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Hi guy, do you have Android version ? It’s so pretty good.

No, sorry

Hey! Looking to buy. Is there any way to make the app open mp3’s that you find in mobile Safari. Like downloading music onto the app for offline listening?

Is it easy to implement Multipeer Connectivity into this? I have it built out i just need to see if I can integrate!

Hi, Sorry if you have answered this already: I would like to load the app with tracks, so that when the app user downloads the app it come with tracks that I have put in it. Can I do this with this app? Also have you any pans for social media buttons? Thanks!

.... Can I do this with this app? YES

Also have you any pans for social media buttons? No


Hi I have A good question. Have a way to add a sound on back like effect so when i play my music they play the effect on back. The effect is another extension like .aac but both sound play together.

Hi I need a custom music player for IOS If you are interested,please contact me on management@playmee.org Payment will be done before you give me the code.

add me on skype facebook:ankit.ishu.7

I see that there is a way to have users download the app with audio built into it. Is there a way for them to log in and only have certain audio tracks downloaded to their device?

Yes, but this is another project. ;)

Hi, great app I purchased immediately! However, I just had a bit of trouble trying to use it and I get this error: http://imgur.com/zbHHc7p

How can I correct this?

Thanks in advance

Open the workspace file, or update the pods (www.cocoapods.org) library

Purchased this item yesterday, I’m getting compiler errors… (https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0bs1najwpybeb3/AudioPlayer.png?dl=0)

Please advise?

Hi gjd-media, open the xcworkspace file and not eh xcodeproj

i have one question about your player.

whether your player will remember the playback position or not?

such as,one end user play A song in 00:30 position,and then this end user play B song in 00:15.

when this end user play A song again.whether the player will continue to play from 00:30 or not?

hi; i bought your app , but there are some issues: 1- how can i play songs i want to embedded inside my app (like my music band) Not from iPod library 2- why it is not working in iPad as it suppose (you said in the comments it is play well in all devices) Thank you very much


I would like to purchase the app it looks good but i have one quastion can i stream the music from my server or dropbox or Wordpress backend only ?

Is this iOS 9 ready?

support iOS 9?

Hi a little question. if the user already have music on his iPhone music app downloaded on his iPhone. This app will play that music? How the user add music? with iTunes? Thanks

is it working on latest IOS ?

Dear Developer, Referring to your app code I got some issue in implementing your app, so it would be appreciate if you please solve this issue.

1. how to create iOSAudioPalyer object? 2. thre is no properties and methods to play music so how can play music?

Best Regards, M. Tabrizi

I have asked my question but not response yet