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Hi, I just bought this extension and installed it. The bottom “You may also like” seems to work fine apart from some css needs changing.

But the sidebar with related products isn’t showing, please could you help?

Hello thanks for purchase our product.what type of problem you are facing ?.could you please give the url of the website for take a look.or give me your skpe id so that i can contact with you.

Well normally if a product has related products attached it will show on the product page to the right. After installing your extension the products that have no related products don’t show any related products to the right sidebar.

Also, if I disable the extension through the admin panel it seems to be still enabled on the website, even after clearing the cache.

I haven’t enabled it on our live site yet as it’s on a local test website so I can’t give you a link.

My skype name is: fuzzmonkeyjoe

Hi Could you please contact me to resolve these issues? thank you

Please accept my request on skype.

I could see that does not behave well with custom themes. is there any way around this?

no way to use the theme related and the only popular plugin?
I believe the time is sinning in this part.

We can use this is custom theme as well.please add me on skype so that i can guide

OK. I added on skype to treat this. thanks!

PERFECT! Super attentive developer! We made an improvement that suggest the module and provided updates here!

I hope to develop new extensions for Magento. Support is critical to customer satisfaction and It-heaven-org meets perfectly!

The software works nicely, just got it installed, lots of nice customization’s, thank you

I am using porto magento theme and I want to use auto related products to save some time.

1) Will your plugin work with porto magento theme seamlessly 2) About size of image block, I would like to use default magento sizes although I don’t know exactly what size it is? 3) Support period – Magento 2 is coming pretty soon so will your extension work with new magento or you will release updated extension for it for free for customers with live support period.

HI Thanks for you interest.we did not test it on the the documentation we have details of how the extension can be used in custom theme.if its not work our technical team will help you.

HI Thanks for you interest.we did not test it on the the documentation we have details of how the extension can be used in custom theme.if its not work our technical team will help you.

Does this extension work with upsell products?

Thanks for you interest.Yes this extension is work with upsell you are welcome to purchase this extension.

This extension show really related product or random product on that ? also my theme support related product so this extension work with that ?

Yes we have many option to show the related can show according to the category of the product.2.Similar First keyword product name .and yes it will work with the default related as well.

Hi, i’ve some trouble with the plugin in. The plugin is installed correctly, I followed the guide, but do not appear on the website. Give me other instruction to install it

Please send me details in support message

how does the module determine what is a similar sku?

Similar SKU Example 1.sku_123 , 2.sku_234 , 3. sku_456 part of the sku are same. thanks

Hi, thank you for the great extension. Makes life so much easier for me. A request though. I like my customers to see upto 12 related products. Some of our products already have 4 or 5 related products. The extension works only if the product has NO related products at all. We want to be able to decide for some related products to be there for SURE but add the missing one. For examples, if a product already has 5 related products, add 7 to make 12. Am I being clear? How can I do that?

Hello sorry for late response i am in a vacation.i can do it for you but for this you need some additional support.Thank you.

I think this is a great feature that you should add to the regular version.

Hi – This working with magento 1.9 and up?

Hello i was in Long vacation. this is work for all the version below 2.