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I would like to display detailed messages to the user when a transaction is declined. Usually the billing address zip code doesn’t match the zip code on their card, and they are told to “contact the website admin for help”. I would like to say it was declined because of a zip code mismatch. Please let me know how I can do this, this is a standard feature of other plugins.

Hi there. I’m unaware of this being a standard feature. I don’t believe this is a change necessary to be made to the extension. You could perhaps add this text to the checkout page manually. You might be able to make use of the `woocommerce_before_account_payment_methods` described by WooCommerce here to add the text.

Presale inquiry: Is this compatible with the Oxides theme?

This extension does not specify any styling so as long as Oxides theme supports WooCommerce, then this should work fine.

You haven’t updated this plugin in several months and WooCommerce is on version 3.0.1. When do you plan to ensure compatibility? I am hesitant to purchase this because you haven’t listed compatibility with WooCommerce version 3.x.

i have an issue with payment gateway / plugin . see attached, all orders are coming as cancelled .

this issue here :

Is the plugin prepared for the TLS Disablement Notice we are getting from Please advise. Thank you.

Hi there. It’s your server which needs preparing not the extension.

Hi. Somehow yesterday my woocommerce is not working displaying “We were unable to process your order, please try again.” I switch to PayPal gateway (form and is working. While i’m on is not … do you have any ideas?

Can you see what error you’re getting back from You should be able to see the reasons for failing in order comments.

Do you plan to update this software to be compatible with WooCommerce 3.x? What is the time line for that? I will purchase if the answer is yes and a reasonable time line is shared. Thank you -

Is there a sandbox mode in order to test functionality without linking to directly?

Hello, Something went wrong while performing your request. Please contact website administrator to report this problem. Why?

This plugin no longer works properly (after several years of solid service). When orders are placed the transaction goes through correctly to but the cart stored in the database has broken relationships to the products purchased. All items are $0 and I have to manually edit the order to add the purchased products back in. Orders made on the same shop and paid via paypal are working fine. Store is running latest WP 4.8 and WC 3.x.

No install files included with the download and no instructions on how to incorporate into WooCommerce?

Are you still supporting this Plugin? We need a little help, but it appears the last few comments have gone unanswered. Please advise.

Is this being addressed in an update? My error log is full of this error.

WC_AJAX::checkout, WC_Checkout->process_checkout, WC_Checkout->process_order_payment, denonstudio_authorizenet->process_payment, denonstudio_authorizenet->getAuthorizeNetRequestData, WC_Abstract_Legacy_Order->__get, wc_doing_it_wrong. This message was added in version 3.0.