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can i add local language “malayalam” to it

Yes you can add.

Looks very nice, GLWS

Thank you

Hello, I have wowonder installed in a subdirectory ( /blog ) and your plugin doesn’t work, can you help me to fix it?

Yes i help you, contact email:

hello, I wrote twice to you without reply! Moreover, wowonder is @ 1.3 update, when will you release yours?

Hello please email me for this problem, i help you

contact email:

not u create for sngine ?? im buy for sngine

Perfect, thank you!

Okay thank you too


I have a problem after installing your Addon.

> insert > > Fetch new scrape information >

“Error parsing input URL, no data was cached, or no data was scraped.”

Please see here:

Before installing your Addon – After installing your Addon –

Same problem with Google+ and etc.

Is there any solution?

Will you answer me?

I am very disappointed.

Sorry send again your email

Hi, this script can change “Announcement” Language by Country?

No! only language from language file depending on default language you set for country.

Hello, We are having difficulty installing the addon and including 3 languages coming together. What are the steps for proper installation and translation for us is needed, or install only changing the country?

Excuse me for the bad English Google translator.

Thank you, Lailton Sabino

Okay email me: for more info

Hi, You told me you would install the Auto Language Change by Country for Wowonder on my website and sent the access information.

Please ask to give me a position in this regard.

Thank you, Lailton Sabino

Sorry, Tomorrow i’m back i can install

Hello I bought this item.But I cant install it can you help me?

Yes email me with your problem details:


bekeths Purchased

I just bought your plugin I do not understand anything, can you help me for the installation

Yes i can help you please email me.

what happend to the other product the BIKENGE PAY really want to buy but not in the market again

Email me please for more info:



arikg Purchased


There is a bug with the language changer, it overrides the original link of the page so it deletes the referrer (for the built in affiliate system). so for example if I used a referrer link: then it will redirect to and the invitation for the affiliate system is lost.

arikg Purchased

but each user has a different referrer link, that is the point of affiliate system, each user has a personal link to invite others

Yes you got problem in your affiliate system not in my plugin to fix to work both plugin i charge extra cost.


arikg Purchased

The affiliate system is built-in to WoWonder, it is Not 3rd party plugin. So causing WoWonder to malfunction is considered a bug. The fix should simply, not-erase the “ref=xxxxx”.