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Can I see it in action?

Sure, see our Live Preview set up on a dummy WordPress website with only this plugin installed. Sign in using Username: guest Password: guestpassword

Can this be used with Easy Digital Downloads?

This plugin would work great with Easy Digital Downloads, it has been tested to work alongside it and could open your website up as a submit to sell marketplace :)

How long will it take to install and configure this plugin?

To install and set up properly with descriptions etc should take you less than an hour.

What kind of files can users submit?

By default the plugin always allows .ZIP and .RAR files as these are the safest you can upload and store on a server without causing problems. On the settings page however you can add any new extensions that you may require by writing them in a text box comma seperated, (for example: pdf,doc,docx).

Can a user upload a PDF using this plugin?

Easily, just go to the plugin Settings page and enter the word pdf into the “Allowed Extensions” option text box. By default without setting this option a user would not be able to.

How easy is it to install this WordPress file upload plugin?

Installation is just like any other WordPress plugin, just upload and activate! The documentation that comes with this WordPress file upload plugin explains the process very clearly and shows you what you need to do step by step to create a file upload section.

I want WordPress to allow users to upload photos & videos, will this plugin allow that?

You can change the settings so that the plugin will allow video and image file extensions to be uploaded in a matter of seconds. You could also ask your uploaders to submit videos and images in ZIP files similar to how the Envato marketplaces work.

Is this a WordPress video upload plugin?

This plugin can be used to upload video in WordPress, yes. The plugin can upload all sorts of media and files with ease.

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