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Am I correct in assuming that this also writes the “post.php” file?

With the email forwarder etc, etc.

Hi idaryl.

Sadly no, that is not correct. You are only able to get stubs for the insert and update statements in SQL . If you look at the last screenshot you will see the end result of the form you have created. The last two textareas are for the input and update statement. The script currently does not generate the post.php file for you.

This might on the other hand be a nice feature, fetching the data from the $_POST variable and generating the variables and the full statement.

Thanks for your time and comment.

Hello wecreateyou,

Currently this is not available. See the answer for idaryl please. Would this be something I should consider adding to the script?

Thanks for your time and comment.

...I bet you’d actually get a few more sales with an example.

Hello mate,

I agree! But, since it’s all made out of JavaScript with the help of jQuery the script is rather easy to copy. Could make a video though. Please view the screenshots in the mean while.

Could I use this to make datasearch box for my data that is in my search table. I am looking for a tool to make some drop down search box like a real estate property tool to search mysql database.

Theoretically it should work. let me know so I can buy it. Simply this should allow me to be able to make a custom search box of items in my database..

Hi there,

This script is a online tool for making static forms. The way you populate your select-boxes or other form input types are up to you but you can’t do it dynamically, at least not with the tool. You can setup the base form and copy the valid HTML generated by the script and modify it later. The script helps you to remember all the new (and old) attributes and options available when creating a valid HTML form.

In your case you can create the search input box but the search itself must be handled by you. The script only provides the HTML .

this does allow me to create a field to allow users to upload a document and send?

Hello hdean,

The Auto Form lets you create any type of field and set options and available validation rules but it only produce HTML code and PHP MySQL stubs. It does not provide the server side script (such as uploading a document to a server) but it provides the “File” form input field.

In short, you will be able to create a valid HTML form with a input type of a “File” but it will not magically upload your file to a server.

I keep getting the word “undefined” in the HTML code it creates. Is there a way to prevent that, even if some values are left blank?

Never mind. The problem was when I edited the code. I fixed it.

Does your form “upload” field support multiple files, and filtering ?


The auto form only handles valid HTML markup. Instead of remembering all settings this script helps you by point and click. If you choose to have multiple file support, then you can. But this script does not generate full PHP file upload support.

nothing is happening when i press the button ata the bottom to create the code? literally nothing. any ideas why.

Also nothing is happening when i click edit, for a item previously inserted.

ii am running directly from the downloaded folder so the jquery files are present, as they come with.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for writing to me and notifying me about this. In short I was using the latest jquery version from their site but didn’t update the code to match the changes they made. Therefor this error occured.

I have sent and updated the code to codecanyon and hopefully it will be reviewed and approved soon. If you can’t wait you can send me a email and I will send the files to you directly.

I’m sorry for this.

Can this create a hotel booking form that will show current date? I need a form that will work in WordPress text widget area.



The auto form only generates the HTML form elements based on the selection you make with the tool. If you look at the third screenshot you see how the end result looks like.

Hi, the index.html is for your role management plugin. Can you correct that please ? Thanks.

Hi again mate,

I looked at the bug you reported and noticed that it wasn’t just the index.html that was wrong, I think I managed to upload a older version of the script a few months ago. An update is being processed and will give you a heads up when you can download the correct files again.

As for your issue, check out this link, it might help you: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1184624/convert-form-data-to-js-object-with-jquery

Many thanks for your quick reply. What i meant was, instead of generating HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP with Master, do you think it will be easy to generate just a JSON (so just a PHP array with the fields that I will jsonified) ?

The Master script will help you validate the form, what you want to do if the form is valid or not is totally up to you. In other words, you are able to get the form fields (via $_POST) and jsonify it how ever you want. Let me know if I can help you further!

Hi, can we create conditional form elements with this one ?


You can show different fields based on a condition and get the effect I think you want but you cannot use the same field and change the form field type.