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Hi, Do you provide admin panel and static website?????

Hi, We provide Web Admin Panel for the app. Thanks


After calls and emails and months and months of waiting we still haven’t received the help we need to get this app even started.

If possible I’d like a refund.

Thank you!

Hello! I bought the app and it is giving swift error and I am not able to update to the latest version of swift … Could you send the updated version? Or do the refund? What would be best for you?

Thanks a lot for buying our product. And we do apology we don’t have the updated version till now.

You can ask for refund we will accept. We do apology. Thanks. Take care.

Have an excellent week.

I just bought this software – When I run Pod Update I get the error

[!] Invalid `Podfile` file: [!] The specification of `link_with` in the Podfile is now unsupported, please use target blocks instead..

Hello i need help transfer into swift 4