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Hi, I posted on the forum. Keep getting Error: Invalid amount

Hello? Still no response


Thank you for purchasing our product.

We reply to each and every support request within 24-48 hours, except weekends.

We replied to your support forum post – please review.

Hello, is there a way to add a captcha form to this?

Hi dfdesignstudios

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We can provide general instructions on what you’ll need to do through the support forum – – or alternatively, we can add it for you as a custom development.

With (simple – I know some php) modifications, could I create an arbitrary number of information fields for the user to fill out and record all of them into a database when the payment is accepted? Also, any chance for support of WePay?

Hi brkaus,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

If you have basic PHP/MySQL knowledge – you should be able to do it. If you’ll have additional questions about this after the purchase – please use support forum Alternatively, if you’ll have issues with this customization – we can offer custom development services.

WePay – can only be custom developed at this time.

Thanks! Once I figure out my payment backend I’m in! Now thinking paypal as we are a 501©(3) non-profit and they have special rates. Were getting killed by our discount and processing fees at the moment.

Hi, i want take your services to integration of merchant and payment gateway ( American Express, Allied Wallet and ) for my web site and sub domain.

What is the services fee and how much time will take?

Hi sumancreative,

We received your email and we’ll reply within 24 hours with a quote.

Disappointed this payment form is not mobile friendly or responsive. This isn’t really something that is a luxury anymore and should be standard.

Thank you for purchasing our product!

Responsive functionality is on our list for next update. We’re working on Stripe Payment Terminal at the moment, which will serve as a blueprint for all other payment terminals. It comes with administration area, invoicing, 100% responsive layout, PHP5+ support and completely rewritten code, using OOP. As soon as that is done and ready to be deployed to CodeCanyon – we will move on to implementing other terminals on to the new platform and releasing it as an update to existing products.

Wow form doesn’t have CAPTCHA either despite a users reporting 6 months ago the form was being leveraged by organized crime groups to test credit cards for 1.00 transactions?

Response by developer is you can add the code if you want to?

As per our previous reply to you – the captcha will be added as part of complete system revamping later this year.

As for the adding code yourself – besides that, there are instructions explaining how to do it on the forum, in same post.

Regardless, thank you for your input on the forum and here in comments, we appreciate it!

Why did you have to add the drama “as per our previous reply” implying this topic has been brought up here before? This was my first post here about this topic. Also, after further research I found out this issue had been reported TWO YEARS AGO and you did not take action to correct it. Your company is totally irresponsible for producing and selling a form that you knew was being compromised by organized crime units to easily test credit card numbers. Also, both you and CodeCanyon could be held legally responsible by the credit card companies for knowingly being party to this. Totally ridiculous, no accountability.

Good news! An update was released for this product today – google reCaptcha integration was added as a quick update, instead of waiting for the revamped terminal.

I’ve lost the admin password. How can I set from MYSQL?

Hi arctic_ark,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

There is no administration in this product. Maybe you’re confusing it with some other product you’ve purchased ?

hi there! Is the terminal already responsive? that is the main feature for me now. Thank you!

Hi dino127,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortuantely, no, this feature is pending.

is there a way for the payment to be pending when it is captured… Then processed ?

Hi thorsky,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

You can change the method which is applied to the payments to pre-auth for example (through the code) – but then you’d have to capture the funds manually through interface, as there’s no option to automate the end of day capture with current functionality (would have to be custom developed)

Will this plugin work with a fidelity account with which I log in via

Hi renareiser,

You would have to confirm that with your account representative. Basically you need to ask them if you can use standard integration code or if you need something specific to Fidelity added in the code.

Thanks, I contacted them and they said that it was a regular account. I set up this terminal and got the following error:

Payment processing returned ERROR! This account has not been given the permission(s) required for this request.

Hi renareiser,

This error is coming directly from – not from our product. You have to contact your fidelity rep and sort this out with them/

For any other questions – please open support ticket at

Hello, When I try to process a card, I get this following error:

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; authorizenet_class has a deprecated constructor in /home/pmourra/public_html/ on line 39

and the sale got this error

Payment processing returned ERROR! Bill To Country is required.

even though i did select the country. Please assist.

Hi Peter,

Please open support ticket at and we’ll assist you further with this.

What is the command for extracting the Transaction ID when processing a ONETIME credit card sale? I’d like to pull that out and save it so I can store that ID into the database. Thanks.

Hi designsbycm,

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We’ve replied to your ticket earlier today – please review the reply in support system.

Has anyone got captcha to work? Something broken there.

Hi Franki,

We replied to your ticket 7 hours ago – please take a look.

hello. waiting for your reply.

And waiting…