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Hello, i bought your app, and nothing works, a lot of bugs actually and nothing works. Need help ASAP !

Please check your email. Thanks

Hello I want to buy your product. First I want to see the admin panel? Hi, I want the latest database and documentation

Hello, I want to buy the application. I want to see the demo on the control panel. The link available in the description does not work.


newtech-lb Purchased

The app is missing a lot of details mentioned in the demo. the pdf guide is too far from the andriod source code. I am disappointed.

For example: How I can change the phone number, e-mail and website url? they say in the pdf: Go to res → values → strings.xml and search for dev_phone , dev_mail, dev_web_page. Change the corresponding values with yours.

There is no value in the whole android project named dev_phone. I searched file by file

The app is totally empty. there only the menu, the logo and colors. where can I change content data. Shouldn’t be changed from the admin panel!!!!

Are you kidding us by making the admin panel changing only the front end website. who needs a website. we are clear clients and we only need the android template to be changed by the admin panel nothing else!

Please provide me with a correct latest android source code. the code I downloaded from the downloads section is missing a lot of information.

Hey newtech-Ib, We are very much sorry for the situation. Can you please share your email address? We will send you the updated code and documentation. Thanks.

my email address is digital@tecomsa.me

@newtech-Ib, email sent, please have a look. Thanks.