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My client would like to have a different thumbnail image that appears on the homepage and from the feature image that appears on the post page. Is that possible with this plugin?

Homepage –

Post Page –

So basically on the homepage she wants a different image to appear for that trop-picks-almond story but when you user clicks on the full post the current featured image should be there

No, this is not possible.

do you know of any other plugin I can find that will do this. I am in a little panic as this is something that needs to be done today :(. Appreciate any help

Sorry, I do not know of any such plugin

Hello, it is possible to update the thumbnail setting time, 5 minutes, etc.? Thank you

No, this is not possible.

Do you support cron? this is pre-sale question

Wordpress cron is supported, system cron is not.

This plugin is not working!!! when going to settings>Auto Post Thumbnail PRO>

To get a white screen with WordPress sidebar showing nothing but the text links on the sidebar, it looks like a CSS problem

Please post from the support page with details

Can this plugin work with facebook video ?

No. To quote the description on the plugin page “Auto thumbnail generation for popular video sharing services – YouTube, Vimeo,,, DailyMotion and MetaCafe. Note: this plug will not work if the video code is an iframe”


I am working with a client that has your plugin installed. They had over 1,800 posts. The generator started to process them then got hung up (at 622 images to process).

Tried to refresh page, but it does not help (*The progress bar goes away). Tried to uninstall and reinstall the plugin.. but it still hages on the 622 images to process line and does not process any of the images.

Could it be stuck on an individual post? If so, how do I locate that post? Do I need to do something else to get to to jump over the problem post?

Again, it worked great for the first 200 or 300 posts.. then got hung up and now not going anywhere. :/

I looked threw here and did not find any posted suggestions to try. Do you have any?

Thank you

Hello, the details would show up in the log. Please contact via the support page


Can we set it to widescreen crop the black bars above and below the YouTube images it creates?

Thank you in advance : )

As it stands no. It will fetch whatever YouTube provides and display my site becomes white tell me any solution for it

Hello, Send a support request from the user that purchased the plugin.

Hello, in all post external use images without exceptions. Maybe your plugin create an outstanding image of each post and attach to it. They would be more than three thousand post.

Yes, the plugin will fetch the external image, insert it into the local media library and then make it the featured image.

Hi, I bought your plugin and local mode I made a test: I created a post with an external image, I have launched the plugin and says:

Generate Post Thumbnails We are generating 1 post thumbnails. Please be patient! 1 PROCESSED

It really has not done any work and outstanding image is not in the media library

support wordpress 4.6.1 or not??

Yes, Supports 4.6.1

Ability to support thousands of articles to generate feature images? Maybe more

Hi, does it also work with nextgen album shortcodes like [album=347] ? thanks, al

Works with some of nextgen shortcodes. Not all.

is it possible to test this?

Is this plugin compatible with PHP 7?

Can you send a support request from I will send you the latest package. Approval of new package on Codecanyon will take some time.

Hello, I sent the support ticket, please check your inbox.

Latest version has been sent to you.

It is compatible with PHP 7.0?



sheome Purchased


I have a problem with your plugin.

It is causing on post pages where are inserted images with BBCode, that only first image is opening. No matter if you click on second, third etc., you are always redirected on first image.

I sent you support request, please check it out.

Thank you for your help

This is an unlikely problem with Auto Post Thumbnail PRO plugin because the plugin does not change anything in the post content. However do send a support request with site details I will have it looked into.

Sorry! We cannot support Adult Content Sites.

Presale question: I’ve news aggregation website and I am searching for a plugin that does automatic feature image from a post and doesn’t save in my website server. I mean I want to have an automatic external featured image from the post. Possible?

Sorry that is not possible with this plugin.

Hello I would be interested in purchasing this plugin if it creates thumbnails automatically from the getty images embed posts. I am having trouble getting a featured image from their pictures when I include them in a post.

No, it does not.

Hello! I purchased, installed and ran your plugin. It did not work and simply gave me a ton of these error messages: “Default Featured Image empty”. Well, yes, hence me needing the plugin! Could you assist please? I also sent you a support ticket. Thanks!

Replied to your support request. You should be getting a mail shortly.


RichVin Purchased

hello, i am trying to block sites from visiting images directly without having the referring domain and i run into trouble with this plugin.. i have a gallery, htaccess : RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?mydomain\.net [NC] RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$ / [L]

this returns a 404 if you visit a picture on the domain directly like but if you go to my website and the picture1.jpg is linked it will be displayed.

the problem is when running your plugin creating a new post the auto thumbnail will not be grabbed, i am thinking it’s not getting to the picture, my question is can i modify the referral this plugin uses to be instead of whatever it is using now? thankful for any ideas.

Hi, Send a mail via and we can discuss this further.


RichVin Purchased

I realize my support has ended, i don’t want to pay if the discussion is just “this is not possible” do you think you can solve it or not? If you can i’ll pay to get an updated version of this fixed so i can use htaccess code and still have working auto thumbnails. Thanks.

Need not pay but do send mail via the support page with details.


I want to generate a featured image with title of each post. Means background of each featured image shall be the same. However, the text of each image will be dynamic as per the title of the post. This will really be a coll feature as only one image will be uploaded to wordpress and different images shall be generated based on title of the post. Can we do that with this plugin or an alternate plugin (if any) developed by your team?


Sorry this plugin will not help you with what you want.

Hi, will this auto-generate a thumbnail (featured image) for an mp4 hosted on Amazon S3? The URL of the video is both contained in the post content and also in a custom field. Thanks!