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Nice idea! Good luck with sales.

Thank you!

Can u do it for Woocommerce please

I will test tomorrow if this would be possible. I will contact you again here tomorrow ;-)

I have tested it and it’s possible! I will create the extension and send it to Codecanyon before the end of the week. If you have any questions you can contact me using the support tab.

It took some time, mostly because of extensive review by Codecanyon, but it’s finally online now. Wordpress / WooCommerce version: http://codecanyon.net/item/auto-send-virtual-keycard-products-image-codes/6797215


NIce idea, not seen a serial extension where it accepts a image/scan

Is it possible to upload the code images after the customer has ordered the products?

For example, we show the stock quantity of our supplier, customer places order (order marked as pending? if that helps) – we then upload the code images and mark the order as complete and magento sends the email with the codes and shows in their magento account

Yes this would be possible but will need some custom work. Please contact me if interested using the contact tab.

Yes this would be possible but will need some custom work. Please contact me if interested using the contact tab.

This really work? Its easy to install on Magento 1.9?

Thanks ;)

Yes, it really works ;) Comes with complete documentation.

hi, I want to sell deals/coupons of restaurants, events on my website. And once the order is placed, I want customers and venders to receive the unique codes directly on email.

Will it be possible by this plugin. is there any way we can send the unique codes without uploding its images.


Hi, this extension is mainly used for sending image based products. But I could rewrite a part of the code so that plain text codes will be sent out instead of images.

If you are interested in custom work, please contact me using the support tab.

It’s possible to send ‘plain text codes’ now? Or still in development?

Included in package? If yes, I will order today. Thanks!

Support message sent :)

Not included in the package. I will answer your support ticket today.

wow, useful stuff very nice, all the best for your sales !