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Hi ! Can i use this to show a different page for every loged user ? Thanks.

Are you referring to ACL? Different pages for different type of users? Or Personalized page for each user?

Personalized for each user. E.g. Wiew of my acount, bills, messages…

You can use dynamic data for each user. No issues with that!


i have bought your script i add one user, it’s works fine but after impossible to add another user i have the message ”’Registered Sucessfully | You may now use our services” but no line creaye on database


Can you be a little more detailed.. Do you encounter any errors?


I followed the instructions step by step, however I need your help because there is something wrong or simply doesn’t work on my website. Can you check it and verify where is failure?


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Hello HBDC, I couldnt see any login links in your Website currently. Could you guide me

I followed all your instructions and I added this on index.html top :

<?php require ‘login_check.php’; ?>

You can see on the source code: view-source:

Also, I have this link:

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You can’t add a php tag to an html file.. rename the file to .php


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when my session expire, i log again and i am at the beginning of my site

is it possible to go back exactly where i was before the deconnexion to continue my work


You need to store the state in database for that particular user. And when he logs in again check for any such data and redirect him to continue the work. You can use this logic to achieve what you are trying.

BTW sorry for the late reply.

Good day my friend, I need help creating the mysql event to remove the expired password recovery records.

We can write a CRON Job to remove the same after a fixed time period

Please can you show me how to do the CronJob


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Hello! When im logged in i still can open register or login page, Can u help me with information like “You are already logged in”.