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Hi, It works even if the user does not create the account but only subscribe to newsletter?

You plan to add this feature? Thank

thanks, i will add this next version.

Hi PianetaModellismo, I have added function: Auto subscribe MailChimp when subscribe Newsletter

I will wait till the version will cover also only subscribe to newsletter as previous guest asked. Than It will be what I am looking for.

Sure, I have send it.

i still don’t see your email. Please contact to:

Hi MobiOpti. I have just send mail for you.

Hello, I have a question. Are you sending mailchimp confirmation email in the language, that USER have chosen? Is this user friendly?

Now register default of Prestashop don’t select Country. Data into Mailchimp same as info when register

Ok, It will not be based on a registration, but on the language of the browser settings? Or can you please test this, in which language the confirmation email will be, after you register? I am asking, because mailchimp has this language personalization in case of “confirmation email” language. I am not sure on which settings it is based, I only know that it is not based on what you are filling in the fields of mailchimp, but it is probably the browser setting or I dont know. Please try to test, then let me know.

Yes, you can set content of confirmation email by your language via setting of MailChimp

Hi. I just buy your module. Install, configure with API and list ID, but it is not working :( Nothing happens when i register an account and i check newsletter checkbox subscribe. I have prestashop 1.5.5.

Can you provide me an email address to contact you? Thanks

ok, please send your site info to my email:

Is the module still sending the mailchimp subscription confirmation email? Seems a shame to lose a newsletter subscriber who has already chosen to receive the newsletter when they made the store account to then lose them because they did not bother to click the accept in the mailchimp email or that email went to spam folder and so the customer never saw it.

ok, thanks. I’ll wait for any possible changes then to that email confirmation.

what your ideal ? please more decscription.

Hi statuesque.I have just add option On/Off email confirm of Mailchimp. You can buy if you want. thanks

hi friend, is this compatible with 1.6.1? and, I can deactivate the email confirmation? ty!

thanks, i will update for next version

Hi webjor.I have just add option On/Off email confirm of Mailchimp. You can buy if you want. thanks

awesome my friend, just in time, i will buy :) ty!

Hi, I have just purchased this module and I want to use it with panda theme.

Syncronization when registering an account is working great but it does not work when using newsletter module…

How can I fix the module to work with the panda theme newsletter module, please?

Thanks a lot, my friend

Thank you. Please sent access detail to email:

Hi, Does it work on Cloud ?

How i can check if my cloud is dev ?

You can login to your Admin to check or sent access detail to my email: praywishs@gmail then i will check for you.

it work on your Cloud. Thanks


The module doesn’t when I test to subscribe. Can you help me ?

please sent access detail to i will check for you. thanks

Hello, does it work via cron job? thanks

If I want to not send email confirmation should this module add automatically in mailchimp?

yes, exactly. you can config in module

Ok thanks


upango Purchased

Hi, guys! I’ve installed this module on As I’ve read on the description of the module, when a visitor subscribe via Newsletter, it’ll be added to Mailchimp list too (not only new customers). I’m doing some tests but I don’t see new subscribes on my list, and I’ve configured it correctly. We use the module of our theme, that is connected with the default newsletter module in Mailchimp, what can be wrong?

please send access detaill to my email:


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I don’t understand. I do exactly the same what you do on guide and the module don’t sync news subscribers. Please help me.

Best regards!

please send me access detail to my email: