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LuanMuniz does not currently provide support for this item.

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What does this do?

With the plugin Author Post Counter, you will be able to easily manage the amount of articles written by each author to your wordpress. With a simple table you visually displays the number of articles for each author.

The Author Post Counter, also add a widget to your dashboard with the data of the current month, highlighting the users with administrator permission!

Some features

  • Widget on Dashboard
  • Filter by Year
  • Filter by Role
  • Highlight for Administrators
  • Ready for translation
  • Paging through a filter
  • Gravatar for users

How can i see the counter?

On the dashboard menu, go to Users > Author Post Counter

Why my user are highlighted?

For better control of your users Author Post Counter highlights all users with administrator permission

How do filters work?

Just above the users table, there are two drop-down lists. The first with all the years since the first post, the second with all existing permissions on your WordPress.

To enable the filter, simply select the year and the permission that you want or only one option and click the Change button. You can even use two filters together!

What is including in the count?

The count includes all posts, pages and other Custom post types you have in your WordPress and are published. It excludes from the count, posts that are in the trash, reviews, attachments, and scheduled posts.

I want to change the code, where is that feature?

All the plugin code is commented. Feel free to make any changes it deems necessary, but if you make any changes, let me know, so maybe I can include your changes in the next version, so all users can use this change as well!

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