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Does this script work together with the android version you posted?

Well Backend Api is same for both Portal and Android.

Hi I purchased the theme Job Portal & Search Engine (automated). I really like this script! I send You to your mail the access code, where do the installation, but I have not again reply! I asked you if you could do me the theme of the installation and I have read that it is free.while waiting for your kind response I send you my best regards, Antonio

We did nt recieve your email can you send it again. or May be I got in Spam. send me your email id


jojit Purchased

Did anyone ever check the script installed in your websites, whether you can actually APPLY jobs? Mine just goes to blank page after clicking apply now button. This blank page issue was reported 3-4 months ago with no fix. Every 2-3 times I asked for update to this problem, author would ask for ftp details again. I feel extremely cheated.

Sir… Everyone solution is working. Cheated for what. More than 300 people are using our system.

you renew your support and i will resolve your issue.


jojit Purchased

Is mine working? NO! What was my last 6 month’s support used for? Fixing this problem which you couldn’t/didn’t fix! Check your own demo website. It has the exact same problem! And this problem was reported while there was 4 months remaining support!!

Cheat once for broken script, shame on you. Trying to cheat for additional support, downright shameless.

Hi it has any option for employer to search resume? I didnt saw that in live preview.

Yes… That feature is not there right now. But It will be added in next version.

What is the different between free and paid service for user ?

Free User can submit 1-2 jobs and Paid can post more jobs depending upon your requirement and they can access Resumes too.

is it possible to add my country Tanzania, and get search results from there?

and why on a demo page when i click apply now i am getting a blank page?

Well I will check the tanzania jobs are available or not.

I have purchased the script and I am in need of installation help. I am getting the following errors.

Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user ‘ultimate_db’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in /home/ultimatejobs/public_html/inc/database.class.php on line 71

Warning: mysql_error() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/ultimatejobs/public_html/inc/database.class.php on line 75

Fatal error: Call to undefined function userexists() in /home/ultimatejobs/public_html/index.php on line 11

I have sent an you an email with my login details.

Send me your Website FTP Details I will sort thise issue. It seems to be the Database Connection Error. Which you can resort by using the correct details

I have sent the ftp info through the support system email. it will come from thoban@comcast.net

NOTE: I have already posted this comment on your job search engine script. Seeing that this script is an upgraded version of that, I thought ill also post it here.

Hi, is it possible to automatically determine the user – Country, so browse by location will only show location specific to the user. E.g If I am viewing the site from UK, then location display should be cities in UK, while at the same time, location display to someone browsing from US will be cities in united state. I mean, this location will show automatically based on the places the user is browsing from.

Secondly, Is it possible to auto suggested location in the search field as user type. Just like in indeed website. Then we can reduce the search fields to TWO. “Job type” and “where” alone

If this is not currently possible. How much would you charge to customise it for me

We Terese Yes that is Possible.

We can provide you both these Solution. Please send me your email id.

Thanks Jlords. If you could give me your own business email I will contact you immediately. Just do not want to post my personal email on here.

er.vinodverma @ gmail.com

looks good but when tried to apply wont work. and can’t see more details etc. is this script support affiliate program etc thanks

it is working bro…

hi, admin panel link not working. can you please provide admin panel link. i wanted to check.

Well Sir Admin Panel Demo is in Screenshot to only. As we are protecting the demo from spam.


jojit Purchased

Can you upload a package with no error in the download section for users to download and do their own errorless installations? Full of “undefined: index..” everywhere.

Jojit Let me know what issue your facing.


jojit Purchased

The latest oct package installed with errors (when visit website) on practically every page as mentioned, like previous version as well as the other older copy you are selling. It appeared that some variables aren’t declared, etc. I will like an error free package available for download. I want to do the installation and configuration myself. I don’t like the fact that ftp details have to be shared out for installations/configuration that should be straightforward and error free.

Well Jojit Support team is looking in your issue.

I bought the older version of your script last year but decided not use it after I realized that it was not waking ok. However, I bought this latest version but I am having problem installing it. I installed it but it is throwing error messages starting from the database import? This is frustrating!

Well Sir.. Clear your Old Database and instate it or Send me the details I will do it for you.

Can I choose my own job categories and countries? Thanks!

Yes.. You can Update in Setting but countries will be out all current list.

Is this script works through http://www.jobzeek.com/api/ ?

Yes,,, Already metioned in description.

Does this support loading jobs via XML feed?

What is the difference between scripts $19 and $35 and do you have the ziprecruiter api in your script…

Does your script require being in the Root of the Domain…and can it be customized to include a video component such as youtube and autofill for applications…