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I am reaching out to you for the last time and if i am not getting response for what i paid for I will contact theme forest to make a complain.

- 1 The mailer you sent does not work. it displays empty contents. —How do one make it completely free. no payment accepted —when you create a package you get error message on the screen -INSERT into package(`package`,`joining_fee`,`jobs`,`status`,`description` )values(‘Free 2’,’0’,’3’,’’,1)

—too much bugs on the script

Well Bro your work is already completed…

hi vinod,

found this errors after upload the database in mysql, please advise

Error Static analysis:

2 errors were found during analysis.

An opening bracket followed by a set of values was expected. (near “DROP” at position 449) Unexpected token. (near “DROP” at position 449) SQL query:

INSERT INTO `backend_menu` (`id`, `page_title`, `link`, `status`) VALUES (1, ‘Users’, ‘users.php’, 1), (2, ‘Categories’, ‘add_category.php’, 1), (3, ‘Locations’, ‘add_location.php’, 1), (4, ‘Employers’, ‘employerslist.php’, 1), (5, ‘All Jobs’, ‘jobs.php’, 1), (8, ‘Advertisement’, ‘manage_adv.php’, 1), (9, ‘Password’, ‘change_pass.php’, 1), (10, ‘Packages’, ‘packages.php’, 1), (11, ‘Payment’, ‘payments.php’, 1), (14, ‘Logout’, ‘logout.php’, 1), DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `jobs`

MySQL said: Documentation

1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `jobs`’ at line 13

hi vinod,

my page pagination got issue

Not Found

The requested URL /ZA/search.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

u may test the url at http://jobsoffer.info/ZA/teacher.html#.WYB14La_PIV

please advise

Well May you did nt have Page Link Propers. Send me the exact website link.

I would like to do a job search site and I would like that the contact information of the users who put their cv and their phone is only accessible to the boss that if the boss pays to see the info on the ad, that your script does this? If yes, how .

Yes that is Possible. You just need little bit modification, it will work charm. You can do it yourself or let us know we will do it for you.


zokoni Purchased


any body on board here? I’m interested to buy your script, but not seeing any updates or improvements since 2016. Any thing in your pipe line? Let me please know. Can you implement your script into another Smarty based script, website?

Thank you. Regards

Hello, I have 1 problems define(“CAREERJET_ACCOUNT”, “4cbd67b617412c333ce1bc1d9262a2f0”); not funtion ?!!

Here is the page: www.flatearth.email


jlords Author -> FY…

11 day

Is support on time?

is this script abandoned?

I can’t beliieve that Envato don’t remove items like this. Incredible. They give a fuck to their members only to earn some bucks.

i m interested in this script, but i also want android app and IOS app. do you provide that also with full source code