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i tested your demo apk by sending sms from sim1 to sim2 it forwards to sim3, if sim2 is switched off it does not works. it works only when sim2 turned on. will there be any update

Naturally, sim 2 must turn on because this application replies on mobile network, not Internet.


Is it possible to translate this app and make it RTL?

What do you mean RTL?

i want to use it in a right to left language

Which part of this application do you want to translate? All String is stored in a xml file. It’s easy to translate to other language.

Hi can you make it with admob

give me your email

mail sent

I will response you in 1 day.

hi i upload it on google play and when ever i try to install its gave me error that Authentication is required.You nedd to sign in into your Google account.

and im allready login into my account and i can install other apps but when ever i try its gave me forward sms its gave me error can you please advise whats wrong im doing

Yes i chnaged before uploading to google

i chnaged into com.fasi.forwardsmsauto

Hi, one question?

It’s easy to adapt this code to call a webpage (url is in the SMS text) when sms is recived and ring an alarm tone?.

And if call to website is successfully forward sms to another phone??

All the changes we make by me, but I want to know if with your code is possible and easy? (i’m not expert in android language).


Can this application forward only sms from number that we had selected ?

Yes, we need to set up phone number to forward to.


enyl Purchased

After download will be easy to import to Android Studio? Also, android 6.0 is supported?