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Hi! Is the plugin “Audio Player with Playlist V2 WP Plugin” compatible with SoundCloud and https protocol on website? Thank you


Yes, it is compatible.

Hi. Is it possible to create a single player with download button instead of the volume button? Like the one you show here but with download button at end of player instead of volume. I also want a flat appearance instead of curved – is that also possible? thanks for such a flexible player! pete http://www.interactivepixel.net/ccAudioPlayer/index_classic_single.html

I deleted the plugin and reinstalled it but the problem is still there. When I click Preset Manager – it seems to show the old preset I created for maybe 1/4 second before it collapses away. But then it prompts me to add a new preset – but when I create and name the preset – and press ADD nothing happens. its frozen. Seems like a serious bug to me.

We have answered your email.

Have sent a reply to your email. Look forward to any news on this issue.

Hi, is posible to add “add a cart” button to the player?

Is it possible to play YouTube videos (without the need to see them)* in the following styles?

Circular version

Modern examples

Horizontal scrollable thumbnails

Wall example, circular thumbnails

*That is, just see the thumbnail of the video ( “hide” the video) and listen only the audio of it.

Google drive is loaded in batch (multiple files at once), so if the link existed, same link would be applied to all files.

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Ok, thanks for your suggestion.

I just purchased this plugin and when I installed it and go to presets, the page appears blank. I emailed you. Whats going on?

I just tried installing it on another web host and same issues so I don’t think its wordpress/hosting providers issue.


We have replied to your email.

Hello, I just bought the audio player (Both version on mistake PHP and WP). My question is if there’s a way in the WP version to specify absolute paths to the MP3’s as I want the music folder to not be accessible externally and the music folder exists prior the web root. Thank you.

In what field are you changing this color?

I did Icon rollover color, Playlist item active background color, Volume progress color, all changed to green when it happens.

Do you have show preset enabled when you do these changes? (is your preset visible in admin)

Hi there,

I’m very interested in your plugin, but there is a mandatory feature which seems not available yet : continuous playback (but not in a popup).

What I expect to do is to put an audio player in my footer, in which people will be able to choose a playlist and play it. But when browsing the website, the song should continue from where it was just before the page request.

Do you plan to add a such option?

Oh, one more question : is it possible to add the “playlist selector” in all your designs? I’m asking because we see this selector in the first demo, but which seems not included in the others?

This could be achieved with iframe, but you have to do this on your side, have for example one main frame for your page to display in, a small frame for the audio player.

Playlist selector could be added with other presets manually, you have to copy html and css for playlist selector from other demo and paste it into preset you need.

Hi,is the plugin support crossfade between tracks?

Hello and thanks for your interest!

Unfortunately crossfade is not supported.

I’ve set up the player on a practice site and it’s working lovely thank you. I’ve done exactly the same thing on a site in a subfolder – the “show preset” is working beautifully – but when I take the short-code and put it on a page, It isn’t working – it’s blank with a kind of moving progress bar in the top right corner. Any ideas?


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your webpage, I would like to have a look at this.

Will do thank you

How can you control the aspect ratio of the images? When I first go onto the preset the image is “squished”, then moving onto another track or even back to the first it sorts itself out and shows correctly.

There is no control over aspect ratio but image thumbnail should automatically be resized when image is loaded with a call to doResize function in javascript.

Could you see the problem on the website?

I have replied to your email.

Before buying: Is it possible to get the “Artwork Example 7”-style with buy-buttons for each song in the playlist (playing from soundcloud links)?


Each playlist item can have a web url link, but you will need to add the css for the link icon yourself in that demo (you can try copying this css from other demos).

Hello I bought the first version of its plugin and it had a tiny “flaw” in it. Where pagination was not generated in playlists, for example:

I create 1000 playlists, how does this on the management page?

How amazing is his willingness to perfect it. I have a good reference to help you:


I use this plugin to download the youtube videos on my site and the pagination of it is very good.

If you need him to see and study how everything happens, I can send him to you.

If you are interested, I’ll send it to you in private.

Ok, thanks.

Hi Tean, I purchased the Audio-Player-with-Playlist-V2-plugin yesterday. Now I need support to make it work with my wordpress site. Is there a support line I can call? or can you guide me to create Playlist, pulling the mp3 files from my Google drive. I cánt create preset list either. Please help, Thanks much, Annie (714) 858-8704


Tean Author

Can you click Add preset button?

I can, I was able to putin the Title then select Preset . But when I click on Add preset nothing happen.


Tean Author

Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a temporary user and password for your wordpress admin panel so we can have a look at the issue.


Does this plugin support widgets?. I like the features of this player but not sure if how easy it is to use. Would it be possible to get a free trial to see how it works?.

Please advise.. Thanks for your help..



Tean Author


Widgets are not supported. You could place some demos in text widget with a use of this: add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’);

Trial is not possible unfortunately.

can i embed inside light box ?

Can you show an example how can i use callbacks functions , what is the instance , the preset id or its name ?


Tean Author


There is no lightbox option unfortunately.

For the api examples, we have the part in documentation in Api section ( How to use api methods in wordpress post? )

Callback are located in new.js file, you could use them from there. Preset id / name is the same as in api example provided.


Tean Author

I can provide new example if you give me more details.