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where is the demo to show how it works?

No demo link for now but it work 100%

We need to edit classes.php or how it is working ?

no you can not edit classes.php or core.php, you can paste some code in index.php and you can add/edit coutry in geo file then every user come in your website the language can change, example site facebook or google like that.

so we do not need language file again? this plugin install, and it is all, it will auto translate iself in country language? Or we have to translate language and se?

Ex. i am in china, but there is not china language file in my phpsound site. So if this is install, china country visitors will se my site in china?

Hello BuxRecord, this plug it use thhe language from your web language system.

Example: If country china or support Chinese language you need to be with china language or force to use default language.

The script is not working

i’ve added Countries and does not translating

add country and language in your folder languages then clear cache, then see again.

btw can you make a Facebook player for sharing from phpsound

Hello! You can better explain how to install the plugin?

I added the line in index.php, we added geo.php in public_html and the rest files in languages. And it does not work.

Sorry we provide support only for buyer purchases my product.


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Hi, the script doenst work, i’ve make like the installation file but, nothing change, it’s everytime in english, how to test it?


Send me your ftp login to check the solution, email:


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Look your email i have reply.