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Hi, and nice work. There are some few things which need to be fixed :

- Item name (Auo Audit instead of AUTO AUDIT) - Error on dashboard - Form Layout (specialy on Login) - AdminLTE logo while colapsing menu

Good Luck

Hello, thank you for your observations, can you explain all the problems step by step and i will fix them.

Where do you get the VIN information?

For testing the vin i use an internal algorithm, and chech if the vin it is correct. I get the brand and the manofacturer and the country. After this step i chech on multiple websites useing simple parser just to check if my info is correct. After this i select from my database. Model and brand. My database contains more than 120.000 cars with full description.

Hi there, so i bought the auto audit,

I need some adjustments and i would like to have this site run live

hello. write to my email:, all the things you need.

Thank you

Hi, may i know is database completed with all cars, make and model up till today?

will there be updates provided in future?


database is untill this year. it will be updated. i’m working at a new version.

This give wrong car model, i compared a big website for this, with same VIN on your website, and other website, and give different result.

Plus, there no informations at all like this VIN: 1YVHP80D175M46388

Which give ’’MAZDA 1000 – 1000’’ lol ?

And no other informations.

I will test this VIN. I am working at a new version of this app, more complex. An clone of Carfax or AutoDna with full repports.

Very Nice Work

Thank you very much.

Hello. When will be ready new version of your service? I want to see and buy it.

Write an email to , i will show you the new version of the script

i’m interested in AUTO AUDIT. we look for i plugin which tells us based on the vin which car it is. model, brand year, etc…

is there a way we can test the plugin

Demo 1 local database

Demo 2

Search this VIN: WDDHF5KB5DA728920 It uses Edmunds API will bring about 20 pages of car informations. Pictures and release date Vehicle tipe : Full options, standard etc, and every option that this car has Engine Car value. Service Mentenance Vehicle recalls User rating This script works only with North America database

Demo 3

Page has the following steps 1. The user enters vin 2. The application interrogates and brings some simple data (I used because it is the only one that brings information about motorcycle and scooter) 3. Client click buy button, then taken to the registration / authentication 4. If you login or register and be automatically generated proforma invoice. 5. If agree with this proforma client is sent to paypall 6. In client administration you can see the following: - Orders placed - Order status, pending, closed etc. - Download the pdf report - Can write a message directly from the website administrator - You can edit profile 7. The customer is notified by email when the order status change or when it you upload a new document

Admin The steps are as follows. 1. A client orders an report - This order is visible in customer orders - Orders can be filtered after open / closed / pending - Each order is associated with transaction id from paypal (if you look in paypal account and search by id you will se if the payment was accepted or asked for refound)

After the customer has paid a sum, you order with his details a report on Carfax, etc and pay them with the money allready recived from your client -After Receive response from Carfax

- You login to admin - Order status, (green or red button will warn you that command if you’ve already uploaded a pdf and in case you can have uploaded a pdf, you can view it) - After you save the PDF press Close order - At the moment the customer receives an email form - Congratulations Your report is ready, you can enter the website to download etc …. - The report can be attached in email

I will send demo only by email

When the next update?

Write to my email your all requirements and i will reply

Im going to wait until new version is released.

Hello bbnicu, Please can you check the server, LIVE preview is not working, If i purchase the plugin now will it be helpful or shall i wait?

i will check server,write to, with what you need

I have emailed you, once you start the server i can check the live preview which i already did last time and get it purchased.

Thank you.

And what is the question?

When trying to import the “ImportDB.sql” in the phpMyAdmin area I am going to the “Import” tab select the “ImportDB.sql” file from my hard drive leave everything “checked” that is already checked and selection and press “Go” and I get and Error… ”#1046 – No Database Selected”

[see full error below line]

SQL query:

— —Database: `carz2`

— —Structura de tabel pentru tabelul `ps_access`

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `ps_access` ( `id_profile` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, `id_tab` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, `view` int(11) NOT NULL, `add` int(11) NOT NULL, `edit` int(11) NOT NULL, `delete` int(11) NOT NULL ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 MySQL said: Documentation

1046 – No database selected

Can you tell me why I am getting this error?

Thank you,

Terry Armstrong email: skype: terryCarmstrong

Hi, give me database and ftp access and i will install it for you