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Can this Audioplayer be used to play music built into the app, for example a meditation music app?


Yes. Audioplayer works with music in your device. Use the ipod-library.

currently getting this issue, can you help please?

ld: library not found for -lPods-Audioplayer clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Open “Audioplayer.xcworkspace” from Xcode

I’m having a UI issue and can’t seem to find out how to fix it. There’s a blue rectangle in the album artwork. See this image capture:

Thanks for the reply, about how quick does the update become available to download once you publish it on Codecanyon?

2 days. I think.

Hey! Thanks for the credit. ;) I will try the update later today.

first, thanks for this awesome work,

second. how can i play songs from online plist file..

hi iMokhles, thank you for your thanksgiving ;) Sorry, but the application works only with ipod-library. If you want to make it with a plist file, create your plist file and load it into a mediaitemcollection. The work is no so hard, in one day you can finishing the work. Bye. p

soo great, yeah it will be easy now i just thought it support it, any way i made it already ;) with some modification

Thanks again.

can I use playlist or sets??

No. Sorry

Hey! I’m loving the new update, while testing it out I’ve found another bug. :3 If you add every song from the device to the app, select one from the UITableView to play it in the player, it will stall and eventually crash the app after a few seconds. Not sure what’s going on.

I’m more than happy to send you a crash report if you need it.

Hi justinheintz, is now available the new update 1.3 Bye

Too bad the app can’t play songs from a directory stored online (for example : ! Could have been perfect for me… :crying:

I’m interesting in purchasing your app.. Is it possible to make it stream from Soundcloud? Or do all the songs have to be stored on the phone.. Basically i run a music provider on youtube and soundcloud and want to be able to have the songs from soundcloud send to the devices that are on the app.. is this possible?

Hi conner_nudd10, thank you for your interest in Audioplayer. Audioplayer is not a cloud player. The source code explain how to integrate a complete player audio (like apple player) in your device. The app works with you ipod-library Sorry.

Hey, can I make the app bypass the song selection thing and just make it load the whole music library (Like the default music app)?

yes, but you need to do an application with this function, create the database, ...etc.


Is it possible to use it as Radio app ? I’m using Icecast2, and’s api for picture.

Hi Thom4s, To make it, you need convert the web service into a MPMediaCollection, and use it to play the songs on the player ;)

Do you provide custom work ? Sure I will pay you.

Hi Th0m4s, write me an email to p

It is possible to put mp3 in a directory any play only this mp3s?

Hi Danielmm1997 The audio player play all type of music. You need change the tableviewcontroller to use a local directory. p

Hi! i just purchased this and getting a bunch of errors when i build. ( ) I tried to open both Audioplayer.xcworkspace and Audioplayer.xcodeproj and neither one works. I have the Cocoapods installed, do i need to set any path or something? I tried everything and can’t get it working. Thanks for your help!!!

I had publish an update try it

Will this be updated for iOS 8 and iPhone 6/6+ any time soon?

Hi hipcheckce i will release the update for iOS8 in the mid of next week.

Hi,Can you make a custom music player for me? Basically I have an android app,I want it’s copy, My budget is max 150$, I will provide all the images of buttons etc. Please let me know if you are interested.

Hi rixxx222, i don’t developing for Android. Sorry

I want an IOS version of my android app. You will make IOS app.

ok. Give me the link to download your app.

Does this work for iCloud songs?

No, sorry

hello I can not to publish the application on app store

You can publish the app if you buying the extended licence. Bys

yes I bought the extended license, I need help please the published

What’s the problem to upload?

hello , thanks for your great idea. i recive this masage : clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) what can i do ? best regards

Have you open a xcworkspace file? ;)

Hi, will this be updated for iOS8? thanks

The Audioplayer works great with iOS8

I find it really strange why I need to select songs from my ipod library. Why does it not just read the library and I can load via song, album or even just play a pre-defined playlist.

Basically everytime I want to use the app I need to do this stupid thing of pre-selecting songs. That’s a bad user experience. Wasted my money on this.

Hi mrschwartz, the audio player is an application that can explain how to integrate the full player features in your app (with code).

Work with headphone funciton, and much more. I’m sorry, but this is not a full application but is very simply to integrate in your app. ;)


I would like to know if is possible to submit this app the the app store (after re-skining).


Hi MKoczwara, if you buy the extended license you can publish the app to Apple Store