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Same question as designcrumbs regarding the update after envato changes the api, please answer this question as it effects everyone using this plugin.

http://marketblog.envato.com/news/item-support-sustainability-authors-clarity-buyers/ http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/important-changes-to-item-support/140218

Jep! I’ll update the plugin once the API has been updated.

Nice, thanks :)

Looks like need to update API, can’t add new items

Just pushed out a update. (Auto update only, click “check again” in WordPress if you don’t see it)

Hey Philo! Any ETA on an update? As @OrangeIdea pointed out, looks like things aren’t working. I have users telling me they can’t register!

Just pushed out a update. (Auto update only, click “check again” in WordPress if you don’t see it)

Awesome. Thanks Philo!

What is the latest version # (I should have looked before trying the update), is it 1.1.7 ?

Nevermind, I see you updated the release log, thanks

Hi mate, thanks for the update. Is there a way though to get the updated files, without using the autoupdate as we don’t use FTP on our server … and well, would love to stay that way :)


Updated file on CC. You can now download the latest version from your downloads page. :)

Awesome man, thanks!

Hey Philo,

is this still maintained and updated regularly? Is it updated to work with the latest Envato API? I am interested to buy a license for my new support site.

The plugin is not updated regularly but it does work with the latest API version. (see changelog for more information)

Your plugin compatible with Envato new API or not ?

Just wanted to check, you’re still going to edit the plugin for the new API (so the plugin will only allow people in who have purchased support), for the new ThemeForest changes on Sept 1st? http://bit.ly/1MtGNj1


Is there any way to see information about paid support for items?


Hi! I am looking to buy this Plugin but before I have few questions: 1. Can this be used by Book Publisher where we can add daily sales manually of author books? And all authors got to do is loggin to their account and see there book sales status.. Right (can they do this) 2. Hope this plugin is supported my latest version of wordpress 3. Do you have live demo and how many authors can this support?

hello, i can not Activate AuthorHQ and you website not work http://authorhq.net/documentation/

can you help me?