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riz77 Purchased

Hi, How do you delete the Webhelios Facebook like page banner at the bottom right of the home page. Thanks

You can change or remove them from Admin panel > widgets > widgets positions. Please check the documentation for more info. For further support please contact us via email using the support tab. Thanks


riz77 Purchased


cool update

I have one problem. I want to fix but do not know where and how.

Where and how do I change the date of the Year (2016) Month (11) Day (28) in Europe the calendar that we would only show Dan (28) Month (11) Year (2016) ... 28/11/2016 Please if you can help me where and what to change.

Please contact us via the support tab with a screenshot of the page where you want to change this and with the format. We will try to help. Thanks

hello, why de Download Link is removed ? I try to redownload it but download is not possible?

If you are an old buyer, send us an email with your purchase code. We will send you the files. Thanks


shirash Purchased

How can one change or remove the autocon footer link?

Please edit ROOT/application/modules/themes/views/THEME_NAME/footer.php file. Thanks

Hello, how to change domain license ? Have you link of codecanyon please?

Didn’t understand your question. You can normally change your domain, it will ask for purchase code again. Give it, your new domain will be activated and old domain will be deactivated. Thanks

Ah OK! I got it. Thanks very kind

How can i change the columns with “Contact” “Follow me” “Intro” from the footer of the site?

They are actually widgets. You can change them from Admin panel > widgets. Thanks

Hi is this on CodeIgniter v3?

Hi,sorry but we don’t offer any free customization. If you need anything extra that is not available with the default pack then you’ve to hire developers for that. Also we will request you to be fully sure about everything before buying. Because we believe it’s better to ask before than to complain later. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your reply. I am sorry maybe I did not make myself clear there, I will explain what I want: I do not need any customisation done by anyone I am a developer I will do the upgrade myself all I need is the name of core files you have modified this will make it easier for me while upgrading, are you able to provide this information to me after buying? thanks

Hi, yes now we got it clear. Basically we’ve defined some rules for our coding structure. Like we’ve maintained a core file and a normal file for each controller. We always update codes in core files. If you need something to customize then you can extent or write your codes in general file. You can get a list of those option here http://support.webhelios.com/index.php/en/show/faqdetail/11/How-to-customize-my-copy . In this manner we minimize the code collision and make the update process easy. We didn’t provide any updated file list. Instead of it we give a minipack with the update which contains only the updated files. Thanks


We need to add Car Types. Can you let us know how please. And can you add the option in the dashboard for the next update.


Please check Documentation > setup config file section http://autocon.webhelios.com/doc/#!/set_up_config . Sorry but we have no plan to add it on admin panel right now, because lot of old buyer is using it. If we can sort out a way to migrate them too then we will add this. Thanks

hi how add car category system codeigneter

Unlimited subcategory


+Vw —passat —-1.6 --comfortline

Got your email and replied. Thanks

Hi, is it posible to add or remove Type?. For example only Trucks

Yes, it’s possible from config file. You can check the documentation http://autocon.webhelios.com/doc/#!/set_up_config . Thanks

good day, am planing on buying this script but i have few questions

1- can i disable singup and dealers because i want only the admin to post cars 2- will i be able to remove menu 3- can i disable map 4- will i be able to change colour like header color, background or footer 5- will the word “autocon” still appear on any part of the site even in setting

Hi, 1. Check Admin panel > autocon > site settings > Enable Signup option 2. You can change menu elements from admin panel. But if you want to remove the menu completely then you’ll need customization. 3. What map ? On users profile. If so then it’ll need customization too. 4. Will need customization. 5. Yes, it’ll appear. You can simple remove it by editing header and footer files. Let us clarify something more. Actually you know , no ready made script serves the necessity 100%. So most of the time people buy a script and hire developers to make some changes to make the script perfect for their need. Thanks

hi, how can I put Car Modelll ?

BMW > 320 Audi > A6

and and and …. ?

You can create Brand , model etc from Admin panel > autocon > Manufacturers . Thanks

check mail on Envato pls. Im waiting for answer…. about translation, and some small infos

or send me your email !

Replied to your email. Thanks

I tried installing the script but after success with database setup, then i feel the account setting but get the following error message.

Error number: 1292 Incorrect datetime value: ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’ for column….......... Insert into dbc_users…........... Filename c:\wamp\autocon\system\database\DB_driver.php Line number 330

It may be happening due to unsupported data type or php version. Please send us an email from the support tab with your site address , ftp access and describe how we can reproduce the error on your site. We will check. Thanks

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nedbull Purchased

We have this script in our website but there is an issue: When customer register, he receive an email confirmation to confirm his account, but the admin don’t receive any email of new registration of site… What’s wrong? Thanks

That function was never there. So actually it’s not an issue. We got your email and probably we will ad that function on next update. Thanks


julliuz Purchased

Hi there, after buying and customizing your platform I had a final question before going live. I noticed that I need to enter the ID + License key after I logged in with different devices (which I did for testing purposes). Now, we work with a couple of people in a garage and I want to avoid having to input this license on all our devices (2 pc’s, 1 ipad, 2 smartphones). How can I avoid this ? Can I buy multiple license keys to avoid this because it seems a bit annoying.

Hi, Please for support send email via the support tab. We don’t provide support on comment section. Btw for this you need not to buy more licenses. Just make sure when you are accessing the admin panel, all of you use the same url. I mean if you use www then ask everyone to use www. But if you want to install the script in multiple domain or subdomain at a time then you’ll need to buy more licenses. Thanks


Simons75 Purchased

Hi. Will the code run with Codeigniter3 ?

No, it will need migration. Thanks

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Please for support contact via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/autocon-car-dealership/12906703/support . We don’t provide support via comment section. Thanks


can we also add a stripe payment

Please for support contact via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/autocon-car-dealership/12906703/support . We don’t provide support via comment section. Thanks