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Can I use the same code for Android InApp purpose? Connect InApp with PHP retrieve order information and if transaction is valid send the download like to app user?

If so please can you let me know how and if it needs customization how much would it cost?

I’m not familiar with Android’s inapp. Android doesn’t work with PHP, so it depends on how you configured the app. It’s better to make an API in PHP, then call the API using your Android app to retrieve the download link if the given order-id is valid.

This would be possible, please contact me with more details using the support tab so I can give you a price estimate.

Hi Fedelta,

Image Can Be Change to PDF File ?

Yes, that would be possible by altering the code.

Hi Fedelta,

do you customize the script if we pay for it? We need it for the german law.


Yes of course, please contact me using the support tab with any customizations you need.

How are the images uploaded, can it be done via the admin or is ftp needed?

It looks like a standalone script and is fiddled to work with Woocommerce, not using its standards. Is this the case? Are there hooks avaideble when ordering and emailing (I need a hook when sending the email for example).

That is correct, it hooks into the success page of either Magento or WooCommerce.

Each code is automatically send to the customer using e-mail + shown on screen. You could easily disable the part where the code is shown on screen.

Mijn producten zijn net zoals deze code maar een keer te gebruiken. Als het product al een keer geleverd is, mag deze niet nog een keer geleverd worden. Hoe werkt dat precies met dit script?

Als het product al een keer geleverd is zal het in de daadvoor bestemde map worden geplaatst. Op die manier kan een andere klant nooit nog een keer dat product bestellen. Kortom; elke bestelling bevat altijd een uniek product.

Hi, its pre-sale questions: I want to clear a few things before buy. I am developing a reward based website where there is no actual money involved to buy the digital products but user can buy the products by using the point gateway system (a third party plugin “sumo reward points” which is also available on codecanyon) and it works perfect on woocommerce cart, so 1.) can i use your plugin with that point gateway 2.) i have to create many variations for digital gift cards means for 1 digital gift card , 1 variation which holds 1 code and 2nd for second one and so on, does your plugin works in a way that when the user buy 1 gift card so other gift card is automatically available from the backend folder which holds the gift cards codes so i do not need to enter a gift card code image for every single digital card variation in the woocommerce variable product. Hope you understand what problem i am facing and how your plugin solve it. If you are not clear so please let me know i would try to make it more clear to you. Thank you!

Hi please let me answer your questions:

1) Probably you can use my plugin since it relies on WooCommerce. So if your customer goes to checkout, this should work.

2) I haven’t tried with product variations just yet. So I couldn’t tell you if this works or not.


Hi, thank you for your reply. Ok we make it more clear. I have one (variable) download gift card product which contains many gift card images, so how your plugin works means when the user buy the first gift card so the second image is automatically available to download for next user OR we have to create a new (simple) download gift card product for every next digital gift card image. And Is the folder that contain gift card images are protected by .htaccess file? Thanks


When the first user buys, the second gift card is automatically available to download for the next user after purchase of course.

The folder containing the gift card images is indeed protected by a .htaccess file.


i want to selling some digital code cards (ex itunes gift) to my customer. also i need to add multiple digital codes manually ( ex texline or csv files)

i need to active auto-delivery for only certain email address . ( allow list )

after purchase completed , i should could see which digital code was sent to my customer

[ your plugin could do these things for me? or do you know another plugin? or maybe you could help me for having this kind plugin? ]

Adding text based codes is only possible through a custom add-on which costs around €150,-

Adding more options like auto-delivery whitelist is possible but will cost extra.

We’re closed for holidays right now. But after the 20th of august we are willing to built these options for you. If interested, please contact us using the support tab.

How can I talk about this with you?

Using the support tab ;)

I have just bought this plugin and am having troubles installing this plugin.

I extracted the files and uploaded the folder which contains the 4 sub-folders through FTP but it doesn’t show up on my plugin page.

I have also tried uploading the zipped file through wordpress but it still doesn’t show up.

Can you please confirm the names of the sub-folders I am supposed to upload.

(I am currently using wordpress 4.5.3 and woocommerce 2.6.4)

I’m sorry we’re closed until the 20th of August so I couldn’t reply as fast as I normally do.

It seems you didn’t read the instructions at all. Please open the included installation instructions to see what needs to be done to install this script.


There was no installation instruction whatsoever in the zip which I downloaded, the only text file I found was the ‘readme’ which was just 1 or 2 lines about licensing.

These are the only folders I found with no instructions in any sub-folders: http://i.imgur.com/nppy3za.png

Can you not just tell me how to install it here? or email me the installation guide (tfhost@outlook.com)

Did you really just make a screenshot of a folder called ‘Documentation’? ;)

isnt there any screenshot guides for install and setup? its little hard to do for non pro

You are free to alter the script in any way. If you need any custom work done, please contact me using the support tab.

i changed host and it almost finish but why i get error with not in stock

Error: test1 not in stock, please contact soboru.h@gmail.com and include this error!

Seems like the images are not present in the ‘test1’ folder.

hey please send me message – liadmrm@gmail.com

Please contact me using the support tab.



Can it send images and code too? I sell games which are images and sometimes code/URL too.

Only codes. Images is possible but you’ll need a custom made add-on for that. Contact me using the support tab for a quote.

Hello In screenshot I see you sent code image!

Correction: you can send only images. Codes is possible but you’ll need a custom made add-on for that. Contact me using the support tab for a quote.

Hi. Is the plugin is being supported?

Also one presales question : Does the plugin support varies files / codes – for an example : I’m selling game codes that allows only one time usage, so does the plugin support, that I set 50 codes and it deals them to 50 different customers?

Yes the plugin is being supported.

The plugin only supports one time usage codes. But it can be easily modified by me or a programmer of your choice.

Does this plugin support text only codes?

No, only images. But using a custom made add-on also supports text based codes. Please contact me using the support tab after purchase if interested.

Is it possible for this script to fetch new orders from online marketplaces (like eBay, Amz) and deliver digital keys via instant automated email?

No, but it could be built that way. If you have the budget, you can contact me using the support tab for freelance work.

I sent a message via Support tab. Please respond.

There are no open requests on the support tab. Maybe I already answered it? If not, please send me the request again.

The installation for this product is not easy and I have been buying plugins for years and installing them. First it has to be ftp over as a folder named files. But it does not appear in the plugins folder. Next your install instructions printer ” On the server, create a folder per SKU in the main folder where you’ve uploaded your files AND in the /used folder. For instance if you’ve setup a product with SKU “10eur” in step 2, you create a folder /10eur and /used/10eur and repeat this step for all the products you want to setup.

4. Be sure every folder has got CHMOD 777 permissions, so read and write permissions.

5. In order to secure your product images, create an .htaccess file for each folder EXCEPT every folder in /used. The contents of the .htaccess should be:

Order Deny,Allow Deny from all Allow from <<< Finally, I have to upload my own images. The impression I got was that my digital digital products code would product an image which would appear as xbox image code which looks cool and what I really want. But if I have to upload my own image for each product, I want a refund. This is too much trouble. I want a refund. Please issue me a refund or I will have to open a dispute with PayPal and CodeCanyon.net.

I’m sorry but you’ve NEVER contacted me even once. If you have a support question, use the support tab to contact me so I can actually help you.

Thank you.