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how can i change the slideshow at the frontpage? those images, and they link to this page.

Please check the documentation http://autocon.webhelios.com/doc/#!/set_up_config . It’s under “Setup Config file” section. Btw for further support please contact via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/autocon-car-dealership/12906703/support . We don’t provide support via comment section. Thanks

I am looking for a custom/unique theme can you make one for me?

Got your email and replied. Thanks

Hello, I have a pre sales question. Is there a compare vehicles page?

Hi, sorry but there is no compare vehicles page available. Thanks

are you working on updating this script?

We will try to give a general update each month. Autocon v 1.7 is stable now and we’ve not decided yet about new features. If you’ve any suggestion you can tell us via email. Thanks

hello, how can i make the blue header and the blue footer black?

http://imgur.com/tSTiAOp and http://imgur.com/Nx4mFRc i want them not blue but black

Got your email and replied. Please always use the support tab for getting fast replies. Thanks

I bought the product but at the end of the installation you will be helped to make a reservation for item ID:

No problem. Please for future support always contact via this support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/autocon-car-dealership/12906703/support for getting quik responses. We dont provide support via comment section. Thanks

What can we do to hide admin accounts on the site?

Some people just want it. Thanks

can you help me integrate stripe payment please

Hi, Sorry but that will be a custom job and we are not taking custom jobs right now due to our shortage in resources. Thanks

Hi. Is it possible to upgrade directly from v1.3 to v1.7 ? Or do I need to go from 1.3 > 1.4 > 1.5 > 1.6 > 1.7 ?

If you just use the minipack then it wont be possible to migrate directly. Because the minipack contains only the file that are updated in that specific version. You can update all the files, or make a new installation and then import your old database. Thanks

And btw do you have a CI3 update in the pipeline, or is that not going to happen any time soon? And do you know if the current script will run on PHP7 ? Thanks

The current script will run in php7 . Also the CI version we used is totally stable, so we don’t have plan to update it. You know we have to think about current buyers before making such core change. Btw please use the support tab for contacting. Thanks


amgad2t Purchased

What is the Item id :

I’ve purchased the product When installed. In the last step

Ask me about Item id : And Purchase Key :

And This message appears to me Puchase code or item id is not valid. Please try again.

I have entered Envato username in Item id : ِAnd Purchase Key Which was sent to my E-mail

And I have another question Can I install the this item on my personal website and transfer it to another domain later


amgad2t Purchased

this problem from your part or by the Envato

Pleas send an email again. We will reply again. It’s important because we don’t check comment frequently. Btw the item id is 12906703 Thanks


amgad2t Purchased

Thank you the problem has been solved

nice script , perfect for business i am interested in it but i have few questions before i proceed to purchase ,,,,, 1..? i need another payment gateway(paystack desirable in my region) 2..?can there be a page to access call dealers by their state/region ( https://prnt.sc/ffrmz2) 3..is there bank deposit available? 4..is there for paid ads banner? 5..can i reduce the fields listed here >>http://prntscr.com/fgmanp 6..can i reduce the display here>>http://prntscr.com/fgmck8 7..can i reduce the slider banner size? >>http://prntscr.com/fgmdve 8//...is it responsive to all screen?

Thanks for your comment. The answers are 1.i need another payment gateway(paystack desirable in my region) Answer: You’ll need customization. 2.can there be a page to access call dealers by their state/region ( https://prnt.sc/ffrmz2) Answer: No. 3.is there bank deposit available? Answer: There is a bank payment system. ACtually that is no automated system. It just give user some instructions to how to pay on bank. You can check the demo. 4.is there for paid ads banner? Answer: User may pay extra to make his post featurede. But that wont show them in banner. 5.can i reduce the fields listed here >>http://prntscr.com/fgmanp Answer: It will need customization 6..can i reduce the display here>>http://prntscr.com/fgmck8 Answer: It will need customization 7..can i reduce the slider banner size? >>http://prntscr.com/fgmdve Answer: It will need customization 8//...is it responsive to all screen? Answer: Yes.


I hate to be that guy, don’t mean to sound harsh and waiting for fixes before I review and know this is cheap but seriously…

Problems I’ve found so far:
  • OLD Unsafe version of Codeigniter
  • Should be using 3 or at most the latest version of 2 but it’s using 2.0.3
  • Unstructured menus
  • broken navigation
  • incorrect hyperlinks
  • very messy code
  • Theme structure is a mess
This is pretty much just first glance, I’d hate to dig deeper, it’s a nice start but version 1.7 ? it should be 0.1.7

Please update. I legit feel a bit ripped off at this point.

At least update to the latest stable version of Codeigniter 2 for others, I’ll even give you the code.

Hi, sorry for the late replying. Sure we will try to do it. Thanks

Hi looks good how many languages are included? and what languages?

:( We got your email and replied within 2 hours, but you know it’s not possible to give 24 hour support and according to codecanyon we get 2 days to reply support requests.. Btw we’ve seen that you change the rating. Thanks for considering our situation. Thanks

You got 3 start more than deserved after all the implemented paypal feature does not work neither

Now this is really frustrating. Do you think all other people buy it and using it without paypal working ? Please check, probably there is some mistake while setting paypal. We tested these functionalities many times, because our other product also has this functionality and we can ensure you that it is working just fine. Thanks

So aside from the old unstable version of Codeigniter and the messy code will you guys be fixing the currently broken features of your project or just leaving it ?

That’s why we always requested you to send an email, not the comment section. We reply comments via Dashboard where only new comment are visible. We have nothing more to say. You really don’t care what others say or why they asks for that.Also we are sorry that we are not able to give you 24 hour support because we don’t have that much resource. Thanks

Yet another BS response.. why ?

I did send an e-mail and the comments section is just fine at no point have I stressed any urgency.

You having nothing more to say? does that mean no?

24hr support, when did I ask for 24hr support or even moan about your response times.. seriously, WTF? Is it because I brought these problems up 7 days ago and you know that I know it takes about a couple hours at max to fix and you’ve done jack to help?

All you had to say was yes, we’ll look into fixing those broken features and update ASAP. Or No, we currently don’t have the time to fix the problems but will look into updating in the near future. <—that my friend would be a better BS response.

Every point I’ve brought up about the project has been totally valid and justifiable, plus I even offered to help better the project for your own gain.

So now you’ve totally alienated me, well done…

Sorry again for another mistake. We are really sorry that it’s happening with you twice. We thought you as another buyer and give that reply. Btw the issues you mentioned 1. Hyperlinks in admin section, specifically the ones in the Blog/News 2. 404, for the most part, isn’t themed. 3. The Type list in the navigation isn’t manageable by the menu in admin. 4. Incorrect linking of font awesome in themes. #1 and #4 is already listed by us and we will give them in update. #2 is not clear to us. #3 Yes it is not manageable from admin panel. You can change the “type” orer from config file and the menu order from header.php file. You can also send us email with ftp access and let us know in which order you need them. We will make the changes for you. Btw please use the support tab. Envato built it for a reason. You probably think that we want to hide these from other buyers and will not reply to your emails. But no we don’t work like this. If you want to comment then no problem. Do it. But at the same time send it from the support email too. Thanks

Hi i just bought the script i have installed it but it Failed to connect with Webhelios. when i put in the item id and purchase code. Please help

Please send us an email from support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/autocon-car-dealership/12906703/support. Send your domain name , purchase code and cpanel or ftp access. We will verify your domain. Thanks

why is not new update

i want this car search model on left side slideshow,

The version is stable, so there is no new update yet. But we will try to give an update within this month. The thing you need is customization. You may hire freelancers to achieve such changes. Thanks

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Author I want to buy another two of this scripts but need to know can i put in a code for tawk.to because the customer want to do live chat with his customers. I already bought two of this but never tried it and dont have acces to it anymore. Is it possible to ad this code into this script?

We think it would be possible. We don’t use tawk.to, so can’t tell it exactly. Btw you can download the code again and install it in a local server to test that. Thanks