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I’m having a lot of trouble implement this since I already use another version of Jquery in the same page, theres conflict with the one added by auto pause, and neither works. I don’t know what to do. I’m reading up on jquery.noConflict(), but I can’t seem to get that to work.

Try using the latest version.

How can I make this work with an audio player that does not use the audio tag but instead uses jquery jplayer? I want the audio to be auto pause when a user clicks on a video under it.

It works with HTML5 audio and video, so if the player uses this format, if is supposed to work.

Okay thanks, the latest version of Jquery works. And I’m trying to make it work with this audio player:

I can’t seem to figure it out. jPlayer, although its HTML 5, it doesn’t use the audio tag, and the video jPlayer doesn’t use the video tag either. I tried calling the div name like so: “jplayer.AutoPause()”, “player.jPlayer.AutoPause()”. So far no success. Any ideas?

Are you sure it does not use the audio element? When I inspect the website, I can see an audio element.

Try this for HTML5 (after jPlayer is initialized):

$('audio, video').AutoPause();

Hi! I noticed that in the demo, the script still works for vimeo videos, but is no longer working on youtube videos. Is there any quick way to get is working for youtube videos? Thanks!

Your domain has expired; the demo link no longer works.

excellent buy, worked immediately on multiple html5 audio players on one page!!!

Does the vimeo auto-pause still works? Need to confirm before buying.