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A few quick questions for you:

1. it is possible to have a thumbnail included when sharing to Facebook? If so, I have missed how to do so.

2. it is possible to include a default initial sort for the playlist items? In other words, Chronological (order as added to playlist) setting vs Alphabetized. In other words, I want to relieve my site visitors of the need to click to sort alphabetically before they start listening. This would seem like a simple and desirable addition to the Preset Settings window.

3. I’d like to increase the fixed height of the player window so I can display quite a few more selections without them having to scroll first. How is this accomplished?

4. I’d like to remove Google + and Tumbler from the Social Sharing selections. Also, how might I add something like Send to Email or Copy Link to the Social Sharing instead?

Thanks for that. I have made the app public now, so you ought to be good to go. I tried to share to Facebook again, and still no thumbnail. And I don’t know where to enter the default content that appears, either.

Can you send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a temporary user and password for your wordpress admin panel so we can have a look at the details.


Hi Tean,

Somehow my comment was deleted. Purchased July 30, License starts with e774 and ends with 10dd.

Would like to track play/pause events in Google analytics, but can’t find the exact css class/id for the button.



How does your google analytics code looks like with hap-playback-toggle button?

<script> jQuery(function ($) { $( document ).ready(function() { $(“.hap-playback-toggle”).on(“click”, function(e){ var id = e.target.id; ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Download’, ‘album’); }); }); }); </script>

Callback example: https://paste.ofcode.org/6b8WfQdPxYcpY5CqhmQbnN

Details what each callback returns are listed in help file.


dkod Purchased


Iwould like to develop a custom JS function to load a specific playlist and read a specific song of that playlist.

I just noticed that the new.js file is obfuscated so I can’t understand how the plugin works.

Could you send me the unofuscated file and/or tell me how to write such a function ? This function needs two parameters the song position in playlist and the playlist ID.



Look for source code in misc/js folder.



dkod Purchased

Thanks a lot, works great so far ! And found a really simple way to achieve what I want by just reading the documentation.

hi there, i want to have two players with different playlist, i.e. player 1 has playlists: a,b,c & player 2 has playlists w,x,y. how do i do it?

waiting for your answer.

thanks very much.

rgds, khaled


Inside Preset Manager select preset, then active playlist, then get shortcode:


Hi again,

I want to know how to add audio files in my playlist. I have 4 audio files, but I only hear/view 2 audio files.


Thank you so much, Albert

I dont see anything wrong on your page, it loads on my side without issues.

Hi again,

I’m really upset because I can’t fix it,... All people can’t watch Audio Player with Playlist V2 WP correctly their first time.

Is present settings correct? https://snag.gy/6hXPE8.jpg Can I use the CSS editor to customize the appearance? Can I preload or refresh Audio Player with Playlist V2 WP? https://snag.gy/Vo8U7T.jpg


These settings have nothing to do with this.

I have checked you page and it loads properly on my side.

Have you cleared you cache?

Post your website link in the forums and ask if the page loads from the start: