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I have so far counted 143 articles, that can be seen in the Dashboard section as well. However the Author Post Counter is showing less number of articles (137). Do you know why?

Without seeing your dashboard i cant say, but maybe its one of this: - The Author Post Counter don’t count unpublished posts; - The counter usually get a period of time and this posts are not in it. Let me know if it is one of then!

Silly plugin, it doesn’t tell what does first line for and what is second line for?

Read the documentation

Ola Luan, comprei seu plugin, era o que eu precisava, porem preciso desligar as opções de contagem de palavras, e não funciona, quero deixar apenas contagem de post. Como faço ?

Ainda não temos a funcionalidade de retirar a contagem de palavras. Porem já anotei isso aqui para uma das features da próxima versão!

Ok, vc tem uma data estimada para isso ? Nos screenshots do seu plugin não tem a contagem de palavras, então foi por isso que eu comprei. Será que não teria como vc deixar a tela de contagem de todos os autores no widget de entrada ? O que eu preciso é que os autores vejam as postagem por mês, aqui é uma escola cada professor precisa fazer (no minimo) uma postagem por mês, e seria otimo se ao entrar no admin do wordpress a lista de todos fosse mostrado. Muito Obrigado

Não tenho uma data estimada para a próxima versão. Mas me envie um email pelo formulário de contato na sidebar do meu perfil que eu posso te enviar uma versão do plugin sem a contagem de palavras.

This is a presages question, i have more than 29K articles, the plugin works with that many articles? thanks

Yes, it will :) If you have any problem, just let me know! Im here to help!

Hello, i am your recent customer. Please update your plugin. because if i active your plugin, some menus on plugins management is lost. we can’t update / active / delete many plugin anymore.

Remove the last line in the author-post-count.css file and you will be able to fix the bug.

I’m sending an update at this moment.

The update is live, you can download at your Download section :) Thank you for reporting

thanks so much.

In May, if I use the filter from “All Posts” tab I get 2,138 items… but if I add all the results that I get from Author Post Counter I only get 2,100 … none on my Items is unpublish items

Without seeing your dashboard i cant say, but the plugin exclude revisions and drafts too, maybe thats the reason. Are you searching for a specific Post Type or something like that? Can you give me more details? If you want you can contact me by email using the form at my profile.

I’m thinking of getting this plugin for my site, chiefly for the widget, Yet, I have a few questions that I couldn’t find the answer to before I can make a decision if this will be useful for what I’m looking for.

I have some custom made user ids. Will these user ids show up in the widget? Is there a way that I can include and exclude certain user roles to the widget? Also will the widget show the number of all time posts rather then just within a certain month or year?

Thank you!

Also, Is there any plans on updating this for WordPress 4.3?

Hi, About the Custom ID’s. This plugin Read the user database from WordPress. If you are using the default users with a additional field for this custom id, then Yes, else, No. About the Roles filter, yes you can, and you can determinate a period of time to it too.

Will it work in Wordpress 4.3?

Can I use this plugin for WP JOB MANAGER?

I never tested this plugin with WP Job Manager, but if it use the WordPress users for its own, it should work.


I have purchase your plugin. I’m afraid that block my WP Dashboard. It’s working though but I’m getting: plugins/author-post-counter/author-post-counter.php on line 29

Can you please fix this?

Nice work BTW :)


Thank you!

Can you send more details to me via email? Can you use the form in my profile?

Thank you


Send me your email please. I can use the form in my profile but it’s not working well. It doesn’t remember setting to see the role of the stat viewers for example but if I click on it and select then is working.


Hi Luan, is possibile export in csv or excel? Or have a sum by mounth or week?

These option doesn’t exist yet.


I downloaded your Author Post Counter plugin, but it isn’t working. I get the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function split() in /home/admin/domains/ Stack trace: #0 /home/admin/domains/ apcTableLista->acpSelectYear() #1 /home/admin/domains/ apcTableLista->apcFilters() #2 /home/admin/domains/ apcTableLista->extra_tablenav(‘top’) #3 /home/admin/domains/ WP_List_Table->display_tablenav(‘top’) #4 /home/admin/domains/ WP_List_Table->display() #5 /home/admin/domains/ PostCounter->apcCounterPage(’’) #6 /home/admin/domains/ in /home/admin/domains/ on line 176

What is your PHP version? That function was deprecated in the last version. I will send a fix for this in 24h

Done. It’s waiting Envato approval.

The plugin is not working. I;ve put the setting to month, 50 authors a page, post type post but when you click on the counter, it doesn’t count

Would it be possible nothing to show any authors with 0 post

Hi. It’s hard to understand what is happening via comments. Can you send me an email using the form at my profile?

Hi, I did not get your email. Is the problem still happening?

Pre-sales question. This plugin support multisite? Count the child site post.

No, this plugin does not support multisite

Hi, this plugin is still broken, will there be an update soon to fix it? I’ve sent multiple emails and still no reply.

Hi dairehardesty, I did not receive any of your emails. Can you send me more details via Thank you.

Hi, I didn’t get your email. Is the problem still happening?

Hi, I didn’t get your email. Is the problem still happening?

The “PHP Compatibility Checker” plugin shows that your plugin isn’t compatible with PHP7. Something about apc-table.php :

176 | ERROR | Function split() is deprecated since PHP 5.3 and removed since PHP 7.0; use preg_split instead

Is this really a problem, which can be addressed in a forthcoming update, or is it a false positive?


Hm. Nope, it’s only showing up to version 2.1 when I download the plugin. I’m actually doing the work for CodeCanyon member kolfage, who is the one who purchased your plugin.

You are right. Just sent an update to Envato. In a few days you should be notified that the new version is available. Let me know if you have any troubles. Sorry for the confusion.

Sweetness! Thanks, Luan. :-)

Hi man,

Is possible create total views for authors insted count posts??


Sorry, the plugin counts the amount of posts in the database, not visits.


i have ideat for developer your plugin.

1- you can make TOP author widget (pagewiev) 2- Number of pagewiev in the last 1 month

Thanks for the suggestion, i will take into consideration!