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I am not being understood what you mean.

HI! This plugin does support Korean?

:bigsmile: Yes it can support any country in addition contry code. It’s easy to add your country code. Buy and you will see the details that make it easier to put your country code.

Thank you honeybang for your comment

Hello there,

How many languages can I add to my socialkit website? can I add arabic?! can you please explain what languages it supports?!


Ioannis Antypas

All the language can add to this Addon. When you buy you will find the details that will help you to add other languages.


I installed it properly but the system doesn’t translate the site. Hoever I opened the chinese.php files to see the language and I saw that the language is english and not chinese. You have saved it only as chinese.php so the other 4 languages you had in there. How Am I supposed to make it work now? Also your instructions are not clear.

Can you please fix them or send me the latest update you going to make now? or at least fix it for me.


Ioannis Antypas.

Hellow! ioannis334 see the chinese.php query file, farsi.php, finnish.php, french.php and arabic.php in Purchases script> Script> asset> language these are examples of how you want add other languages and the languages do not exist in the translation, but you you can do the translation.

Product works well and does not have any problem but only knowledge you have to know.

I think you have understood me.

Upgrade to the 1.3

Do not worry, I’ve already fed submit the v1.3 update ..

Heloow! Joseliko7, now you can buy, ready to update to v1.3


But even the new update doesn’t work. It doesn’t translate the site.

How can I make It work?!


Ioannis Antyps.

Hellow! ioannis334 only works well, maybe your country is a country does. Meaning if your country does not exist you will not see any changes until you add your country.

Hello there,

I tried installing this script but it doesn’t seem to be working. Can you please make a video tutorial or something? The explanation is messed up as well.


Ioannis Antypas.

Yes your right.

Hello there,

I tried my best but I get an error message saying

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/stocksel/public_html/plugins/Lchange/geo.php on line 144

What should I do?!

Paste it all code //Chinese language by country if(!$location_reload){ $location = visitor_location(); if(in_array($location["country"], array("CHT", "CHS", "TW", "SG", "MO", "HK", "CN"))){ $_SESSION["loc_reload"] = true; header("location: /?lang=chinese"); exit; //Arabic language by country }else if(in_array($location["country"], array("YE", "AE", "TN", "SY", "SA", "QA", "OM", "MA", "LY", "LB", "KW", "JO", "IQ", "EG", "BH", "DZ"))){ $_SESSION["loc_reload"] = true; header("location: /?lang=arabic"); exit; } }

And not it

//Other language language by country }else if(in_array($location["country"], array("XX"))){ $_SESSION["loc_reload"] = true; header("location: /?lang=xx"); exit; } }

this only changes to the country available by default on social kit ? do you have to add other countries e.g. japan in the script then it will work for japan visitors?

Yes it enable.

??? Do I need to add a Japan language file?

What languages come with this plugin?

Any language works in this plug.

I am very interested in purchasing this plugin. My doubt is if you have language files folder in the theme for the conformation emails, or forgot the password to be sent to the user language. In other words, if a passoa of Spain register on the site, the confirmation email in Spanish and will register the e-mail Brazil will in Portuguese. Or if you give me a help to create this folder. Thanks and greetings. PS: Sorry my English. I am Brazilian and google translator use

In this plug, it can change language occur in basic country.

But if you need other contact in my email: bikengetz@gmail.com