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I have the plugin for WooCommerce installed and there is no credit card type option available in the dropdown.

RESOLVED: Needed to select the CC types in WooCommerce Settings-> Checkout-> AuthorizeNet

After installing, when I go to WooCommerce settings > Checkout and click on, there is nothing there. Only the “Save Settings” button shows. My theme (Flatsome) is up to date. I’ve uninstalled and re-downloaded, installed the plugin twice. No luck. Any ideas?

Working on a fix right now. It will be coming your way soon.

Thanks – the update appears to have fixed it


jchick Purchased

The settings page for the plugin is blank in my dashboard. I don’t see anything but a “save changes” button.

I’m working on a fix as we speak.

Can the plugin provide Authorization ID and Transaction ID from transactions in a way that I could capture in a sales report CSV? I’m using it in conjunction with WooCommerce’s “export order to CSV” plugin.

I emailed the file to – maybe in spam folder?

Sorry I didn’t find anything in my spam either. What is your email address?


sccr410 Purchased

I just realized I don’t need this plugin, can I be refunded?

WooCommerce settings > Checkout and click on, there is nothing there. Only the “Save Settings” button shows. Can you help me with that? ASAP please

how long I have to wait? what is your support email? I need solve this issue ASAP

There was a problem similar to what you describe for users who upgraded their WooCommerce plugin for which a fix was released. Did you try downloading the latest version of the extension?

I am getting this message: Something went wrong while performing your request. Please contact website administrator to report this problem.

I have looked at the detail notes and it gives me this message: Authorize.Net Credit Card Payment Failed with message: ‘The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder.

Now, when I switch to another woocommerce plugin, everything works fine. Could you point me in the right direction on what the problem could be here. I have switched transaction keys multiple times thinking that was the issues, but testing proved this was not the case. Testing also proved my billing address was not the case.


Hi, After a customer enters their credit card info and it is processing, is there a way to have a message that says “Please be patient. Your order is being processed.” OR have an hourglass or something other than the page going ‘gray’? Thanks

Hi there. The visuals of what the customer sees after they submit their credit card forms is managed by your WooCommerce theme and not by this extension.

Why are we getting the message “Something went wrong while performing your request. Please contact website administrator to report this problem.” Specifically when checking out with WooCommerce, and only on your plugin? The other two plugins require identical information, but don’t issue this error.

We paid for this, but I noticed that another user had the same error message over 17 days ago but you didn’t answer their question.

What’s the issue here?

I have reviewed the material and can not find anything within the file, a man page or FAQ that addresses the issue.

Let’s go ahead and get that refund please.

Hi there. I think you may have been looking at the wrong thing. What does the order notes say for failed payments which you say you’re getting?

Hi, I’m am taking on the responsibility of maintaining a website for my employer. I recently had to request a new access key from and now I am trying to make sure the payment gateway will still work. I am unable to update the access key in your plugin. When I go to the checkout settings and click on, I see no options to update or edit the plug in. Please assist.

Hi there. Your client must have updated their WooCommerce plugin which tends to break things in extensions. You simply need to update to the latest version of this extension which you can download from codecanyon.

How do I update without having to pay for the plugin again?

The person who purchased the item should be able to download it again from CodeCanyon for free.

I asked for a refund on this piece of software since we could not get it to work, I never heard back from Envato, so taking it up with PayPal.

Hi there – did you get in touch with Envato support? They have definitely given refunds to legitimate claims in the past.

Mine also still not working. install/uninstall done several time. no luck. error message,’ Something went wrong while performing your request. Please contact website administrator to report this problem.”

Then I chat with, they are asking me response string , where I find that. please fix ASAP

Hi there. You can see the error message from in order notes.

When the user checks out it does not show any payment type options. When the user hit the place order button the page errors “Invalid payment method.” then the payment type shows. Any ideas?

This usually happens because in the extension settings no card type is selected under `Accepted Cards`.

I have all the cards selected. I have tried selecting each card individually and the payment type never renders the 1st time.


dave196 Purchased

Good afternoon, I am getting the message: “ sandbox testing is disabled and can perform live transactions but the Force secure checkout is disabled; your checkout is not secure! Please enable SSL and ensure your server has a valid SSL certificate.” But have a my site encrypted with Let’sEncrypt – when clicking on the link, I am simply told “sorry but you are not allowed to access this page” – please let me know the requirements which I am not fulfilling –

Presale: Do you have the ability to save cards with this plugin? Evidently I mean usein’s API to tokenize/store the cards, and not store the cards on the server itself. If you CAN store cards, does it also store the 3,4 digit security code?

Thanks for the question. This extension does not support storing customer CC data on

I have the Avada theme and your plugin installed. I see a blank page and only the settings box. I have the newest version of Avada and Wordpress. Please help!

Do you have any plans to integrate Apple Pay with this plugin since Authorize.Net is now allowing you to connect your Authorize.Net account with Apple Pay?

Hi, I just installed this plugin and without modifications it seems like the css for the Expiration Month boxe is off as it is pushing the asterisk to the second line which pushes everything else down.

Hi there. The look of the payment form is actually determined by WooCommerce and your theme. If you look inside the code for the extension, it contains no styling.

Fair enough, thanks for the reply!

Does this plugin support validation livemode as well? Where the customers information will be transferred over to CIM and will charge and refund the customers card 0.01?

No I dob’t think this is the extension for the need to described.

Is this better than the one from WooCommerce site for $79?

Hi there, I am not familiar with the one sold from WooCommerce site. This extension is not advanced. If all you need is to accept simple credit card payments then this is fine to use.