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Great Work Done !

Thanks meoknu

Great seller with nice support, good work! :)

Thanks AnaStudio

this is looks nice and efficient ;) GL

Thanks n2n44

how to make menu top and left same example.

how to change theme.

Okay, In the example.html file, you can find

<!- Bootstrap Theme ->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="bootstrap-3.3.5-dist/css/bootstrap-theme.css">
You can change this css file to other, to change theme. like
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootswatch/3.3.5/sandstone/bootstrap.min.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootswatch/3.3.5/lumen/bootstrap.min.css">
or your own design.

If you have a bydefault theme, then dont include this.

To include a top navbar you can clone default navbar script and remove radim class from it The default navbar script can be found here. https://bootswatch.com/superhero/ you can mail me at meoknu@gmail.com if you have any problem. Also, next update will release soon, with more features, fancy user-guide, and also with more examples


oh vary thank.

Hi there and thanks for your nice work. But there are a few issues with the css (I would provide line numbers if the file wouldn’t be minified to one single line):

+ width:calc(173px); Why do you use calc if there is nothing to calculate? My IDE (PHPStrom) reports this as error.

+ s box-shadow:none; (s followed by a tabulator and then box-shadow) Don’t think this is intended …

+ Could you please consider providing the css in a better readable form, not minified to a single line. Would make things easier for people using your menu.

Thanks for your time

Very Very thanks for your comment really appreciate. Now I have made updation, It will be approved by envato within 1 day. Thanks

Thanks for handling this so quickly! And nice that you provide an unminified version of the js file as well :)

Hi, is it possible to completely change the look of the menu via the css-files in the download?

yes you can add your own css, beneath the file

I’m having the same problem that Flyer53 posted about, with the fixed height. Only I don’t know how to make the change in the js that’s he’s referring to. Could you tell me exactly where and what the code is so that when I change the browser window, the height will match up?

I updated the file, it will be soon available, after envato approve it, issue is fixed now

Thanks for being so responsive (yes, that’s a joke)!

Another question: how/what do I change so that when you are changing the size of the window browser, the radim. navbar doesn’t automatically slide out? It seems that if your navbar is collapsed and you change window size, the navbar should stay collapsed.

Forgive me if my questions seems amateur since I’m just learning jquery.

I used that feature for responsiveness, if you want to ignore that, you can do so, by commenting the function windowResize

Right now when the nav bar is collapsed and I select a link to go to that page, the bar then expands. How do I keep it from jumping open every time I go to a new page? I’ve been trying to comment out various lines but no luck.

if you have disabled cookie interaction, then the state of navigation bar will not resist, you must enable cookie, so that when you go to next page, it will remain in the state where it was on previous page

I wonder how i can keep the menu side close by default even with a wide screen

give me your email ID please, so that I can send you the file with that configuration

Thanks for providing the mail id through my profile, check your email and let me know, if it works

Hi, good work with this navbar. I want the vertical navbar to be fixed, but adding the class radim-fixed does not work (this class actually does not exist in radim.css). Changelog states there is a fix in version 1.1, but when i download the items it still seems to be version 1.0.

awesome design work

I wonder how i can keep the menu side close by default even with a wide screen

Can you provide an extension to this template that will enable a logo or header div to appear above the sidebar similar to how it looks in preview mode with the envatomarket header above?

Hi Yes


This vertical bar is awesome! I’d like to extend it slightly by enabling a container above the navbar and main container as a logo header, exactly like the preview screen with the envatomarket header frame above your skin preview. Can you help instruct me on how to accomplish this with your current css?

you can do this, by simply putting the container of radim navbar below the header, Thanks

Hey, great product!

If I wish to toggle the navigation bar, I want it to completely disappear without showing the small (shrinked) navbar. How can I do that?

yes i can help you with it, please share the link where you have the navbar

Hi, look’s very cool, but could you fix the demo so I can decide and Buy? Thanks!

yes, okay I will add the demo within 6 hours,. sorry for my server issue