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I am interested in purchasing this music player but was wondering if it offers continuous playback feature? Please let me know! Thanks!


Just got this item, and really not happy with it.. it’s not working!

I bought your musicbox last night its great. I have a Wix website and i have no clue how to install it. Could you PLEASE help me with this? Thanks

Great coding.. work out perfect for me.



I have a prepurchase question. For the album art, do I need to do anything special to my audio files like name them specially or do i just provide a link to the album art from somewhere? Also what formats does the app support?

Album art is stored as metadata on the mp3 file

“Last updated: 13 February 14” and all the files included have datestamp 2010 or earlier…..weird!!

Due to html5 restrictions, this player requires both mp3 and ogg files for each song. There are many FREE applications that convert file types.

I have another player and it works only with mp3 files. Can you update your player to play only mp3?

Hey there, can I set it up so that it loads in grid view first?

Compatible on Iphone soon ? as a html template ? i am looking for something like that but compatible with iphone ?


Can I load a playlist with json dynamically?

Thank you, László

Hello, Just bougt the script and is working fine. Just one question is there a way to force a jpg cover?

I’ve found the answer of my question. thanx

How can I move the thum-title to the top or bottom of the thumb instead of the center?