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i just try to scroll down to check country, but it auto close, can you fix it?

Well I have checked that but I did nt find any such debug on any of the activity or Fragment loading on change country or something like that.

Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks you….

@Author: hey, i just bought this product and i need help with customizing and installing it on Google Play.

Ys.. Sure.. I will help you.

Send me details of your customisation.and update you.

The encoding is not UTF8. the characters do not show correct how : Técnico, Inglés , España etc

It is working sir please check again. if any where you find problem let me know about. we will resolve it.

Can I publish it on google play store ? and do indeed pay for repeated users too ?

Well You can upload on play store. We have done for various clients using same app. Indeed pay for click on paid jobs they have.

to run this application what it takes web or another script ?

It is Native Android App works with internet. If you want Website with similar features we have multiple Web Applications too. So You can build a combo solution. Mobile App and Website both

Hey :) I Googled about “jobzeek API” and I didn’t found any public/private API, do you mean by the API a private database you own / crawl ? is it documented what endpoint are available ? or can we point it into another host ?

It is connected with indeed api So prevent from version changes we used jobzeek version. as api changes quickly.

Documentation is fully provided.

its possible to remove one country or add another from list ?

Yes.. You can remove any country as you want .. But List of Countries for which are working are in the list. if you add any country of your own then it will not work. you have select the country from the list.

the app demo link not working

Hi, Please clarify following queries 1. Can we add following options A. Interview tips B. Push notifications

2. Also, are you providing full source code. What we need to customized in it?

3. Can we get full ownership of app for uploading in play store after purchase

Hi…awaiting your reply

Hi…please reply

Yes.. You can Get Ownership App in play Store.

2. Full Source Code is provided.

3. Tes We can add the Interview Tips and Push Notifications but that will custome Update.

You can contact my on email and I will update you

help custom_result_list_design.xml ecoding erro caracteres ç ~ ^í image https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B37EQ5qIpItiYzJjaDY3LVY1aGs/view?usp=sharing

after downloading the demo app and put the keyword and location the result show white page

nice job, but it doesn’t support arabic. can you solve that ?

It is working and support Arabic. Will Upload new trial Version.

this is automatic find jobs from website right? can i lock this application to find only from specific site like Jobstreet.co.id and jobsdb.co.id and what engine to build it? android studio or eclipse?

thank you

Well You can have you own website and it can show result from your own website [which will also be fully Automated].

For that you need to buy our another product.

Sorry you can find from specific website. But you indonesia jobs can be automated.

what product i must to buy

Hi, where u can get this Jobzeek ID & server URL!!? is it integrated in app, or i should get those API, & where i can find theme ?

Yes it is all integrated it is based on indeed api.

Why is this generating only pageview on the site indeed and does not generate gereita?

Why is this generating only pageview on the site indeed and does not generate revenue?

Yes.. it is integrated with this Our Script too.

in demo app after seeings job when i try to apply company page opens and i cant register google says this app has no authority for registration kindly fix it

Drawyer not close automatically also it open transparent , aearch history overlap new search .did u have fixed apk