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OLM Purchased

Have sent you an email – please check….

Have not recieved any email

hi, can you please tell me how to install it on subdomain?

Hi, how to get a JOBZEEK account? After installation, my site shows some warning errors, please check http://www.jobsearch24x7.com/ and kindly give me advise how to resolve the problem. Thanks.

Hi, please ignore first ticket related to subdomain. Here is another problem. I cannot login admin panel with admin abc123 on my site. Can you please help me as soon as possible? Also is that possible only use indeed affiliate program?

Yes You can do that. You can only use indeed affliate id and leave careerjet api blank. then Only Indeed results will come up.


Edzai Purchased

I hope you are well. Please advise how I can resolve the pagination error when I search per category and clicking on “next” or any page number greater than zero I get a 404 error.

Searched the comments section and didn’t see a resolution. My site is http://jobs-chic.com/

Your Issue has been Resolved…

i have a problem in the browse by locations that makes me very sick haha. the problem is if i want to browse jobs by cities, cities with composed name like san Francisco or Los angeles the result in nothing and in the location case only show the last part like fransisco or angeles how to fix that? escept that the script is very good thank you

Well Sir… I think this can be issue of spellings of location. But As per i know all the location of US are covered withGood Amount of Jobs in them and with regular update.

hello -

My site stopped working – on searching it comes up with 500 internal error. see http://jobsulove.co.uk/

Working on Site

Thank you.

All done..

Do i get lifetime updates? or i have to extend support for it?

Well We will provide full fledge support regarding the support Envato has 6 month timeline and so on.

Hi I just purchased this script today i found it’s not working on my site. Please, send me solution as soon as possible. url : http://targetrajkot.com/job/ Img: http://targetrajkot.com/job/img.png

Please, suggest me recommended settings. It doesn’t displaying job’s results.

If You required hosting authentication to do that please, let me know.

You have nt updated the API codes in it.

http://2muchfunforfree.com/jobs/ still having trouble over one year ago same problem never no answer

Warning: include(/home2/muchfunf/public_html/inc/funcutions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/muchfunf/public_html/jobs/inc/config.php on line 108

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/home2/muchfunf/public_html/inc/funcutions.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home2/muchfunf/public_html/jobs/inc/config.php on line 108

Warning: include(/home2/muchfunf/public_html/lang/en.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/muchfunf/public_html/jobs/inc/config.php on line 114

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/home2/muchfunf/public_html/lang/en.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home2/muchfunf/public_html/jobs/inc/config.php on line 114

Warning: include(/home2/muchfunf/public_html/inc/recaptchalib.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/muchfunf/public_html/jobs/inc/config.php on line 123

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/home2/muchfunf/public_html/inc/recaptchalib.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home2/muchfunf/public_html/jobs/inc/config.php on line 123

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’@’ in /home2/muchfunf/public_html/jobs/inc/database.class.php on line 51

what folder did you go into

so I can restore a backup

Sir.. Your server is down… I got into jobs folder but your webserver is giving 500 internal server error


OLM Purchased

Have sent emails can you please respond to resolve this. thanks


OLM Purchased

Still waiting for a solution….

your script is good and before it work fine but from 1 month the careerjet jobs are not shown means it only showing jobs via indeed and i also mail you but don’t receive any response from you. please solve this issue thanks in advance…

why you can solve my issue i have already mail you many time that careerjet jobs not shown

why you can solve my issue i have already mail you many time that careerjet jobs not shown

Please tell me why careerjet jobs not shown only indeed jobs are shown


fagor Purchased

Hi, I have a problem with the “jobdetails page” ... when you enter the details, it appears empty. Why?


Many thanks in advance for your support.


fagor Purchased

Hi Jlords, Any news?



fagor Purchased

Perfect! Many thanks for your support.

Hi, is it possible to automatically determine the user – Country, so browse by location will only show location specific to the user. E.g If I am viewing the site from UK, then location display should be cities in UK, while at the same time, location display to someone browsing from US will be cities in united state. I mean, this location will show automatically based on the places the user is browsing from.

If this is not currently possible. How much would you charge to customise it for me

We Terese Yes that is Possible.

We can provide you both these Solution. Please send me your email id.


dosome Purchased

Apply Now button link


This seems only

& Indpubnum = 9203723134084536 have not seen it

What should I do

I am using the latest version

my site: http://addpang.com

Bro your work done


dosome Purchased

I tested in Internet Explorer

I tested Google Chrome

However, the link was not work.

I would like to know the modified file

In the demo page, the link is OK.

http://www.jagaad.com/demo/php/automated-job-search-script/jobdetail.php?id=3499969b1db3232c&source=in#.WAQu7FSLTcs However, I can not check my homepage link. http://addpang.com/jobdetail.php?id=1e1b4dbe0054f658&source=in#.WAQwKFSLTcs

I was asked to test for multiple people.

However, the result was all not work.

I want to know what happened.

I would like to know the files that you modified.

I just check your link it is working.


dosome Purchased

I received an email.

Update available for ‘Automated Job Search Engine Script’

Do I need to reinstall

Do I need to upload only changed files

What are the files that have changed?

There is no update installation guide

You can see hits are tracked on indeed of Affliate id. check your website traffic is it search engine bot generated or real traffic. or you can message the indeed support and reason for it.


dosome Purchased

Indeed.com not earned

I have not earned $ 0.001 so far

This is a system problem

How are you thinking?

indeed Traffic Summary


I think Indeed is not SCAM, He pay me last month $2100. Its legit if you can be Premium Publisher for Indeed.

Does http://www.nursingcareercenter.info use this script?

Yes they are using Our Script….

How you know that site using your script?Seem awesome script and very good with logo, rating, and ceo of the company.

It is using our Script. We know our script structure. they have just redesign the look.

Hi bought this script now, installed it and cannot login into admin.

try admin & password abc123

Sorry my bad didn’t run sql file, all sorted now, thanks

I think there is an issue with Indeed and have found the cause – have sent you an email….

I did not earn $ 0.0001 in Indeed for three months. Is this possible?

Script error?

What am I doing wrong?

My site is working fine


This script works on top of http://www.jobzeek.com/api/ , all your traffic goes through this site. your earnings as well!!!!

look under /inc/functions.php something like that


It is api… It does take the traffic it get the Jobs for your website from various jobs api, Please Google what does API ’s do..