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hello its interesting, can you get me for phpsound sahring too??

Yes you can get, email me: bikengetz@gmail.com

Hi, you can make it youtubify?

Yes i make, email me: bikengetz@gmail.com


icsn Purchased

Hallo, I bought your product ” Auto Language Change by Country for Phpdolphin. “The translated page automatically on the basis that identifies from where the website visitor. It is yes a temporary solution because it can happen that, for example, in Germany, tourists from Greece and you then see at once the web page German language which they do not prktično.

OK, I’m going to nojemu problem. I bought phpdolphin concern is not bad just I have not enough knowledge, and then there is a problem here. In your instruction to write the code “require_once (‘geo.php’);” enter in index.php, my question is which line to enter the code? What is your index.php, or you can switch to index.php is located in phpdolphin? Where do you put geo.php?

greetings Vilko Segula

Look your email i reply.

Auto Language Change by Country for Phpdolphin.. there are some languages ​​together with the plugin??

What you mean?

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Is work in all version

Hi, your geo.php confuses me a bit since firstly most of the redirects have a turkish header location , then there is //Deutsch which means german but it handles the Netherlands and Belgium (NL + BE) so i guess you’ve meant Dutch then right? :)

Additionally the english points to the german header location.

Could you please rework your script properly and reupload again?

I think you have get mistake in installation, email: bikengetz@gmail.com

Send me your FTP LOGIN OR CPANEL LOGIN i can solve it.

Thank you

I didn’t asked for help to implement your script into phpdolphin, Could you just explain quickly why a lot of entries share one and the same header location? That’s it :)

Which support you need if you get mistake? i tell you to send me your ftp login to check your problem.