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is it possible to put a Slider Revolution shortcode inside of your popups?

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No, that’s not possible.

Ok no worries…thanks anyway.

You’re welcome :)


Can I use this plugin popups as a disclaimer?

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Yes, but you’ll still have the opt-in form in the popup as it can’t be removed.

okay,what do you mean by opt-in form? I got to change the settings. That what you mean.

I want my clients to click accept and then enter a page. Can I do that with this plugin?

How can I avoid showing the pop up to the ones who are already subscribed?

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The plugin has an option for that.

This doesn’t work for exit intent – only exit click. I want my money back for this as well as optin ninja – which I downloaded after realizing I needed it as well in order for the plugin to work. You guys need to do a better job actually describing what these products do.

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Hi, this is a pre-sale question, If I want to use this add-on, can you tell me which main OptIn Ninja I must have first? Perhaps, can you give me the link to that. Thanks

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Here’s the main plugin –


it’s possible to show the popup in all post ?

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Yes, it is possible to show popups in all posts but you will need Auto Popups add-on for that. With the add-on, you will be able to control where the popup shows and how it’s triggered. For details, please see:

For any other assistance regarding the plugin please contact our support team:


How to change the pop up width?

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Is the facebook login problem now fixed ?

All known bugs have been fixed.

can this plugin makes the main one pop up when users reach the end of an article ? Can it detect already subscribed users ?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to combine settings like that. In your example, you would be able to choose to show one pop-up either on all pages or only on one specific post.

thats fair. Last question, how accurate is the detection for subscribed users ? Is it by their IP addresses ?

The information about subscribed users is stored in a cookie which lasts for two months.

I will be using this with opt-in ninja ,can i make visitors click on the button in the 1st box and they get a pop-up instead of redirecting them to the 2nd box? i need to cancel the 2nd box of course and make the opt-in form pop-up when visitors click on button on the 1st box. i hope you got it,, please clarify.

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Making that happen would require a few lines of custom JS. Unfortunately you can’t do that out-of-the-box.

Can I design popup with my own mailing system (custom form action)? If yes then can I design multiple popups with different form actions, eg. 5 different forms for 5 blog posts?

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You can create as many popups as you need, each with its own form. If your system can generate a standard HTML form, you can easily integrate it in any OptIn. And yes, every OptIn can have a different form linked to it.

Can I connect Sendlane AR to this, I don’t like AWEBER OR GET RESPONSE

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There’s no API to connect Sendlane, but if you can generate an HTML form with Sendlane, you can embed it in OptIn Ninja without a problem.

Hello, is it Possible to add ready form (its shortcode ) to appear as popup to specified page?

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Yes, you can create a popup from any OptIn Ninja page you create and you can trigger it anywhere you want (on specific pages, categories…)

Please note that in order for Auto Popus to work, you will need the original OptIn Ninja plugin:

You can also check the Bundle which includes OptIn Ninja with all add-ons:

Please contact our support team directly via email if you have any questions.

The popup is very slow when triggered on exit intent. What is the solution for this to make it faster and popup instantly ?

Hi, Thank you for purchasing and using OptIn Ninja! Sorry to hear that the popup is slow.

Please send an email to our support team and include the details like the URL to a page where you’re displaying the popup.

How can I disable on mobile?

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