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Hello, how easy is the installation of this panel? Do you have the guide so I can know if I can install it? You send it with (banco.sql) for me to import, how does it work?

Can I look at the admin panel?

Buying your app has a guide how to install admin, can it be installed on any server?

Check the admin panel from here: https://goo.gl/LYWxqz And you can host the admin panel in any server. Thanks. Take care.


I read in your documentation we will get the app source code. Is that including source code for the admin panel web app? Or just mobile app source code?

And I need to make some minor changes base on my customer needs. Can we available to modify the source code as well ?

Best of luck!

Nothing to worry. We are always to help our customer if needed.

Thanks for purchasing. Take care.

I’ve downloaded your files. Where can I find the documentation for getting started and make it connected? :)

Hi, send an email to our customer support at founders@audacityit.com

Hi, I tried to open your source code in Android Studio. There is an error occurs when try to build the app:

Error:(23, 0) Could not find method android() for arguments [build_51alwlt9ot85awu9gko6goetj$_run_closure3@581aa71e]

Any workaround?

Hi, please check your pre-requisite and android studio environment. if your problems does not solve then send an email to our customer support at founders@audacityit.com.

Thanks. Take care. Hope your problem will be solved very soon.

Help me plz… after edit database name on ‘init.php’ , how i can find .sql for import to mysql?

Hi putthapot, thanks for purchasing our product. Send us an email founders@audacityit.com we will provide you database schema. Thanks again. Take care.

I sent mail to your inbox , Thank you

what is API_AUTHORIZATIONKEY ? in API ? I have done setup but API is not working … Please Provide solution ..

Hi ImVivekShah, please check email.

I have not received any email from you yet .. Please reply soon … on vivek@capermint.com

Re-check please.

Where is documentation for Admin Panel Install?

We will guide you.


Tofinha Purchased

My impression or the code of this new version became more complex and less clean with the use of greendao? They could make use of Retrofit to integrate with REST services

Thanks for the feedback. We will keep this in mind in update.

Hi, Is backend panel base on PHP? codeigniter or laravel Thanks

Hi yudiadnan, thanks for your interest. Backend based on PHP. We did not use any framework. Thanks again. Take care.

any documentation for this app and php admin to install?

Yes we have. We will assist you to install PHP admin. Thanks. Take care.

Will u extra charge for assisting ?

If assisting is only to deploy then NO. But if more than that then yes.

Please you need provide documentation to v2 to deploy in user own server.

I got the following error when I try using in my server D/com.audacityit.audacity.activity.WelcomeActivity@d364f2b — version —: error

I am using nginx

Sorry for late reply. Please email us at founders@audacityit.com Our support team will get back to you by 24 hours.

what is API_AUTHORIZATIONKEY ? in API ? I have done setup but API is not working … Please Provide solution ..

Sorry for late reply. Please email us at founders@audacityit.com Our support team will get back to you by 24 hours.

Email sent! I need a answer ASAP

Hello, i want to buy the app for my portfolio, but i have no idea how to customize it. I want to know how easy is the customization? knowing that i have seen some videos of reskinning apps and stuff. can i get some clear idea about how the customization works? and if i will get any support in that?

Hi Realwann, Thanks for your interest. If you have budget we can do the customization for you. Let us know your opinion. Thanks. Take care.

I would like to do it my self, i want to know if with the documentation it will be easy to customize it without much experience. Thanks for the offer though

Hi Realwan, as the product is dashboard based so you can customize the product from your dashboard very easily. And our support team will be available to help you.


indrasat Purchased

Hello, i didn’t get database schema and documentation. Please Help Me

Hi Indra, thanks for purchasing our product. We have mailed you necessary documents. Let us know if we can help you by anything else. Thanks. Take care.


indrasat Purchased

i’ve installed backend admin panel on my own server and set database in init.php but i got an error when i opened menu like home, overview, portofolio, etc. Like this:

“Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘ActiveRecord\DatabaseException’ with message ‘exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘wwwaudac_check’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)’ in”

can you guide me how to install admin panel?

Thank you

Hi please send an email with your team viewer information so that we can guide you. Thanks. Take care.

please send me the documentation and admin panel db ASAP. i couldnt understand why those do not exist in download, why do i have to wait for you to send it?

I can get documentation after 2 days, this is really good! And where is the db for the admin panel? Should i wait 2 days more for db also?

Hi Gzhn86, thanks for your message. And our team can’t provide you any other support. Please request for refund, we will accept it. Thanks!

I will, but i didnt want for any support from you. You had to give database of admin panel and you did NOT.