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Good luck with sales

i change information but dont save.what??

What is info do you change? Do you click Save button on top to save info to file?

for example title or artist.i clicked on save button but dont save.my phone note4 android 5.1.1

Please send me your audio file to email lupx.hcsv@gmail.com. Thanks

Nice app. Good luck.

Hello I’m interested in the application Can I change the images and language Is there a problem with the publishing Google Play in several languages?

Yes, of course, you can customize and publishing to GP.

Can you add support to include a button to search for lyrics for an specific artist that is currently playing… it will be easy with the tags in place.

video tutorial please?

You must update your build tools to version 23.0.0 rc2 or go to app/build.gradle and replace buildToolsVersion with existing version on your computer.

video tutorial installation this source, please share…

Do you have iOS version ?

No, it only have Android version.

do i use your icon for publish in android play store ?

Yes, feel free to use it

I installed the demo version and tried to edit any file – i added a comment but when i click save it does not save …

I have already update source code and fix bugs can’t save comment and can’t save blank value. The remain feedback “after saving the editted…” That isn’t bug, I want users can continue edit their file. It only close when users press back. You can easily modify source code to achieve it.

my update was paproved

Hello, how to fix it? http://prntscr.com/9mp78n Thank you.

Please delete all testCompile in gradle dependencies in app\build.gradle or simply install latest gradle plugin and build tools

the problem is still unresolved. i using the latest gradle 2.4 and lates build tool. I have tried delete all testCompile in gradle. but have not been successful. please help.

their are erros in the values-> styles

“Description Resource Path Location Type error: Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name ‘TextAppearance.Widget.AppCompat.Toolbar.Title’. styles.xml /HomeActivity/res/values line 15 Android AAPT Problem “

Please help me with this

Hello how to remove set as ringtone from the app ?

Hello the app is giving error after import i have imported and linked AppCompat like “No resource found that matches the given name ‘Theme.AppCompat.Light.NoActionBar’” i am using juno ??

Please use Android Studio

Your demo doesn’t even work

No changes are made.

Code doesn’t work and developer doesn’t reply to emails. So there is no support.

iam getting Gradle sync failed: Could not find method android() for arguments kindly help me

Really clean and useful.

hi can I use ot with deezer or spotify?