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Interesting concept! Is there a way to pull up a list of recent recordings so you can append to an existing recording? Also, is it possible to have a similar list accessible to play and fast-forward while listening to?

The full source code is provided, so it is possible to change anything to suit your needs.

Okay that’s great! Yes PHP would be nice simply for licensing reasons. I’ll be giving this a buy. Looks like you’ve done some awesome work and have some great plans for it! Thanks XIO!

You’re welcome. I hope you can make good use of the source.

Hello, would love to see a php version.

I am currently exploring different development options. Persistent connections with PHP can be a bit tricky.

Hi, im very interested on this app, but could it be used to record online radio streamings in order to deliver podcast mp3 files hourly?

Well, this depends on how much you are prepared to modify it. :)

The player is client-side, so if you mean to use the player to record the streams, it would be difficult to do. The podcast logic could easily be modified, but you would probably have to write your own logic for obtaining the online radio streams.

I don’t know the details of what you want done, so I cannot be of more help. :)

hi, this script didnt work on safari in OSX & IOS..

It is the Safari browser. It should work in Chrome. The functionality is dependent upon the browser’s capabilities.

erm.. not in chrome iOS.. id didnt test it in android yet… anyway how to change the source recording audio?

how to streaming audio.. totally built a LIVE online radio station with remain the recording & put the record online again?


Only some browsers support recording audio. Currently, I think only Chrome and Opera support it. The functionality is implemented as a JavaScript file, while the broadcasting is implemented on server side.

Hi the demo is not working…can you check

Thank you

It seems to work for me. You must use a browser that can access your microphone. It works in Chrome. The webpage will ask for permission to use your microphone. You must allow this in order to record audio.

Hello there, I’m using this recorder for voice recording in My ASP.NET 4.5 website. I need to store this on server side but it is continuously giving me an error saying : TypeError: audioHub is undefined audioHub.client.addWaveLink = function (user, link) {

Inside signlaIR.JS will you please help me here that how can I make it work on my live website.

You must enable SignalR. Be sure to map it in the Configuration function of the Startup file (check out the tutorial: http://www.asp.net/signalr/overview/getting-started/tutorial-getting-started-with-signalr).

Also, make sure to compile the hub provided in the project.

Thanks I have made it work. But here is the problem that if I’m using this on my website it is being broadcast to all other users as well. Is there any way that I can stop broadcasting of the audio and can save it for an individual user of my website.

What I’m doing currently is that I am using this for my website for recording the voice SMS and send the recorded message to a list of users from there. And this website has number of users on new coming users basis. So here I want this recorder to work for an individual profile and save different recorded audio for each different user. For that I have to stop the broadcasting of the audio and simply save it on server side. Hope you’ll help here.

All you need to do to disable broadcasting is to disable SignalR. Simply remove signalr.js file reference and other signalr script references from the header. This should disable client-side polling and SignalR hub connections.

If you want to completely disable SignalR hubs, just remove the SignalR.cs file from the code.

Hello i would like to buy your plugin, but first some questions please:

is this plugin only for comments??

i have a radio web page, and i want my listeners ask me for songs or send me greetings directly from web page, i don`t want they go to comments and then click post comment, i mean i don`t want your plugin show as a comment option instead i want your plugin shows as an option which i will put on home page. I want that they just click record somewhere on home page and i received whatever they could say.

I hope you can help me with that.



If you buy this player/recorder, you get relevant ASPX and DLL files you can use to integrate the player/recorder on your website. You have to have a certain level of programming skill to integrate it into your website.

The recorder allows recording from any point on the website where the relevant code is integrated.

A demo project is included in the files.

You can, optionally, broadcast the recorded audio or save it on the server side.

Again, this is not a server control or plugin, but a library with ASPX, JS and DLL/CS files.

Hi in your demo I am not able to hear my own recordings on desktop or mobile. Thanks!

The recording capability depends on the browser you use. Also, be sure to allow the browser to use your microphone when prompted.

works with radionomy?

I haven’t tested with Radionomy directly, but it should work with any link to an MP4 video.

Allo am looking for the same plugin for my joomla 3 website. Is it possible to have it as joomla plug in?

Unfortunately, this plugin works only with ASP.NET backend. Currently, there is no implementation in PHP.

However, you might want to look into the following PHP plugin: Seeakable Streamable PHP Audio Player for HTML5.

I don’t see a record button – demo gives ’ error getting audio’ when opened (in chrome). If it works, I will buy it!

Hello. Google Chrome requires the connection to use HTTPS for audio recording.

You could try using a different browser (the demo will work on Edge). The recorder will work on any browser, if the connection is HTTPS (the demo server uses HTTP, so Chrome refuses to record).

You can use the provided embedded link or direct link with another browser.