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Awesome work, I like it! :)

Thanks! :)

Interesting, Cool auction styles. I was wondering if you could make this hover effects count down that’s similar too example Featured area

Yes, it’s possible.

Cool,it’s possible. You ever think of trying to sell as skin? Even the left slider menu is cool… It’s better then some of sliders for sale on codecanyon etc.

thanks :)

Does it have self-host auction feature? or just retrieve auction information from 4 portal? Thanks!

It retrieve information of auction from,,, or with them WebApi

This has great potential for an awesome and unique script, I have been searching for something like this for long time, but’s its missing some essential features.

1. Self-hosted auction feature (admin can auction own products with possibility of group-buy and reverse auctions)

2. PayPal deposit system (so users can pay straight away when they win a bid)

3. Menu options (e.g. categories, about me, terms & conditions etc) – its currently looking too scarce.

4. Social sharing (share auction items for viral marketing)

I would buy if it had those features and you would definitely increase sales! :)

Thank you for your comment. Yes, my script is simple script for viewed self auctions on,,, or Yours ideas are helpful and i’ll think about it, but not now. In future. I have few ideas for develop Auction Viever System and other like this script. So, follow me, becouse maybe my next items will be ok for you.

I want your script modified based on my idea, I’ve sent you private message to get cost.

why not an ebay affiliate script pulling products out of ebay and showing them in your theme? it also use API and RSS

Version of this product for eBay will be in the future. So, follow me on codecanyon or facebook, becouse maybe my next items will be ok for you.

Mmm, you should consider listening to customer feedback to increase your sales.

1. Does it have admin panel?

2. Can I change the timer design?

3. When is eBay happening (nobody has heard of,,, etc)

1.No, not yet.
2.Yes, in CSS/JS.
3.In the future.

nice! (ca?kiem niez?y pomys?!)

dzi?ki ;)

Live demo please….

live demo is here may temporarily not work. now works.

The demo is not working and displaying error.

demo dont work. do U support it?

Good sales =)