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can I edit code ? I need make sub category like this .. can i or no ?

I don’t quite understand, but yes you can edit the code (if you have JS /jQuery knowledge).
But out of the package the examples provided are the ones in the live preview ;)

Hi – How is possible the following: - if a folder A has subfolder B and subfolder C, also folder A has one photo folder.jpg that is shown as the folder A cover, the folder.jpg to be visible only via FTP but not on the website, so folder.jpg is used for cover photo only? - this means folders that has subfolders does not show on the website the photos under the main folder just when you go to the last subfolder?

Hope it makes sense …

just name your image “folderCover.jpg” instead of “folder.jpg” that should do the trick ;)

Also don’t forget to renew your support period as it has expired

Best, David

Ok Thank you for your response. Will renew support. Another question if i may.

Is it possible the name of the photo to be partly read when exposed onto the website? for example:

now if i put THIS IS THE NAME.jpg on the website will appear THIS IS THE NAME

but I am wonderiing of is possible to put: THIS IS THE NAME – 73737.jpg so on the website would still appear THIS IS THE NAME so anything after the dash is not read?

Is this part of the current script? If no is this something you can do as custom develpment?

Currently the plugin doesn’t have this feature, but if this is a must I can do it as a little freelance job, you can contact me via email (through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form)
Best, David


hengist Purchased

Hi! Just bought it, thank you very much! May you tell me how to integrate thumbmaker.php inside your code? It would be really great…. Thank you very much! Fabrizio

Hi Fabrizio,
thank you :D
I don’t quite understand, what do you mean inside the code?

Hey Castlecode,

Any idea to add there it will add videos as well automatically from the folders.

So it would be auto photos & videos?

I would purchase this!!