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I need an audio player that will allow me to play multiple files, simultaneously, on iPhone and desktop. Can your player do this?

By default Audio Merchant is setup to play one song at a time, if you need it to play multiple songs at the same time, you can easily tweak the PHP/HTML code to allow that. We can also make the customization for you for $50.

Any plans on offering a video version of this script? I would like to sell lesson videos. Thanks!

Yes, we do, we should have the video version released in the next few weeks. I will keep you up to date here.

Hello doc1955, Video Merchant, which is the video selling version of this plugin, is now out of beta and is released to the general public. It can be downloaded here http://www.myvideomerchant.com/#download Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank You!

Is this WordPress plug in script or stand alone php script ….and is the script well protected that user cant use file download loader to download musics. .cos that if the first security measure to put in place

Hello, thank you for your question! This is a native WordPress plugin, it is not standalone. It has several layers of security built in aside from the default WordPress security the CMS provides, for example, it has file name masquerading built in which means that it automatically appends a serial number suffix onto the file names you upload so that no one can access the files directly unless they knew the new file name, it also has Preview file capability built-in which means that your full quality audio files are never exposed to the listener on the HTML5 player, until they complete their payment, then they are given the full quality audio file to download, but the preview file acts as a mask for the actual full quality audio file, so it is very secure.

thank you for reply….you answer it all…but my last question, the front how graphical and inviting is will it be easy for the integrate WordPress theme with it…and do plan to release the php standalone..cos i dont like using WordPress at all….ONLINE DEMO PLZ

The front end HTML5 audio player can be fully customized with CSS in the Audio Merchant settings section. You should be able to see it in the admin screenshots. The code is all open source PHP/HTML/CSS so you can customize it to your liking. At this time we only support WordPress however it is a possibility that we may make the stand-alone version in the near future, but for now, it is only WordPress native. You can view the online demo here on our website: http://www.myaudiomerchant.com/#html5_audio_player_demo

Previous reviews have been erased … Before, I asked if he could use the plugin only as a player, playing mp3 tracks prtir of an internal or external link, for example http: //mysite/mp3path/track.mp3. You said that on 25/06 would have this update. We already have?

I believe you may have the wrong person. This is our first encounter with you. I am not sure who or which company you talked to before, but the answer to your question, if it’s intended towards our product, is that Audio Merchant CAN be used as only an HTML5 player. You DON’T have to use its selling feature. You can simply disable the selling feature by not providing it with your paypal email address and that will disable all selling functionality and it can only be used as a HTML5 audio player at that point. The answer to your other question on whether it supports external URLs, YES IT DOES! You can use any URL including those from Amazon cloudfront or Amazon S3. I hope that answers your question. :) Please feel free to let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Thank You!

OK, thank you for answers. About contact, yes, it’s our first. I apologize for the mistake.

can individual buddypress members add tracks for sale on the front-end of their account

By default Audio Merchant is setup to be administered by Admins only via /wp-admin/, and the settings are per site, not per user, so if you wanted it to be per user you can would need to modify the code to allow that. We can make those customizations for you for $300 as it will take several days to complete.

Hello, when will the standalone php player be available?

Hello, we do not have any plans for a stand-alone version, however we do have plans for a hosted version which will be out in a few months. :)

Hi, your demo player does not work with firefox (v 39.0) android (v5.1). the tracks do not play and the Next/Previous buttons do not advance to the next/previous track.

never mind i now see that this is a known issue for firefox & lollipop

Hi, I love this plugin but would like to discuss some customization and wanted to know if you can help me with this job. I will need to know the price. Is there any other way I can communicate with you to discuss details? Thanks

Hello, yes, please contact us at info@myaudiomerchant.com and we can discuss your needs.

Does Audio Merchant – HTML5 Audio Player support payment gateways other than PayPal? etemigarba@yahoo.com

At this time it only supports PayPal.

Does this have the functionality to download the file fully first before playing? I have some huge files played but I don’t want it stopping halfway

Hello, can the player continue to play after website is closed ? ( or moved to other website )

Hi do you need knowledge of html, java, and css. Also can i link my cloud server that uses mp3 files to your audio player. I need something that is simple to use where my staff can easily link the file to the player without knowledge of html, java, and css. And also is it mobile friendly for all mobile devices, Thank you I will be making a decision this week

I forgot two more things, can you place players on as many webpages i need them to be on and can each of the players have their own playlist

I guess they are out of business. No answers yet

how to show the audio merchat of my web page

Here is what I would Like to do I would like to Have a buy now button to buy the whole album or just let them select individual tracks as normal. I also want the downloads to go into their WordPress account so they can download later is this possible?

Hello Author,

I want to know if members in our website can sell their songs/video via your plugin? Please reply.

Thank you.

hi. i wan to use this plugin for blind users, we have already more then 100 000 sound book ın our database, can we add thıs sound to thıs plugın wıth csv or anythıng. thanxs

How does multiple purchases work with the plugin? Is there an Add to Cart feature? and once the purchase is complete will the customer get download links for all the songs he/she purchased?

Hi, I want to purchase this plugin, can I see live preview?

is it just a aawp plugin or it can go to any site. not wordPress


ttkotz Purchased

hey there. Everything works, BUT the download links for the buyers. I receive the money but the buyers get the message “There is a delay with payment …” and no download. What’s wrong?