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Hi , I want to buy this plugin but i am unable to login to see the demo, it says wrong password. Please fix it.

Hi. demo does not work. can u help please. thank u.

No matter what I do I can’t log on to see the demo. I got rid of the framework as you said to do. I want to see the demo before I purchase. I see yo had others tell you about this before and you still did not fix it. Not to good inn the customer service area right off the bat.

Thanks for nice plugin. Have a question, how I insert progress bar when user uploading file? Thanks:)

Can we insert kind of a progress bar when user uploading a file?

That is not included with this file submit plugin although it may be part of it in the future

How do I insert this plug in into my page?

Hi Cml0410, you should find a help file included in the folder of .zip you downloaded after you purchased with everything you would need to know in it. Hope this helps

Error establishing a database connection

demo not working

I think it must have been a temporary error as it seems to be working now, sometimes hosting companys restart the MYSQL server and it takes a while to come back on. Thanks for bringing it too our attention though :)

funny thing, i own a hosting company, and if they restart it you should literally only see a second or two of downtime …. may be time to find a new host :P

Hi – love the look of the product but I’m trying to activate the plugin, but getting an error:

“parse error in … author-submit/author-submit.php on line 815”

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Hi willdid, could you maybe give me access to back end to have a look? Email banging@extendpress.net, thanks

Hi – I just sent you an email. Thanks for the speedy reply!

Hello Bangingthemes :)

Really nice plugin, i’m testing it (and will rate it soon). I have a wish for an update please. I would like to get notified when an author submit a file.

for instance from the admin, i will enjoy to see a number on the right of submissions – (just like we have close to -plugins when some updates come out.) it is an easy catch eyes to say to admin… hey! somebody submit something. May you take this wish into consideration please ?

Nice job ! Thank you very much !

Hi ejapan, sorry for not getting back sooner. Yeah sure we will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion

Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!

seems like the demo is broken…

also are the files secure per user or can everyone see them?


hi , i need more screenshot who show it to visitor?