also able to assign it to a CSS selector. However your featured images will probably have the same css selector, which means the same picture will show everywhere.

please check here http://pilgrim.co.il/item/muhraka-monastery/ i want when i roll over the images ( feature images of cutom post types ) that appear on the widget, right hand, to appear the name and some details of the custom post type ! can the plugin do this ?

That is a widget which pulls images from custom post types. You can’t manually access each image and add the tag. Unless you do custom programming.

Can I use this to create tooltips on the dashboard admin area?

No this is for the public part of the website.

Hi, I see no update since a while. Is it still updated?

Thank you for reaching out to us. I just checked the latest version we have in our file repository and we actually have a version with added PHP 7 compatibility fixes and some minor updates that have not been released. I will ask the developers to prepare the release. It will not be available in Codecanyon before 48-72 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We have just uploaded the updated version to Codecanyon and updated the change log in the item page and on our demo site


Dear Support,

Does plugin support Visual Composer?

Kind Regards

There are no special elements that you can insert with Visual Composer, but if you look at the demo site you can see how easy it is to insert the tags. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I’ve noticed apostrophes aren’t supported? or is there a work around when adding an apostrophe?

Can you please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will be happy to review your site. If this is a bug we will of course fix it asap.


I wonder if the plug-in is not compatible with visual composer it seems it doesn’t work on mine with visual composer

I’ve just tested this on our developer website with Visual Composer and it works. Can you please submit a ticket at our Help Center and w will review.

is there a way I can disable the case-sensitive feature?

There is no option to disable this in the Options. You can submit a ticket at our Help Center and we can get our developers to follow up.

Hi! I like yr tooltip, just have some questions it’s can automatic show on menu when visitor open website at first time?

Thanks :)

No, unfortunately not. You need to hover over the trigger (word or phrase)