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Hello, I am using a soundcloud url but the player is only showing 43 tracks. how do I show all of the tracks?

For example. Soundcloud profile has 2,000+ likes. Only 30 are appearing in the wall.

No, there is no limit.

Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your live webpage

Thanks. Message sent.

If there are some tracks that are stuck at loading 4% the waveform, is this related to the pagination issue that will be fixed on the next update? I noticed tracks towards the bottom never load the waveform and it’s stuck on Loading 4%.

Answered on your email.

Please, help me Audio Waveform Player with Playlist WP Plugin Can’t load and run media from Google Drive I had input value: Google API Key, ID, Secret

My Purchase codes: 4f547978-eb7c-4cc4-a01f-8b77a3b4fa58

Thanks for Help


In Preset manager, Google Drive API key is required.

In Playlist manager, when adding media, follow the instructions in help documentation for Playlist manager / google drive media.

If it still doesnt work, send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with detailed description of a problem and a temporary user and password for your wordpress admin panel so we can have a look at the issue.


Pls, support for my issue Purchase codes: 4f547978-eb7c-4cc4-a01f-8b77a3b4fa58 Support for Audio Waveform Player with Playlist WP Plugin I was post issue form 23-July-2017

My status: 1. Product don’t connected and run media (mp4, mp3) from Google Drive Athrhough, I was config true from Google: API Keys: AIzaSyBIYG4DpszhOBgDT06PzJQYbQ4j_gjrSJc

Outside Other: Customer ID: 108821806445-1g3j3r8vbtfq8fk6k9riqfjefmfenl37.apps.googleusercontent.com Customer secret code: 1_GUVR4BooB7WjCKpqUFcIeK Google drive folder ID: 0B3bNEKCaQ5i6S1JsZ2JEMVBrRzQ 2. Default theme for product very simple, not fashion Pls, help me for update other theme 3. Web Site Admin Console for checking: http://hanhtuu.com/wp-admin User: ansu Pass: vietngoc

I have replied to your email.

how do u setup song download?


Inside Admin Playlist manager / Add media window, there is a “Download url” field where you can link a file that can be downloaded foo specific song.


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I sent you a new email I installed on a fresh wordpress install and waveform does not load.


I have replied.

Hello. Nice plugin. I do not want a song download option or any social media share buttons on my music player. How do I disable/remove those elements from my player? Thank you.

I have nothing set in those fields, and yet the download and share icons are visible (see screenshot comp below).


It was not possible to hide share icons from the player thus far, only download and link icons. However I have not decided to add this option into the admin Preset Manager (useShare).

I am not sure why it doesnt hide download icons if you dont have download url set for media, this works on my test side, maybe just the code on Envato was not up to date.

I have uploaded new this update to Envato now for a review.

The new update fixed the issues! Thank you!


I just purchase the plugin and Im trying to create a playlist from a ftp folder in my hosting. Im avaible toplay song that are 3 min long but im trying to use the plugin for DJ mixes and it seen it stay loading and does not play mixes from DJ whish are at least 15 minutes. Can you help me with this.




Can you show me link to your page?


Hi, I’m interested in buying your plugin. Before 2 questions: 1- Is it possible to feed a playlist from a folder on my ftp? 2- Is it possible to have statistics of audio downloads? Thank you

Hi, I do not know if you explain the point 1 well. I do not want to create a playlist with audios inside my worpress, I want to read playlist from an ftp directory. For example from this url http://www.radiomarcabarcelona.com/media/ it’s possible? Thank you

No, you can only read a folder of mp3 files that are uploaded inside wordpress upload directory.

HI, I created a folder under /wp-content/uploads/awp-mp3/test, i add it in the playlist manager. i can t see is the mp3 file are uploaded into the player ???

Is this wordpress default theme with all 3rd party plugins deactivated?

when i tried it late at night (since i have customers using my music) i deactivate all plugins and kept only yours


1. switch to default wordpress theme

2. deactivate all third party plugins (plugins that do not come with default wordpress theme)


Hello, I am interested in buying your plugin, I have a question: I want to use it to create a playlist. and I would need you to read the audios from a directory on my FTP. It’s possible? Thank you

It would be possible in a short time, to count the downloads that an audio has? thanks

No, there is no download counter.

Hi I made a player and noticed the scrolling is too fast. Do i have too many songs in the player? https://copperpocket.com/drum-less-tracks/

i have 2,500 songs in it. is there way to slow down the scrolling?


You shouldnt have that many songs in the playlist, its simply overkill. Taking long time to load. Maybe you should load 100 or so songs, then add a method to load new playlist or add tracks into the playlist on runtime. Check api section in help documentation.

Scrollbar being used in this:


But if you want to try to adjust scrolling, maybe these settings can make a difference:



mouseWheel:{ scrollAmount


Search for this inside plugin main jquery file:

             theme:theme || settings.playlistScrollTheme,
                 normalizeDelta: true,
                 deltaFactor: 50,
                 preventDefault: true
             keyboard:{enable:false},//sortableTracks will override this!
             advanced:{ autoExpandHorizontalScroll: true }

Hello, I want to purchase your player but I wan’t to repeat per song how do I do this. I have a choir that needs to practise songs but it would be nice if the people could listen the same version of the song over and over. So a repeat function but not on the playlist but per song.


Yes, such option is included:


I just updated this plugin to your new version and…the per-track download option and social media sharing features are still not switchable on/off options. Please advise. Thank you.

I have just tested with default reset and playlist of mp3 files. Mp3 file does not have share or download url set and icons are not visible.

Hello. When I click on one of the songs in my playlist, it does not begin to play till I then/also click the play button. One mouse-click should be enough. Please advise. Thank you.


This is only the first time on first song. Once this happens only one click is required to proceed to another playlist item.


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Can you give some details on what the “Playback Speed” option is? Is it similar to transcoding / tempo change on the fly during playback?

Hi there, I bought your plugin but it doesn’t seem work properly. It looks that the waveform isn’t well placed. Look at this image https://ibb.co/fj0Ex7



Can you send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to you page, and a temporary user and password for your wordpress admin panel so we can have a look at the issue?