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Hi author I had a problem with wrong email showing in dealers and decide to delete and reinstall the script but is not connecting when I put in the database details..

I did send a email author thanks

Replied. Thanks

It’s working now thanks author

who give technical support for autocon?

@Envato Market you send me email without replay (do not reply).what is idas?. 20 mails for autocon only. 20 times without solution dreadful.. what is this mail ?? “We will give you support until you want free customization or ask to instruct you how to do those customization. Hope you understand that it’s not possible to provide free support for customization or explain how to do those code changes. We’ve already replied to more than 20 mails of your and now you are asking who will give you support :( Sorry, but we are not gonna give free support for customization. Thanks”

This photo will help to understand how many mail we replied https://www.dropbox.com/s/cespxug54ohyebv/mail-replied.png

@webhelios: you give me any example, but you dont understand what i mean. i know your example solution with creating widget name it is known to me. my question: i want to include yy.php in a page xx.php

Friend, without being the highlight, I would like to know if you can put a certain ad with priority in the search, that is if I can make certain paid ads appear better positioned than others that are free

Hi, There is no way to distinguish among adds without featured packages. If a business buy a featured package then it will be showed in featured section. Thanks

friend, I buying you tell me where I change so that instead of showing the last page on the home page, it shows randomly ? and in the profile image increase the width so I put a logo instead of photo ?

Sorry but the things you need are not available by default. Achieveing them would need several code customization which can’t be explain via email or comment. We will recommend you to hire freelance developers to achieve such changes.Thanks

Hi, I like this design and planning to purchase the product with extended License but it does not really fit with my company needs. Our company size is large, and application contains only Two user types (Admin, Dealer). Our dealers have workers (sale assistants) as well and there must be a separate account for them. Is it possible to customize it and add third profile that belongs to corresponding dealer?

You’ll get the full code upon buying. Then it depends on you. You can hire developers to make changes. Btw you’ll not get resale license with extended license. Thanks

Thanks a lot for full support. But I receive an error when I try to upload a youtube video link for an featured car. When I paste the youtube link and click on “update” button, page returns to a white page and nothing happens. When I refresh the page it shows an notification on the screen “Car not found”. Can you please give me more information about it as how I can add a youtube link to featured car?.

Please send us an email https://codecanyon.net/item/autocon-car-dealership/12906703/support with your site address and ftp access. We will check and solve. Thanks

please help me to add new field for cars on admin > autocon>

in menu Basic Info and Specifications

for example General Inspection, Emission Class, Airbags, etc.


discussion and more discussion the autors mean all these customizationsproblems are application of customers

what are those?

autocon has many pugs

these are any links http://autocon.webhelios.com/index.php/es/show/estail/54135d664bf6b/Ford-SUV- before http://autocon.webhelios.com/index.php/en/show/detail/54135d664bf6b/Ford-SUV- the tabs are in row Details | Specifications | Dimensions after http://autocon.webhelios.com/index.php/en/show/printview/54135d664bf6b

without header of page i want back to home, but how? and the tabs are in column Details Specifications Dimensions

Replied your email 1. That url is not right. We asked you some question, please reply. 2. Print view problem is solved. We send you updated file. Btw no script is 100% bug free. Thats why we authors give updates and support. Thanks

Page keeps reloading and giving forbidden errors, please fix!!!

Generally 403 errors are happen due to server configuration, which has nothing to do with the script. But we will try to help. Send us your detail(site address, cpanel access, admin login) via this support form https://codecanyon.net/item/autocon-car-dealership/12906703/support Thanks

Ok, thanks! i sent a support ticket in with all the information

Replied to your email. Thanks

Hello, i have 3 or 4 licences of this script… the script is amazing. But tell me one thing: in the palin search if the client use ”/” the script give an error! “A Database Error Occurred” How can i change this? Or how can change the script to accept ”/”? Thanks a lot an continue with a good work

Can you check it on our demo http://autocon.webhelios.com/index.php/en/show/result . If the problem doen’t exists in demo, then probably you are using older versions. Just let us know the result via https://codecanyon.net/item/autocon-car-dealership/12906703/support Thanks

Hello, can i have the Admin template (html/css..) without php, from this website i need it thanks

Sorry actually right now we don’t have it separately anymore. That admin theme we developed around 4 years ago and just some basic pages and later added other pages one by one. Thanks