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Can you send me the latest package for compatibility with PHP 7. I am getting the same error from WP engine plugin as above. File on code canyon hasn’t been updated since 2015.

Sent via your support request


vidal Purchased

Is it possible to generate another image for each post? My images (camera images) in my post have all the same name. but different ip

But when the it uses the same featured image for every post, how can I generate an image for each post in de media library?


Hi, My site have thousands of posts, we need to delete all featured images attached to posts and use the first image in post to regenerate thumbnails..

Will the plugin help us doing this, and will be able to set the F Image sizes?


This plugin can help with deleting and then regenerating featured images. However the image sizes is a function of the wordpress theme used. This plugin will not do that.

if i need a custom app or script can u do it for me? and how i contact with you?

Please send a mail from with detailed requirements

hi, i have posts with html5 video tag and poster attribute with an image URL, could this plugin detect the image inside the tag.

No, it will not.

After the update , it goes on running the process where I am having only 30 posts but it is going on counting like this :

Please send a support request we will have it looked into.

HI, I purchased this plugin (Auto Post Thumbnail PRO) from Wordpress but it is now moved and no way to have it updated anymore. Please how can you assist about this problem?

This plugin is exclusively sold on CodeCanyon and nowhere else.

You might be right but I purchased this plugin long time ago but unfortunately I could not see the it on my download history here. Please have you sold this plugin somewhere else before may be on your website or somewhere else. I will appreciate if you can help me on this. Thanks.

Sorry, this plugin has not been sold from anywhere else before.

Hi. I would like to purchase and 2 confirm question
1) can the plugin auto get image in image gallery (under image featured upload box) > I want image in order 1 will auto as feature image with icon star , so i can know it worked as feature image. > If i drap/drop image in gallery, changed order, so the changed order will defaul always choose as first image order 1 to be feature image.

2) The plugin always check for (1) first, IF dont have then checked content post, etc… later.

Can the plugin work like this?

No. The plugin will not be able to do it. It does what it says on the description page.

I have a question before buy. The plugin will auto get the first image from the post to set Featured Images. But it will get the full image size or Auto Post Thumbnail will drop new thumbnail image from the first full image to set Featured Images??

The size of the featured image is the function of the theme. It will be displayed to whatever size your theme is programmed for. This plugin does not set sizes.


sycook Purchased

Brought today it works with my theme but only set about 70-80% of my featured images? It’s betheme. Can you help before I leave rating. Thank you.


Can you send a support message with all the details from We will get back to you on Monday.

hello sanisoft,

i have problem with Post Thumbnail. my site is work on news and i use this Wordpress Automatic Plugin;

this plugin get image on recipient site, and all is well, but your plugin dont set some image as feature image (Especially, large size images), so use default featured image, else skip post. I do not know exactly your plugin, rejects large images?? Almost, this plugin cant set larger images than 400×400 or smaller than 150×150.

what i should do?

I see you have sent a support message as well. Will reply to that.

I see you have sent a support message as well. Will reply to that.

Purchased your plug-in some time ago and just downloaded ALL files (242KB Zip File). Upon attempting to upload to my Site, error message says “The package could not be installed No valid plug-ins were found. Plugin installation failed.

As mentioned on the plugin page the plugin is inside the zip file that you download. Unzip the downloaded file to find the plugin zip file.

presale question can you define the width and size for the thumbnail image as for certain theme some images would only look good with specific height and width? also where does it pull the images from?

The dimensions of the featured image is a function of the theme. This plugin just sets the first image in your post as the featured image in the database. If the image is external it will download that image to your server.

hi and thanks to your work.


this plugin cant make first image when:

1- when we delete all thumbnail with (Delete Thumbnails) option on this plugin. fix way : deleted thumbnail stable on media library and if we use “Generate Post Thumbnails” button, this plugin cant replace new thumbnails so we should delete old thumbnail from media library. #also when cleaning this image on host, problem don’t be solved, i test it, so i delete this images from media library and re “Generate post” & problem fixed.

this is betther when we use (Delete Thumbnails) option, plugin remove Thumbnails from media library too, so this images are automatically deleted from the host if your plugin delete this images from media library. i mean is this plugin cant delete maked Thumbnails from media library and just delete featured image link between the post and image.(i talk of Deep and root removal.)

2- when one image generator fail, this plugin dont generate next image and focuse on error! for example if we have one image from broken url (first image on url and this url is broken).


this plugin can better when:

1- when add new option for swap founded first link with uploaded generated image link from host. is mean is, this plugin find first image url from post and make featured image, Then replace maked featured image link with founded url, so this is can help image to index from our site Not from the site where the photo was taken!

2- when add new option for ask delete maked featured images from media library too.

important points-

this plugin can 100% work if your site first image is like below format:

<img src="xxx/test.jpg" height="300" width="300" />

Be sure to fix the size of your images with your theme standard sizes, and set this sizes on height & width.

you can install wp-smuthit plugin, and find your theme sizes.



Good luck.

Please send a support request from the plugin page.

Hi. Saw another request for this in the comments. Is it possible to generate another image for each post? I gather images from a site that uses all the same names, but different url’s.

Please send support request to get a patched version.

Replied :)

your plugin conflict with “Automatic Image Compression & Bulk Image Compression” plugin


alexmai Purchased

The plugin hasnt update for a while, wonder if it can support php7 and latest wordpress version. I’m strongly recommend for an upgrade.

Am reasonably sure that what you are experiencing does not happen because of this plugin alone.


alexmai Purchased

its like xxx-thumbnail-xxx – 150×150 xxx-thumbnail-xxx – 160×160 xxx-thumbnail-xxx – 320×320

its like a same thumbnail that was saved in different size in the folder.

As suspected. This is theme dependent